lonesome是什么意思 lonesome在线翻译 lonesome什么意思 lonesome的意思 lonesome的翻译 lonesome的解释 lonesome的发音 lonesome的同义词

lonesome [ˈləʊnsəm]  [ˈloʊnsəm] 

lonesome 基本解释


形容词寂寥; 寂; 孤单的,人迹稀少的

lonesome 相关例句


1. She was lonesome while her husband was away on business.

2. She walked in fear on the lonesome road.

3. lonesome

3. He was lonesome for his family when he was abroad.


1. He is sitting home all by his lonesome.

lonesome 网络解释

1. 寂寞的:lonely 孤独的;荒凉的 | lonesome 寂寞的 | long 长的

2. lonesome是什么意思

2. 你不会寂寞的:You?are?pulling?my?leg!???你在开我玩笑吧!? | You?wont?be?lonesome!??你不会寂寞的!?????????????????? | Youve?got?the?picture????你明白了吗??

3. 孤独的:irritable 易怒的 | lonesome 孤独的 | mad 疯狂的

4. lonesome是什么意思

4. 寂:lonesome 寞 | lonesome 寂 | lonesomely 孤独地

lonesome 双语例句

1. What go overress, feelingliner are of that isn`t flavor I miss he, Im truer nice give no tgain My formerly feeling is in that way of extremely sock be aftertime sans his days, i one in the dark deserve why over``` His be out of night one in the dark deserve why doss, his be out of days in the dark deserve why send lonesome times``` In a word wholeness or wholeness any having me in the dark should why make out, because if current walk us since can`t in harness, I miss meet be repentant of three score years and ten be able to can`t other make me kiss goodbye I off not opening he as me truest love he
    什么去overress ,feelingliner是这一并不`吨风味我想念他,好让林特鲁尔没有tgain 我以前的感觉是这样的极其袜子被后世无他的日子,我在黑暗中一个值得为什么`` ` 他是从晚上在黑暗中一个值得为什么多斯,他是从天应该在黑暗中发出寂寞的时候,为什么`` ` 总之整体或整体性任何有我在黑暗中应为什么出,因为如果目前的步行以来我们可以` T在利用,我想念满足遗憾的三个评分年和10 能够回答其他让我吻别本人从没有开放,他作为我真正的爱他

2. A corner in eyes, but is a lonesome one, only the light breeze wears shuttle continuously, the light knock is each from of, send up the aery felling, miss you quietly.

3. The love thick hour worry as well thick, most the of the that is also the most lonesome a moment.

4. Bout three months ago my cousin Bud, fourteen year old, was riding through the woods on t'other side of the river, and didn't have no weapon with him, which was blame'foolishness, and in a lonesome place he hears a horse a-coming behind him, and sees old Baldy Shepherdson a-linkin'after him with his gun in his hand and his white hair a-flying in the wind; and'stead of jumping off and taking to the brush, Bud'lowed he could outrun him; so they had it, nip and tuck, for five mile or more, the old man a-gaining all the time; so at last Bud seen it warn't any use, so he stopped and faced around so as to have the bullet holes in front, you know, and the old man he rode up and shot him down.

5. In his lonesome hours, he even depicted a Chinese traditional String-bound book, an outlet for his homesickness possessing him all the time.

6. I seem to understand why his paintings are half elating and half lonesome.

7. lonesome

7. The wife is a house, ising 1 can give you the flippancy heart to bring conciliatory bay; The lover is the nuisance of house, just don't arrive ten thousand can not help you not to want to fling off; Beauty bosom friend is the house embellishes, having no her, you will not feel lonesome, but you will feel the life is dull.

8. lonesome的反义词

8. The lone doctor in the entire county; a lonesome pine; an only child; the sole heir; the sole example; a solitary instance of cowardice; a solitary speck in the sky.

9. lonesome什么意思

9. That I am willing to stay by the side rather a lonesome, also wish to pay homage to a romantic affair to come and go tears cover the facely after some time passage.

10. Winter has come, farewell to the sun, It's getting colder every single day, I can't stand you're not near, I'll wait for you, my Fantasy makes believe that you're with me, cause I miss you more than words can say, when nights are long and lonely without you, count the hours every single day, that lonesome time is too sad to be true got winter in my heart, I'm all alone in that white wonderland taking a walk, there's no one to talk, we used to be together hand in hand, but...now...

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11. Own it, can experience personally the recreational amusement method of high time, reduce your travel lonesome, raise your study efficiency.

12. Like the crows that convened at dusk and dawn, those thieves enjoyed freedom away from the roost. While I was left behind, I had to suffer babysitters like that toad Béka and his companion Onions, or old Zanzara and Ragno, who squabbled all day and threw nutshells and stones at the birds and squirrels poking around our hidden hoard. I was bored and cold and lonesome for adventure.

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13. Like the crows that convened at dusk and dawn, those thieves enjoyed freedom away from the roost. While I was left behind, I had to suffer babysitters like that toad Béka and his companion Onions, or old Zanzara and Ragno, who squabbled all day and threw nut shell s and stones at the birds and squirrels poking around our hidden hoard. I was bored and cold and lonesome for adventure.

14. The Sound Of Silence·9. Your Cheatin'Heart ·10. Tears in Heaven·11. Casablanca ·12. Are You Lonesome Tonight·13. Whatever Will Be, Will Be ·14. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? ·15. Cotton Field ·16. Blowing in the Wind·17. Sailing ·18. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
      经过七十年代的酝酿,1982年他的首次演唱《天堂里的另一天》实际上使他东山再起,因为这是他自1968年落漠以来在音乐上的又一次冒险。1982年他的《主要乐章》榜居第十,也是他唯一的成功之作;这首歌曲由Bertie Higgins在 1986年录唱,1994年的唱片《Then end now》引起了人们些许注意。

15. lonesome的反义词

15. She walked in fear on the lonesome road.

16. The loneliness is lonesome and is deserted feeling is the most terrible beggarliness.

17. lonesome

17. Yeah. Don't get lonesome out there, John.

18. lonesome

18. That means I`m shelling out at least $84, and that`s before buying a single bag of popcorn, and only if I see all seven movies all by my lonesome.

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19. You are my own, my own, Dweller in my lonesome dreams!

20. That world is wide and lonesome, if he don't another will

lonesome 词典解释

1. 孤独的;寂寞的;孤单的
    Someone who is lonesome is unhappy because they do not have any friends or do not have anyone to talk to.


    e.g. I've grown so lonesome, thinking of you.

2. 荒僻的;荒凉的;人迹罕至的
    A lonesome place is one which very few people come to and which is a long way from places where people live.

    e.g. He was finding the river lonesome.

lonesome 单语例句

1. Most of its lonesome characters aren't very interesting, and the ones who are never get examined with any dramatic depth or understanding.

2. LOS ANGELES - " Hello Lonesome " does a good job of portraying loneliness on the screen, but that's where its accomplishments end.

3. A local surnamed Wang picked up the lonesome feline in a street and took it home in August.

4. So the weekend's nearly here and you are still on your lonesome?

lonesome 英英释义



1. marked by dejection from being alone

    e.g. felt sad and lonely
           the loneliest night of the week
           lonesome when her husband is away
           spent a lonesome hour in the bar

    Synonym: lonely

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