import barrier是什么意思 import barrier在线翻译 import barrier什么意思 import barrier的意思 import barrier的翻译 import barrier的解释

import barrier

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1. import barrier的意思

1. This Thesis starts from the cause of parallel imports, how current Copyright Law regulates parallel imports, the role U. S. and Taiwan`s trade policy played in the legislative process of Copyright Law, the impact and adverse effect of parallel import ban on trade between U. S. and Taiwan, then proceeds to research on how U. S. law and international treaties cope with parallel import issue as a reference for reviewing the propriety of this enactment. This Thesis will indicate that Section 301 of Trade Act is not in compliance with WTO laws, and conversely, the ban on parallel imports may risk Taiwan to be challeged by other WTO Members as an unlawful trade barrier. Furthermore, with the analysis of market failure theory, this Thesis proposed that current parallel import ban should be lifted, and, instead of exhaustion doctrine, fair use doctrine should be applied to evaluate each parallel import case in a case -by -case manner, taking into account its impact on public interest and copyright owner`s private benefit so that the regulations on parallel imports could be consistent with the objectives of Copyright Law in promoting the progress of culture and useful art.

2. More than a dozen newly-built fort, a garrison, and the Northern Naval Base. Weihaiwei the ice-free harbor, surrounded by the mountain, mouth gate east Liugongdao brief his former form east and north, two fairways and import and export, Japanese Island, Huangdao, calculus and other islands listed Liugong Island 2 side, constitute a natural barrier in Hong Kong domain the situation is dangerous solid.
    威海卫为不冻良港,三面环山,口门向东,刘公岛扼其前,形成向东、向北两条航道和进出口,日岛、黄岛、牙石等岛罗列刘公岛两侧,构成港域天然屏障,形势险固。1894年甲午中日战争中,日军因威海卫地势险要、设防强固,决定避开从港口正面进攻,集结军舰25艘,陆军 2.5万余人,由荣成湾之龙须岛登陆,迂回侧后攻占南岸炮台,海陆夹攻威海港。

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3. It is necessary to establish the effective immune barrier immediately and exclude the import of wild-type poliovirus and circulation of vaccine-derived poliovirus in circumstance.

4. Politically, the Presidential Bush is trying to protect the benefit of the national textile industry group for his presidential election. Economically, America set kinds of barriers to Chinese textile for the Chinese textile industry disturbing the order in America and long trade deficit through tariff barrier, import quota, safeguard clause and technical barrier.

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5. On the basis of this, it analyazed the optimal entry mode of MNC ' s engaging in FDI for escaping import countey' s different barrier employing Hotelling' s linear duopoly model.

6. Indonesian announce 5 economy to liberalize Indonesian government issued measure in succession since 1983 oneself a few economy liberalize measure, if cancel strict import licence the system is mixed reduce import tariff barrier.

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7. High green barrier is, on the pretext of the ecology being protected and with the purpose of restricting the import, to protect its domestic trade, and then set up some trade obstacles to foreign goods which are discriminatory and unnecessary.

8. Apart from trade protective motive, Green Trade Barrier reflects, to some extent, the increasing awareness from the public in import country and embodies the rising green demand of import market.

9. In international trade non-tariff barrier has become one major factor in influencing import and export.

10. After China's entry into WTO, our country will step down import tariffs and eliminate non tariff barrier.

11. import barrier的翻译

11. Study on How to Break Technical Trade Barrier for Import & Export in China

12. The investigation of the Ministry of Commerce indicated that in the year 2002, there were almost 90% of import & export food and animal by-products export companies had been constrained by this barrier and it had brought about 9 billion US dollars lost to our country.

13. import barrier的翻译

13. To lift trade barrier from import

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14. The major reasons why our export goods were suffocated by international green trade barrier were related with that the environmental performance of our packaging could not reach the standard of import countries. So establishing the assessment standard and environment symbol of green package is imperative under the situation.

15. In modern international trade, technology barriers is a kind of non-tariff barrier countermeasure to limit product import through technical means, it features strongly technology-dependent, wide application, difficult prevention and etc.

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