indulgent是什么意思 indulgent在线翻译 indulgent什么意思 indulgent的意思 indulgent的翻译 indulgent的解释 indulgent的发音 indulgent的同义词

indulgent [ɪnˈdʌldʒənt]  [ɪnˈdʌldʒənt] 

indulgent 基本解释

形容词宽容的; 任性的; 放纵的,纵容的

indulgent 相关例句


1. She is indulgent to her grandchildren.

2. He is indulgent towards his pupils.

3. Mr.Green is indulgent of others' shortcomings.

indulgent 网络解释

1. indulgent的意思

1. 纵容的:indulgence 恣纵 | indulgent 纵容的 | industrial accident 工厂事故

2. 其他:冷:indifferent, lukewarm, unsympathetic, noncha... | 怒:rage, outrage, wrath, exasperation, irritation, indign... | 其他:indulgent, paranoia, hostile, resigned, begrudging, mischievous, moralistic, attack

3. 放纵的:Radical:根本的 | Indulgent:放纵的 | Enrage:愤怒

4. 放纵的,溺爱的:incredulous 疑心重的 | indulgent 放纵的,溺爱的 | insignificant 微不足道的

indulgent 双语例句

1. Garden in the first move to power, the new sub-blocks to the bare concrete kind of the vintage, This years best days, I have already covered with ivy, and some twigs also hung like naughty children, with heads held Jue mouth, and others indulgent touch.

2. His indulgent mother was willing to let hio anything he wanted.

3. On Djin Djin (the title refers to a bell that sounds at daybreak in parts of Africa), she is self-indulgent in the best possible sense, shooting for a big, glossy, super-pop sound that nonetheless remains essentially, even devoutly, African in inspiration and execution.
    在Djin Djin(标题指的是钟,在非洲一些地区的黎明的声音),她是在自我感觉最好的姑息,为大,光滑,超级流行的声音,但基本上没有,甚至虔诚,非洲在拍摄灵感和执行。

4. His heart overflowed with love for the whole human race, but He was never indulgent to their sins.

5. Just think, although gentleman of a commonplace became emperor of 100 years, also won't be a good emperor, the likelihood still can become a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler.

6. He is near thirty, but his indulgent mother still treats him as a child.

7. indulgent在线翻译

7. Whatever you can say about Ken Bates, one thin in his favour is that he worked tirelessly for Chelsea to shed its image of a club that was indulgent on racism.

8. indulgent

8. The label's uniqueness may also come in the form of its creative directors who, since the company was founded, have always been sibling pairs: Miki and Christine Tanabe, succeeded by Dean and Dan Caten who later formed DSquared2, and now Tia and Fiona Cibani, creators of Port's most indulgent iconic item, the Jet Set Kit, a portable collection of 11 items including a cashmere hoodie, a multi-use alpaca tube scarf, a cashmere and leather teddy bear, brushed cotton robe, silk slippers and eye mask, cashmere neck pillow, waterproof canvas and leather washbags and a garment bag made out of the same chocolate-coloured Loro Piana storm system canvas carry-all into which the whole lot gets packed.
    宝姿的独特之处还可能在于其设计师的构成,自该公司创建以来,其设计师总是一对兄弟或姊妹:米基和克里斯蒂娜·塔纳贝,接着是迪安和丹·卡腾(两兄弟后来创建了时装品牌DSquared2),以及如今的蒂亚和菲奥娜·思班尼。蒂亚两姐妹设计了宝姿内容最全面的标志性套件Jet Set Kit,这套由11件物品组成的便携系列包括一件羊绒毛衣、一条多用羊驼绒围巾、一只羊绒及皮革面料的泰迪熊、棉绒睡袍、丝制拖鞋和眼罩、羊绒颈垫、防水帆布及皮革面料的洗衣袋、一个西装袋、以及同为巧克力色的Loro Piana防水帆布面料旅行手提袋,可以将所有物品装在里面。

9. We shouldn't be indulgent towards his mistakes.

10. indulgent的翻译

10. The current reigning emperor is fatuous and self-indulgent, he just hunts in the hunting enclosure every day.

11. indulgent在线翻译

11. In addition, Buddhist headship is not good for life tenure, since it is possible to make one degenerate and self-indulgent.
      此外,中国被誉之为 `大乘佛教的故乡`,因为大乘佛教是在中国得到了其前所未有的发展。

12. In addition, the Buddhist headship is not good for life tenure, since it is possible to make one degenerate and self-indulgent.
      此外,中国被誉之为 `大乘佛教的故乡`,因为大乘佛教是在中国得到了其前所未有的发展。

13. 911查询·英语单词

13. So there is a vast difference between the quality of old people who have lived flabby, self-indulgent, useless lives.

14. So there is a vast difference between the quality of old people who have lived flabby, self-indulgent, useless lives, and the fiber of those who have sailed all seas and carried all cargoes as the servants of God and the helpers of their fellow men.

15. indulgent的意思

15. Happily, Talkie Walkie reunites us with the Air that we love: two hopelessly indulgent romantics with an ear in the past and an eye on the future.

16. indulgent什么意思

16. He was rather too indulgent in humouring her caprices.

17. Mr. Hassig and Ms. Oh`s portrait of Mr. Kim`s indulgent lifestyle is detailed and devastating.

18. Several exclusive design features, including grille, clear taillamp covers and 18-inch alloy wheels, were updated for 2010 and add to the existing advanced technology, high performance and indulgent luxury of the rear-wheel-drive Lexus GS 450h.
      独家设计的几个功能,包括格栅,清晰的尾灯盖和18英寸合金轮毂,2010年进行了更新和添加到现有的先进技术,高性能及后轮纵容豪华驱动雷克萨斯GS 450h。

19. indulgent的翻译

19. Long thought too indulgent of Parliament`s expenses culture, he reacted to the revelations by berating MPs who upheld publication of the leaked information rather than the culprits it revealed. A tardy apology on May 18th aimed at staving off pressure from fellow MPs that he resign only heightened it.

20. A good butler knows just how to rouse one after a boozy night and now anyone can wake feeling pampered to the indulgent tones of the consummate valet.

indulgent 词典解释

1. 纵容的;宽厚的;溺爱的
    If you are indulgent, you treat a person with special kindness, often in a way that is not good for them.

    e.g. His indulgent mother was willing to let him do anything he wanted.

Ned smiled at him indulgently.

indulgent 单语例句

1. Guests who dine in Cachet during this time can also enjoy indulgent chocolate desserts created by Rovira.

2. For the overly indulgent, do not forget to try the cheesecake.

3. Though schools universally have banned corporal punishment, parents who prefer not to use " the rod " are often considered indulgent.

4. Learn how to make choux pastry to create your puff and pipe pastry cream into the center of these little indulgent treats.

5. Among the other reasons for the falling health of students are indulgent parents who try to keep their children away from physical exertion.

6. Some urban wine makers said they enjoyed sharing the fun of wine making with their families besides getting indulgent in the strong flavour of wine.

7. But they can be stubborn and even aggressive if owners are indulgent or relinquish leadership to them.

8. And what could be more indulgent than baking a sweet pie or cake?

9. Zhao Jing says wearing a qipao puts her in an indulgent mood.

10. I am not saying that men and women should both be indulgent in sex.

indulgent 英英释义


1. being favorably inclined

    e.g. an indulgent attitude

2. characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone

    e.g. indulgent grandparents

3. tolerant or lenient

    e.g. indulgent parents risk spoiling their children
           too soft on the children
           they are soft on crime

    Synonym: lenientsoft

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