means是什么意思 means在线翻译 means什么意思 means的意思 means的翻译 means的解释 means的发音 means的同义词 means的反义词 means的例句

means [mi:nz]  [mi:nz] 


means 基本解释

名词手段; 方法( mean的名词复数); 收入; 财富

动词意味着( mean的第三人称单数); 引起; 打算或注定要某人成为或做某事


means 同义词

means 反义词


means 相关词组

1. by all means : 尽一切办法, 务必;

2. leave no means untried : 用尽一切办法;

3. by means of : 用;

4. by any means : 无论如何;

5. live beyond one's means : 入不敷出;

6. live within one's means : 量入为出;

7. by no means : 决不;

8. by fair means or foul : 不择手段地;

means 相关例句


1. It is all a means to an end.

2. Have you the means to support a wife?

3. He wants to go to college, but his family haven't the means to help him.

4. There is no doubt that radio and television are important means of communication.

5. He is living beyond his means.

means 情景对话


A:That means (we don’t have any/ there aren’t any/ we need) any receipts for $225.




B:Hey, Jim. I didn’t know you biked to work.

A:Yeah, it helps keep me fit and helps the environment, too.


B:One less car on the road means less pollution.


A:Right. Since my work is near a park, it’s a really nice ride, too.

B:How far is it?

A:Oh, about 10 miles. It takes me about an hour.

B:That doesn’t sound too bad. I wish I could do it, but I work in the city. So I take the train.

A:You’re doing your part for the environment by using public transportation, too.

B:True. Well, see you tomorrow.

A:See you.


A:I would like to open an account.

B:A deposit account or a current account?


A:Er, I am not sure. You see, I have monthly remittances sent to me from China and I would like to have the money paid into an account.


B:Then you’d better open a current account. The bank will give you a cheque book and you can take money out when you like.

A:Fine. What do I have to do?

B:Just fill in this form. Do you have any means of identification on you?

A:Will my passport do?



means 网络解释

1. means

1. 工具:这个尊严不允许其它人奴役我们或迫使我们做出非自由意愿的行为**康德用一项道德原则来阐述这个观念:人必须永远被视为一种目的(end),而不只是一个工具(means)**将一个人仅只视为工具,

means 词典解释

1. 方法;手段;工具(means 用于此意时单复数同形)
    A means of doing something is a method, instrument, or process which can be used to do it. Means is both the singular and the plural form for this use.


    e.g. The move is a means to fight crime...
    e.g. The army had perfected the use of terror as a means of controlling the population...

2. 收入;财富;金钱
    You can refer to the money that someone has as their means .

    e.g. ...a person of means...
    e.g. He did not have the means to compensate her.

3. 超出财力;入不敷出/在财力之内;量入为出
    If someone is living beyond their means, they are spending more money than they can afford. If someone is living within their means, they are not spending more money than they can afford.

    e.g. The more gifts she received, the more she craved, until he was living beyond his means...
    e.g. It is far better to pay off old debts steadily by living within your means.

4. 用;以;通过
    If you do something by means of a particular method, instrument, or process, you do it using that method, instrument, or process.

    e.g. This is a two year course taught by means of lectures and seminars...
    e.g. The trailer was connected to the car by means of a complicated system of hoses, pipes and rods.

5. 当然可以;完全可以
    You can say 'by all means' to tell someone that you are very willing to allow them to do something.

    e.g. 'Can I come and have a look at your house?' — 'Yes by all means'.

6. 决不;丝毫不;一点儿也不
    You use expressions such as 'by no means', 'not by any means', and 'by no manner of means' to emphasize that something is not true.


    e.g. This is by no means out of the ordinary...
    e.g. They were not finished, however, not by any means.

7. 达到目的的手段
    If you say that something is a means to an end, you mean that it helps you to achieve what you want, although it may not be enjoyable or important itself.

    e.g. We seem to have lost sight of the fact that marketing is only a means to an end.

means 英英释义


1. how a result is obtained or an end is achieved

    e.g. a means of control
           an example is the best agency of instruction
           the true way to success

    Synonym: agencyway

2. an instrumentality for accomplishing some end

3. considerable capital (wealth or income)

    e.g. he is a man of means

    Synonym: substance

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