long是什么意思 long在线翻译 long什么意思 long的意思 long的翻译 long的解释 long的发音 long的同义词 long的反义词 long的例句 long的相关词组

long [lɒŋ]  [lɔ:ŋ] 


long 基本解释

形容词长的; 长时间的; 冗长的,过长的; 长音的

副词长久地; 始终; 遥远地

名词长时间,长时期; [语]长音节; (服装的)长尺寸; 长裤


long 同义词


long 反义词



long 相关词组

1. for long : 长久;

2. long for : 渴望;

3. long after : 很久以后;

4. before long : 不久以后;


long 相关例句


1. She was abroad for a long time.

2. He gave a long, tiring report.


1. You can keep my book as long as you like.


1. She longed to return home.

2. We are longing to see you.

long 情景对话


B:How (far/ close/ long of a trip) is it?

A:It’s about 10 miles.


A:I’ve finished it all.

B:It’s been a long day.


A:It’s dark outside already.

B:It’s time to go home.

A:Let’s go home!


A:It looks like we’re in for a long (drive/ trip/ journey).

B:Ah, well, put on the news.

long 网络解释

1. 长的:-f 和-l选项会报告长的(long),或完全的(full)包含其他的细节的列表. UNIX系统提供一个nohup命令来使命令不被挂起. nohup命令是一组特殊unix命令的一个,这组命令被称为 prefix command(前缀命令),这个命令在其他命令之前使用.

2. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

2. long:longitudinal; 经度的

3. long:longitude; 经度;经线

long 词典解释


1. 长时间的;长久的;长期的
    Long means a great amount of time or for a great amount of time.


    e.g. Repairs to the cable did not take too long...
    e.g. Have you known her parents long?...

2. (事件或时期)持续时间长的,花长时间的
    A long event or period of time lasts for a great amount of time or takes a great amount of time.


    e.g. We had a long meeting with the attorney general...
    e.g. She is planning a long holiday in Egypt and America...

3. (多)长(时间)
    You use long to ask or talk about amounts of time.


    e.g. How long have you lived around here?...
    e.g. He has been on a diet for as long as any of his friends can remember...

4. 篇幅长的
    A long speech, book, film, or list contains a lot of information or a lot of items and takes a lot of time to listen to, read, watch, or deal with.

    e.g. He was making quite a long speech...
    e.g. This is a long film, three hours and seven minutes.

5. 超长的;过长的;拖长的
    If you describe a period of time or work as long, you mean it lasts for more hours or days than is usual, or seems to last for more time than it actually does.


    e.g. Go to sleep. I've got a long day tomorrow...
    e.g. She was a TV reporter and worked long hours...

6. (记忆力)强的,好的
    If someone has a long memory, they are able to remember things that happened far back in the past.

7. 始终;整个地
    Long is used in expressions such as all year long ,the whole day long, and your whole life long to say and emphasize that something happens for the whole of a particular period of time.


    e.g. We played that record all night long...
    e.g. Snow is sometimes found all summer long upon the highest peaks.


1. (长度)长的
    Something that is long measures a great distance from one end to the other.

    e.g. ...a long table...
    e.g. A long line of people formed outside the doctor's office...

2. (距离、旅途、路程等)长的
    A long distance is a great distance. A long journey or route covers a great distance.


    e.g. His destination was Chobham Common, a long way from his Cotswold home...
    e.g. The long journey tired him...

3. (衣服、衣袖或下摆)长的
    A long piece of clothing covers the whole of someone's legs or more of their legs than usual. Clothes with long sleeves cover the whole of someone's arms.

    e.g. She is wearing a long black dress.
    e.g. ...a long-sleeved blouse.

4. (从一端到另一端)(多)长的
    You use long to talk or ask about the distance something measures from one end to the other.


    e.g. An eight-week-old embryo is only an inch long...
    e.g. How long is the tunnel?...

5. 似乎比实际距离长的
    If you describe a distance as long, you mean it seems to be greater than it actually is.

    e.g. It was five long miles to the nearest pub.


1. 只要
    If you say that something is the case as long as or so long as something else is the case, you mean that it is only the case if the second thing is the case.

    e.g. The interior minister said he would still support them, as long as they didn't break the rules...
    e.g. The president need not step down so long as the elections are held under international supervision.

2. 马上就到;很快回来;为时不远
    If you say that someone won't be long, you mean that you think they will arrive or be back soon. If you say that it won't be long before something happens, you mean that you think it will happen soon.

    e.g. 'What's happened to her?' — 'I'm sure she won't be long.'...
    e.g. If every tune from Radiohead is as good as this one is, it can't be long before they are household names.

3. 行将;不久;很快
    If you say that something will happen or happened before long, you mean that it will happen or happened soon.

    e.g. German interest rates will come down before long...
    e.g. Before long he took over the editing of the magazine.

4. (表示支持和愿望)万岁/永存
    You use long live and long may in expressions such as 'long live the Queen' and 'long may it continue' to express your support for someone or something and your hope that they will live or last a long time.

    e.g. Long live freedom!...
    e.g. It is a free world where we are all entitled to our opinions. Long may it remain so.

5. 不再;已不
    Something that is no longer the case used to be the case but is not the case now. You can also say that something is not the case any longer .


    e.g. Food shortages are no longer a problem...
    e.g. She could no longer afford to keep him at school...

6. 再见;回见
    You can say so long as an informal way of saying goodbye.


    e.g. Well, so long, pal, see you around.

7. as long as your arm -> see arm
    by a long chalk -> see chalk
    a long face -> see face
    at long last -> see last
    in the long run -> see run
    a long shot -> see shot
    in the long term -> see term
    long in the tooth -> see tooth
    to take the long view -> see view
    to go a long way -> see way


1. 渴望;渴求;企盼
    If you long for something, you want it very much.

    e.g. Steve longed for the good old days...
    e.g. I'm longing to meet her...

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