just as one是什么意思 just as one在线翻译 just as one什么意思 just as one的意思 just as one的翻译 just as one的解释 just as one的发音

just as one

just as one 双语例句

1. Recent studies show between one and two grams of mastic, taken daily as a supplement for just a few weeks, heals ulcers and completely deactivates H. pylori in almost three-quarters of people with ulcers--even when the bacterium was resistant to antibiotics.

2. just as one

2. True love is just one of the most simple appearance, as if a face is not modified, regardless of the early morning and evening, are a pair of pure eyes, and a gentle mouth, a nose to breathe, the eternal Mo Yang and you hugged overnight there will be no surprise the moment, no drastic Britain swing, life is such a gentle over-the day after day.

3. Day I has let me cook meal, the noisy bell has also bloomed, I have felt have sth. on one's mind to be engaged, as soon as do not know having been awake also slept well, got up luckily at 6 o'clock much time, in the evening, have been ready for breakfast for them, 2nd day has broken down, the noisy bell has also been unable to hear, one sleep to 7 o'clock, late meal of sleep still is to be going to compose, just being it is exactly by one point lately.

4. In nature, this base is found in RNA, rather than DNA, but it is just as susceptible to being recorded by one of Dr Watson`s mechanical monkeys as the others are.

5. just as one

5. Meanwhile, as a footnote, though it is hardly just that, one of the UK's most dynamic banks, Northern Rock, imploded, generating the first British bank run for over a century and forcing the government, in effect to guarantee the liabilities – yes, I do, alas, mean the entire liabilities – of the British banking system.

6. just as one

6. This is also the Constitution and the Civil Procedure Law of China People's Court entrusted to one of the important judicial functions, including the implementation of the entry into force of the court made its own decision, determination or mediation books, including the enforcement of arbitral authority, arbitral awards made in just to give authority to enforce the effectiveness of the notarized claim instrument made by the executive authorities in accordance with the law and granted by the People's Court review of administrative decision or administrative penalties, such as decision.

7. Just a string of fat pearls around his neck which he cashed one by one as time wore on.

8. Just as Jia Dao and Yao He, the Late-tang Style poets also hardchanted, the hardship of their chanting had two kind of meanings, one was to chant hardship and unhappiness of their relative, families, and themselves.

9. Also remember that some fights just favor one class or spec over another. We`re totally cool with that, so long as it isn`t always the same exact class or spec that gets to shine.

10. One approach is to make a noise of disapproval just as the cat is where you dont want it to go; as it is just getting there.
    一个办法是使噪声的反对,正如猫是您don 吨希望它去,因为它是刚刚起步。

11. In this regard, consider范睿to second-tier developer of urban development can be basically divided into two categories, one category is the guerrilla-style, such as the introduction was a piece of land go, they just look at opportunities; the other is completely out of strategic needs, such as identifying an inter-regional development Vanke, Sunshine 100, Olympic Gardens.
      在这方面,考虑范睿二线开发城市发展基本上可以分为两类,一类是游击式的,如采用了一块土地去,他们只是看看机会;其他是完全失控的战略需要,如确定一个跨区域发展的万科,阳光100 ,奥林匹克花园。

12. For keeping a rare hope to defeat Yin Zheng, Zen and Xue guard the arrow regardless of their personal safety and exert themselves to block the fiery scales away. Later, however, a pelt of eight continuous scales is approaching: Doug and Phoeny hit one off respectively. Zen holds his spear horizontally to block the biggest one yet is pushed down and rolls on the ground; Xue, then, promptly stretches all her 2 arms and 2 devil arms out to block four scales at same time. However, she has just taken one aspect into consideration and neglected the other—even though the arrow is protected, she could not timely elude the last one scale closely followed so her left human arm as well as a devil arm is cut off on the spot!

13. It may be the Cat who was close to the hat is now out strolling along the way seeing the sights and smells along the waters edge as it is now all ears open listening to beautiful young lady and dashing handsome young man with much interest in each other, the Cat now intent as he hears dashing young man say as Cat remembers, the man said as the three strolled along the way, there's a sparks of magic in your eyes, candy land appears each time you smile, never thought dreams come true but they come true when I'm near you, all the wonder and surprise, If I could I'd caught a falling star to shine on you so I would know were you are, pull a rainbow down in all your favorite shades to show I love you, your the one I've been waiting for forever, ever my love will keep growing strong, keep growing strong, as Cat sat just for a moment he could hear her say as she turn to dashing handsome young man strolling around the way of this beautiful lake on this late Autumns day, as Cat remembers she said your a genie in disguise, I see the magic in your eyes, and your smile make me smile in candy land with all the wonder and surprise, the moon and stars move across your face, shades of color touching my heart, your the one I've been dreaming of and my love is ever growing stronger, near to you writing our names in the sky, you bring me such joy and happiness forever...

14. One might be just as incredulous about the chief architect`s age.

15. Since the encryption key and decryption key are the same(or easily derived from one another) and the key has to be distributed to all users of the system, it seemd as if there was an inherent built-in problem: keys had to be protected from theft, but they also had to be distributed, so they could not just be locked up in a bank vault.

16. just as one的反义词

16. Goes to pace for a few steps According to what I know, no one really saw the face of the criminals. My elder brother is accused as a murderer just because he was there when the case happened. That rapist keeps wearing a mask and is huskier than my younger brother according to the descriptions. Should anyone be convicted just by these hazy fact?

17. D. Lower BC's connection setting, As willy222 said, close other programs and just download single task one by one.
      d。把BC的连接设置设得第一点,就像 Willy222所说的,一个任务一个任务地下。

18. He heard the This is followed by a word, so I am not surprised, because he's just as emotional in front of me said, is a very one-sided understanding, I have to tell you that I have a friend request, I do not Like married comrades, perhaps because they meet the requirements of their parents after marriage, but his wife does?

19. But these rogue experimenters of today are reporting output from their set-ups that exceed Faraday's limit many times over, claiming 7x, 10x, or even more, producing as much as one liter of gas per hour using just 1/2 Watt of electricity.
      但这些无赖实验者今天报道输出从其规定成年人超过法拉第的极限了许多倍,自称7x ,10倍,甚至更多,产生高达每升气每小时只用1/2瓦特电力。

20. And was so touched and pleased by that confiding little kiss that all his crustiness vanished; and he just set her on his knee, and laid his wrinkled cheek against her rosy one, feeling as if he had got his own little granddaughter back again.

just as one 单语例句


1. Russia is a leading supplier of energy to the global market, but energy will be just one of many focuses during Russia's tenure as APEC chair.

2. He was fired on Jan 3 after just one season as the Dolphins'head coach.

3. If you believe the US as an open and progressive society based on these facts, you are looking at just one side of the coin.

4. Most stores were selling many different brands at that time, as the products made by just one company were very limited in range.

5. But that doesn't always compute that she will do just as well in any one tournament.

6. Swiss radio RSR said one or more intruders had forced their way into the consulate just as an employee was arriving for work.

7. As a growing economy produces new wealth and a spreading middle class in China, the epochal Cultural Revolution has receded to the distant past in just one generation.

8. According to one of her many agents, they were worried the story would portray Li as more than just an entertainer.

9. Ma is just one of many people facing financial difficulties as a result of missing quake victims.

10. Just eight months after her previous album comes Zhang Xuan's latest release City, a project she described as " 10 different faces portrayed in one city ".

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