local venture是什么意思 local venture在线翻译 local venture什么意思 local venture的意思 local venture的翻译 local venture的解释 local venture的发音

local venture

local venture 双语例句

1. Education industry is a prospect of industry, is expected to open at the high-speed development of state will last 3 to 5 years to this industry, the investors can take this agitation, select the appropriate project to join venture, but should avoid blindly pushy, before entering to join the local market and good, and their investment conditions.

2. At the same time, the local venture capital development is relatively backward, the State Development and Reform Commission filing only three venture capital companies.

3. Marketing Year 3 students Ryan Ng Yu-Ho, Ivan Li Ka-Chun and Angela Yuen Lai-Ling, and Finance Year 3 student Stephen Wong Yat-Fu were among the 5 finalist teamas to compete with local and overseas business students in New Business Venture Competition 2007 organized by Wing Lung Bank International Institute for Business Development of School of Business.

4. After long time investment and development, Tianchen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has its own two manufacturers in Guangzhou and Foshan; and even in Jiangshu, Shandong and Heilungkiang, based on their local material advantages, we have our joint venture manufacturers there.

5. Ltd. has its own two manufacturers in Guangzhou and Foshan; and even in Jiangshu Shandong and Heilungkiang based on their local material advantages we have our joint venture manufacturers there.

6. local venture

6. Of risk investment institutions to the senior management of personal income formed part of the local financial district makes 40 percent will be awarded by the middle managers are rewarded by 20 percent; on the venture capital the senior management of the purchase or rental in the region, and given the highest subsidies for 200, 000 yuan.

7. Perhaps we are still very unfamiliar, perhaps we in different cities, perhaps we have very little older, maybe we did different trades different projects, but we have a common name - business, we share a common dream -- Success, success very difficult, also a slap shoot film is not how loud, if we can有缘together, we can do something together like we are willing to do it the first to do things, we have to fight Shot for a local bandit group integrated into a highly efficient management and strict style of the Eighth Route Army and New Fourth Army, all the financial resources to play their polymerization with the greatest effect, conscientiously, sense and spend five to ten years of Time, perhaps, the venture's success not far away from us.

8. In the fashion of the Plaza 66 elegance and temperament, blended with the original Muse charm and sharp concept, M2 generated a tremendous impact in the public spotlight. M2 Club is a joint venture between local and overseas –owned company. Its General Manager Mr. Thomas Yeung and Vice Director Mr. Ivan Huang not only have mature and highly developed management skills and concepts, but have also developed a superior platform and promotion mechanism for their subordinates. Therefore, M2 has a strong and highly skilled management team. Many of their employees are selected from the top bars and clubs in Shanghai.
    M2继承了恒隆广场高贵的品味和Muse魅惑的气质,加入了国际顶尖的设计和理念,带给流行人士一个巨大的冲击。M2 club系英舜餐饮管理有限公司,是一家中外合资的有限公司,由其总经理Thomas Yeung以及副总Ivan Huang一手经营,不仅有成熟先进的管理理念,更为下属员工建立了非常优越的工作平台和晋升机制。M2 club拥有一支强大的管理团队,其中大部分都是从上海著名酒吧和俱乐部筛选出的精英。

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9. Chapter three is positive analysis on the debt`s venture in local government.

10. local venture的翻译

10. We are grateful to be a partner with the State of Indiana and the local community in this new venture.

11. And the characteristic whys of local debt`s venture in our country are analyzed as well.

12. Chapter four is to analyze the whys of local debt`s venture in our country, theoretically and practically.

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13. I think we should go for option 2, that is register local company as joint venture between yourself and chillions.

14. Then why don't you offer a little of the stock to set up a joint venture with the local government?

15. In the past, local venture capital funds raised one-quarter of never more than 1 billion U. S. dollars level.

16. local venture的解释

16. Never be tempted to venture into dangerous places such as the underground tunnels, even though you are tempted by your local friends` invitation.

17. local venture

17. Compared with the joint-venture brands, local brands have absolute number of new advantages.

18. FZV service is to meet the pipe line`s condition and customer` s request, to provide our clients the best and competitive products and service, to improve the function of the products, and to assure the products` quality, Therefore, we have set up our products after service center, developed a joint venture factory in oversea, and are active to look for the cooperation and communication with the local customer and government, and build up a very good cooperation with the well-known international companies such as Shell, Aramco, PDO, PetroChina, NIGC, KNPC, Exxonmobil and so on.

19. It outlined a theme park costing around $4 billion that would open in phases starting around 2014 in a joint venture between Disney and local government-owned companies.

20. According to foreign trade and garment export market and expand production Required by the local government and industry associations founded by the joint venture, with'Wuxi days Tak Bai Ren Tang Human Resources Ltd.'behalf.

local venture 单语例句

local venture什么意思

1. But local venture capital funds saw their portion nearly double in 2007 to about a quarter of total investment.

2. Some venture capital firms were required to invest only in the precincts of their government partners in order to boost the local economy.

3. The biggest fishing company in Senegal is a joint venture between a Chinese fund and a local counterpart.

4. The local operators are CSL New World Mobility and Genius Brand, which is a joint venture of a joint venture of PCCW and Hutchison Telephone Company.

5. Foreign venture firms must find a local partner to establish a renminbi fund under the current rules.

6. Honda Lock is a joint venture between the Japanese carmaker and a local company affiliated with Xiaolan township government.

7. Doctors with the Chinese peacekeeping medical team in Liberia venture deep into the forest to provide free treatment for local people on June 23.

8. The Jiangsu Innovative Cultural Park is a joint venture between a number of local enterprises and the US Landmark Group.

9. China's aging population is making its pension business increasingly enticing for both local and joint venture life insurers.

10. China's aging population makes the pension business increasingly enticing for both local and joint venture life insurers.

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