in sb是什么意思 in sb在线翻译 in sb什么意思 in sb的意思 in sb的翻译 in sb的解释 in sb的发音 in sb的同义词 in sb的反义词 in sb的例句

in sb

in sb 双语例句

1. Around the world international aids go wrong keep the peace a shortage of food cause sb. to do sth. live in poverty in real life people in need belong to the UN a UN Goodwill ambassador give a speech be pleased to do sth. have the chance to do sth. refer to sb./ sth. be made up of mean to do sth./ doing sth. be honoured to do sth. take on this role set up/about doing/down/out to do be based on develop friendly relations with sb. co-operate in doing sth. promote respect for human rights as you know touch the lives of people everywhere be involved in with the help of sb. worthy organizations be worth doing sth.= be worthy of being done assist the victims of wars in addition protect sb. from doing sth. prevent sb. from doing sth. child labour record sth.= make records of be aware of sth./ make sb aware of draw one's attention=draw the attention of sb. add sth. to sth.
    add up/add up to under the umbrella of 全世界国际援助出错保持和平缺少食物导致某人做某事生活贫穷在现实生活中有需要的人属于联合国一位联合国亲善大使做讲座高兴做某事有机会做某事谈及某人或某事由某物组成打算做某事/意味着做某事荣幸做某事承担这个角色建立/着手工作/写下/开始做以…为基础和某人发展友好关系合作做某事促进对人权的尊敬正如你所知道的涉及每个地方人们的生活涉及;卷入在某人的帮助下令人尊敬的组织值得做某事帮助战争的受难者除了保护某人免受…的伤害阻止某人做某事童工记录某事意识到引起某人的注意把…加到…/加起来/加起来为在…的保护下 17 41。

2. in sb

2. See sb.'s hoof in sth.

3. See sb. in his true light

4. See the process in which sb.

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5. A nail, claw, or hoof. See sb.'s hoof in sth.

6. in sb

6. In the paratumor cirrhosis cell line QSG-7701, many items, including the situation of cell cycle, the apoptotic rate, the expressions of p38MAPK and phosphorylated p38MAPK (p-p38), cell cycle G2/M phase related factors (cdc25B, p34cdc2 and cyclin B1), survivin and ki-67, and AI, as well as the responses to SB2030580 and DDP, were different from those in the normal liver cell line HL7702 and those in the HCC cell line QGY-7703.The paratumor cirrhosis cells had an individual biology characteristic, and the growth curve of them was similar to that of HCC cells, which demonstrated paratumor cirrhosis cells belonged to precancerous cells transforming.2.In the process of hepatocarcinogenesis, HBx caused a series of abnormal changes of cell cycle, cell apoptosis and proliferation by activating p38MAPK pathway. In chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, p38MAPK found in nucleus induced G2/M phase arrest by inhibiting the activity of cdc25B.

7. Highest the gale of 8 class besides come to citizen take along sth to sb outside the chill in the winter, the life that also gives many people and job brought a trouble.

8. in sb

8. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Advance Access publication 6 December 2005 OXE β-lactamases in Acinetobacter:the story so far Molecular Chemotherapy, Centre for Infectious Diseases, University of Edinburgh, The Chancellor's Buliding, 49 Little France Crecent, Edinburgh, EH164SB, UK The emergence of carbaoenem resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii has become a global concern since these β-lactams are often the only effectine treatment lsft against many multiresistant strains. A recent debelopmenth has the discovery of a novel group of narrow-spectrum OXA β-lactamases in carbapenem-resistant strains, some of whitch have acquired the ability to hydrolyse the carbapenems. The first of these was found in a strain isolated in Edinburgh before imipenem was in usr in the hospital. Whether these carbapenemases have been acquired or are part of the genetic make-up of this species has yet to be determined. More importantly, however, they represent an important stage in the evolution of antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter. This paper discusses the emergence of these unusual enzymes over the past decade.
    抗菌化学疗法》杂志上 2005年12月6日提前存取出版在不OXEβ-lactamases:到目前为止分子化疗,中心为传染性疾病,爱丁堡大学,议长,49岁的法国Crecent少、爱丁堡、EH16 4SB,英国 carbaoenem电阻的出现在鲍曼不动杆菌已成为全球关注这些β-lactams通常是唯一effectine对抗许多multiresistant菌株治疗lsft…最近的一debelopmenth已发现的一种β-lactamases仅OXA集团在carbapenem-resistant株,其中一些已经取得了hydrolyse能力的carbapenems第一个被发现在一株孤立在爱丁堡的药物有亚胺培南在使用之前在医院这些carbapenemases是否已经或正在部分的基因构成该物种还有待确定然而更重要的是,他们代表着一种重要阶段的抗生素耐药性的演化出不本文探讨了产生这些不寻常的酶在过去的十年。

9. SB series centrifuge is my vast number of users in accordance with GMP norms designed to transform the entire confined centrifuges by the variable frequency motor control a smooth start, through the transmission drive drum rotating around its axis to form the main centrifugal force field.

10. Have it in sb. to do sth.

11. in sb什么意思

11. Attend to be at the hands of sb.
      在某方面有困难干某事有困难吸取教训对…负责,对…承担责任设法得到因某事与某人会晤照顾/照看/接待顾客在某人手中受折磨从前/一度依次/每次疑似病例防护服得出结论对…持批判态度在合适的时机带着…的目的进口税弄懂使想起,提醒 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 94 95 96 97 believe in oneself more of A than B 对自己有自信不像 B 而更具有 A 127 128 的特点 a desperate criminal be honest with sb。

12. The 2nd section:The role of p38 MAPK of HPLF in response to mechanical pressure is investigated by use of a pyridinyl imidazole compound (SB203580), which specifically inhibits the enzyme.
      第二部分:作者用p38 MAPK的特异性阻断剂SB203580阻断其效应,进一步探讨 p3 8 MAPK在机械压力刺激 HPLF反应中所起的作用。

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13. Accordingly, when you are handling company secret document, wu is sure its are all burn down or smash, cannot abandon casually seminar of party of; business circles, science and technology, international trade is exhibited, phone prattle, these are the company information with tricky economic spy sensitive pry possibly to offer good opportunity, you cannot know to be the same as after all from beginning to end who is OK ground of confide in sb chats.

14. Confide in sb.

15. In cloud computation times, the window is by end, that is browser window, all demand can let Chrome do sth for sb.

16. Of person is in the home ask ask falls, zhang Ning just speaks of class hour of the sports on oneself, by sports teacher slap sb in the face, carry kick and punish genuflect.

17. in sb的近义词

17. Slap sb. in the face

18. Raise group of engineer of instrument life to develop through put sb in a very important position but system of put sb in a very important position, can improve instrument put sb in a very important position as far as possible, prolong the life that tests a system at the same time.

19. Get in touch with sb.

20. in sb的解释

20. Touch sb on the shoulder, keep in touch with sb = get in tough...

in sb 单语例句

1. A typical Beijing swear word is abbreviated as " SB ", similar in meaning to " sucker ".

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