impressive是什么意思 impressive在线翻译 impressive什么意思 impressive的意思 impressive的翻译 impressive的解释 impressive的发音 impressive的同义词

impressive [ɪmˈpresɪv]  [ɪmˈprɛsɪv] 

impressive 基本解释

形容词可观的; 给人印象深刻的,感人的; 引人注目的; 显赫

impressive 相关例句


1. A cathedral is an impressive building.

2. The general is an impressive man.

impressive 情景对话



A:Well, I’ve looked over your resume, Mr. Peepers.

B:Please, call me Ted.

A:Well, Ted, this is a very impressive resume. However, we do have several other applicants to finish interviewing before we can make a final decision. We’ll call you by Friday, if that’s all right.

B:That’s no problem.


A:Do you have any other questions?


B:Well, what kind of salary do you provide?

A:Salary is based on experience as well as* time spent with our company.

B:I see.

A:Salary can be negotiated once we officially offer you the job.

B:Sounds fine.

impressive 网络解释

1. 印象:反之,法官在下达并宣布判决时,为了予人印象(impressive)和表示客观(objective)起见,一般不用第一人称单数代名词I,使用第一人称复数we的情形亦不多见,更多的用法是以非人称的第三人称thisMellinkoff之所以认为,

2. 令人印象深刻:)如此大胆的尝试是令人印象深刻(impressive)的,相信她还会带着更多这样的惊喜重新回到奥斯卡颁奖的舞台上的. 前途不可限量!下午2点30美国开盘,随着雷曼股票从年初的66美元跌倒18美分,虽然都不关我们的事情,但是整个trading floor上气氛沉重,

3. 很感人,永生难忘:32. Impossible! 不可能吧! | 33. Impressive! 很感人,永生难忘! | 34. Incredible! 不可思议!

impressive 双语例句

1. This top-of-the-line commercial weight system is truly impressive.

2. As a leader of terrorists he built up an impressive reputation.

3. impressive的翻译

3. It is an impressive list—even if you factor in some formidably depressing data.

4. In 1949 on October first at 3:00 P. M., Peking 30 myriad peoples are solemn and impressive to hold the ceremony in Tienanmen Square, celebrating the central people government in the People's Republic of China establish.

5. Top lot by value is an impressive Napoleon III parcel-gilt, polychrome-decorated, ivory-inlaid and ormula-mounted ebony and ebonised cabinet, from the third quarter of the 19th century.

6. We are going to use our outstanding services, quality and technology to build up the impressive image for our customers.

7. The i9 has an impressive 128MB of internal memory and the microSD slot can accommodate cards up to 8GB.
    该i9有惊人的128MB的内存和microSD卡扩展卡最多可容纳至8GB 。

8. Their resurgence is all the more impressive when the current list of injury absentees is taken into account.

9. He does bounce the bar off his chest, but it`s still pretty impressive.

10. The transient and steady state performance of the controller is very impressive.

11. impressive是什么意思

11. I just called to tell you that you are very impressive.

12. A: I`ve been to Beijing and Shanghai. They are very impressive.

13. impressive

13. This is impressive, but does not prove that the method is superior.

14. impressive的反义词

14. Many people have shown an impressive recovery of neurological functions after extensive loss of nerve cells from other causes.

15. impressive

15. Copenhagen, four at Schalke 04 and the last two at Sevilla: Poulsen has gathered an impressive international experience.

16. Impressive and important as this three canals are, they represent only a small proportion of the world`s canals or canalized rivers, that is, rivers that have been dredged, straightened, embanked, or otherwise controlled so that they are navigable.
      Impressive和重要的,因为这三个渠道,他们只占一小部分的世界运河或canalized河流,就是河流已疏浚,拉直,embanked ,或以其他方式控制,使它们通航。

17. impressive的意思

17. Wow! Long blond hair like a waterfall on her shoulder, a shining necklace around her white neck, a golden bracelet on her slim wrist, a neatly cut fringe over a pair of big, bright, beautiful eyes, surrounded by long eyelashes painted in black, a little mouth under an impressive but not aggressive nose, a svelte and graceful body timidly hidden in a shining gold skirt, small feet well fitted into a pair of black high-heeled shoes decorated with gold ornaments, a sunny smile on her face, she looked elegant, graceful, but a little bit shy.

18. It all adds up to an impressive legacy for China and the world.

19. impressive的解释

19. Because of the Yosemite Land Grant the incredible landscape of Yosemite, with its impressive cliffs, massive trees, and breathtaking waterfalls, has been preserved and open to the public.

20. impressive什么意思

20. Ground clearance is an impressive 20 centimetres, with a fording depth of up to 50 centimetres when driving through water.

impressive 词典解释

1. 给人深刻印象的;不俗的;了不起的
    Something that is impressive impresses you, for example because it is great in size or degree, or is done with a great deal of skill.

    e.g. It is an impressive achievement...
    e.g. The film's special effects are particularly impressive.

...an impressively bright and energetic American woman called Cathie Gould...
The socialists performed impressively in the legislative elections.

impressive 单语例句


1. The professionalism and dedication of the Chinese language teachers and supporting staff at the University of International Business and Economics was very impressive.

2. Significantly these new countries have not been chosen by chance but rather for their impressive economic growth and marketing potential.

3. One idea is that an icy object from the outer solar system was lured in close and broken apart by Saturn's impressive gravity.

4. The sweetly skewed take on life and relationships today earned a best comedy nod and an impressive six acting bids.

5. Calculation of Green GDP will include what costs should be paid for choking smog, poisoned rivers and toxic waste in the course of China's impressive economic growth.

6. Noh said the record was even more impressive given that " there was no one of his caliber pushing him in the next lane ".

7. And the caliber of their English, from the contestants to the audience was impressive.

8. The organizers of the Indianapolis 500 call it'The Greatest Spectacle in Racing'and it's certainly an impressive event.

9. Australia did not have a runner in Hong Kong last year but the roll call promises to be impressive this year.

10. The river flow is impressive but the trips are safe and they allow you to discover the canyon from the river.

impressive 英英释义


1. producing a strong effect

    e.g. gave an impressive performance as Othello
           a telling gesture

    Synonym: telling

2. making a strong or vivid impression

    e.g. an impressive ceremony

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