imperative是什么意思 imperative在线翻译 imperative什么意思 imperative的意思 imperative的翻译 imperative的解释 imperative的发音 imperative的同义词

imperative [ɪmˈperətɪv]  [ɪmˈpɛrətɪv] 


imperative 基本解释

形容词势在必行的; 必要的,不可避免的; 命令的,专横的; [语]祈使的

名词命令; 必要的事; 规则; [语]祈使语气


imperative 相关例句


1. It is imperative to act now.

2. imperative是什么意思

2. He made an imperative gesture.

3. It's imperative that he (should) not be seen here.

4. imperative的意思

4. It is imperative that every one of us remould his world outlook.


1. Job creation has become an imperative for the government.

imperative 网络解释

1. imperative

1. 祈使句:GY16.COM Office 电子书下载 我爱范文网 成功学 范文频道 您所在的位置:日语轻松入门>正文 回目录 第四章日本语句子的功能划分 作者 : 童芳华 王敏 日语句子可以根据其功能(Function)划分为疑问句(Interrogative)、陈述句(Declarative)、祈使句(Imperative)和感叹句(Excl

2. imperative

2. 命令式的:Scheme和ML都是严格的(传值的,callby-value)语言,尽管它们都包含命令式的(imperative)特征,它们对提升函数式程序设计风格的贡献颇多,特别是在高阶函数的使用上.

imperative 双语例句

1. imperative

1. It is for this reason that they can state that ongoing detoxification rituals are imperative to ascension; the main ritual being the one of the daily bath or mud bath.

2. But for investors, the imperative is to define one's time horizon.

3. It is imperative that you look at all eventualities and have at least one back up plan.

4. Teaching is highly professionalized, so it is imperative to nurture career maturity of prospective teachers.

5. It is imperative to change your life.

6. imperative在线翻译

6. But it's imperative that you...

7. It is imperative that...

8. imperative的翻译

8. It is imperative that you always try to make a good first impression.

9. Most importantly, it is imperative that you think about your product package.

10. I think it is imperative that we have a very large fiscal stimulus.

11. It's imperative that you go now.

12. Like its sister hotels, Crowne Plaza Fudan fully understands that meetings are an imperative part of business.

13. imperative的翻译

13. It is not only a moral imperative; it is an economic one as well.

14. It`s imperative to note the importance of the proper context for ratio analysis.

15. Hence, it is imperative for people to think positively.

16. imperative

16. Finally, it is imperative to set up the system of compulsory liability insurance.

17. danci.911cha.com

17. Properly selecting which data to include for which searches is imperative.

18. It is imperative that we should maintain sharp vigilance in all departments.

19. How to carry out one thorough reduction planning during economical depression and make it practical was really imperative for Human Resource Departments. Our Agency invites experts who professionalize in staff reduction to help deal with your tasks individually.

20. There was imperative need to be constantly alert; for these dogs and men were not town dogs and men.

imperative 词典解释

1. 极重要的;必要的;紧急的
    If it is imperative that something is done, that thing is extremely important and must be done.

    e.g. It was imperative that he act as naturally as possible...
    e.g. That's why it is imperative to know what your rights are at such a time...

2. 必要的事;紧急的事;必须履行的责任
    An imperative is something that is extremely important and must be done.


    e.g. The most important political imperative is to limit the number of US casualties.
    e.g. ...the needs of those unable to respond to the imperatives of an enterprise culture.

3. 祈使语气
    In grammar, a clause that is in the imperative, or in the imperative mood, contains the base form of a verb and usually has no subject. Examples are 'Go away' and 'Please be careful'. Clauses of this kind are typically used to tell someone to do something.

4. 祈使语气动词
    An imperative is a verb in the base form that is used, usually without a subject, in an imperative clause.


imperative 单语例句

1. Despite the urgency of the moment, it is imperative that every country act in a spirit of global solidarity.

2. Therefore, maintaining sound psychological health is imperative to a good life.

3. Setting additional funds aside through a structural adjustment of budgetary planning for education is imperative.

4. Neither Boehner's plan nor the one Reid put forward included additional tax revenues, a condition Obama once said was imperative in any deal to slash spending.

5. The new leadership faces many imperative tasks, from addressing rampant corruption to handling the prevailing discontent over income gaps.

6. Given the role of investment as an engine of growth and development, it is imperative for investors internationally to conduct responsible investment and adhere to corporate sustainability.

7. It is an imperative move for administering Hong Kong in accordance with the law.

8. It is imperative to build a contingent of public servants who are politically reliable, professionally competent and clean and honest and have a good work style.

9. The first imperative is to achieve a comprehensive ceasefire and speed up political negotiation, which would exclude factions who did not sign the Darfur Peace Agreement.

10. As energy conservation became a national imperative, small cars'advantage of energy efficiency has gradually made them desirable to the government.

imperative 英英释义


1. some duty that is essential and urgent

2. a mood that expresses an intention to influence the listener's behavior

    Synonym: imperative moodjussive moodimperative form


1. requiring attention or action

    e.g. as nuclear weapons proliferate, preventing war becomes imperative
           requests that grew more and more imperative

2. relating to verbs in the imperative mood

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