millions是什么意思 millions在线翻译 millions什么意思 millions的意思 millions的翻译 millions的解释 millions的发音 millions的同义词

millions ['mɪlɪənz]  ['mɪlɪrnz] 


millions 基本解释

数百万;百万( million的名词复数 );

millions 网络解释

1. 百万小富翁:2004年 <<百万小富翁>>(Millions)虽是儿童片,但总体上还是得到了好评. 2007年 <<太阳浩劫>>(Sunshine)有着希里安墨菲、真田广之、杨紫琼等跨国阵容,但上映后劣评和低票房祸不单行.

2. 数百万:raise=种植; | millions=数百万; | ton=顿;

millions 双语例句

1. O seven apples on a with's tree With seven seeds to plant inside of me In springtime I grew a magic song Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone I looked at the world through apple eyes And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie I danced with the peanut butterflies Till time went and told me to say hello but wave goodbye A thousand sugar stars Oh put then in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf insede a girl, you say And off I'll go from June to May Oh whistling round the world I met a golden swan upon the road Who was a handsome prince, so I was told I asked it the way to yesterday Then I was a sailor, and through the day I sailed away Bluebird seas I sailed With mermaids riding whales Oh whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go down Winder Way Oh whistling round the world Through apple eyes Oh there are rose-coloured skylines Where flying silver spoons Eat melting marmalade moons Through apple eyes I see for millions of miles The sun's a diamond shining In the nighttime of a summer day A thousand sugar stars Oh put them in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go Oh whistling round the world Let's whistle round the world Whistle round the world
    o七个苹果,就同的树七种子植物里面的我在春天,我成长的一个魔术歌然后跳到沿线,哦i唱这首歌给大家我一看,在世界通过苹果电脑眼和削减自己一片阳光馅饼动作与花生蝴蝶直到时间一天天过去,并告诉我说,你好,但波再见 1000糖颗星哦付诸表决,然后在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼insede一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去,从6至5月哦吹口哨环游世界我遇见了一名金色天鹅后,道一位英俊的王子,所以有人告诉我我问它的方式,以昨日那么,我是一个水手,并通过我每天航行距离蓝鸟公海航行i 与mermaids骑鲸哦哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会走络筒机方式哦吹口哨环游世界通过苹果电脑的眼睛哦,还有玫瑰有色skylines 如飞行银汤匙吃熔化果酱的月亮通过苹果电脑的眼睛我看到数百万英里太阳的一颗钻石闪耀在夜间的一个夏天,一天 1000糖颗星哦,他们在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去哦吹口哨环游世界让的哨子环游世界哨子环游世界

2. millions的翻译

2. Of which just one single blossom grows in all the millions and millions of stars

3. millions

3. You're my passport around the world and my visa into the hearts of millions.

4. 911查询·英语单词

4. It is just like an umbilical cord connecting us together, connecting the millions of our compatriots together. It makes you and countless others become a part of our lives. And because of this we become one with you and we are a part of the lives of everyone in our country.

5. Millions of differents because they are equal, millions of equals, because they are different.

6. You can do it with just one or two massive stars over millions of years.

7. Past glacial ages occurred partly because the weathering of rocks, over millions of years, pulls CO2 from the atmosphere, locking it in ocean floor sediment.

8. millions的近义词

8. Now we are 258941 proud members and the Total Membership fees is now $ 10.2 millions.
    现在我们是 258941个骄傲的成员,而且总会员资格费用现在是一千零二十万元。

9. When a bank has millions of customers, it only takes a fraction of one percent to oblige for the fraud to succeed (according to Websense, around four percent of polled individuals have fallen for a phish at least once, and clicked a link to a fraudulent Web site while at work).

10. The development teams in our company are leaded by an Architect with years of local and overseas software project development and management experience. We not only served small and medium enterprise, but also one of the web sites with highest traffic in the world. Project sum from several thousands to several millions US dollar.

11. Its remembrance rankles still in the bosoms of millions of the countrymen of those brave men who lost the day.

12. millions是什么意思

12. Clearly many millions of Chinese get acupuncture without any major problems so I think this is really a minor point, Flachskampf obsered..

13. millions

13. And millions of people must somehow be transported out of the slag-heap landscapes and lung-stinging air lower down to see pristine, glistening water and rainbow-feathered birds darting in sweet mountain breezes under the Tibetan Plateau's cosmic skies to bulk up a national policy of trying to save something of creation before it's destroyed.

14. If the project did not do a good job, in 2012 could be lost among the millions of dollars of assets, into a poor wretch.

15. These change only over periods of millions of years due to processes such as plate tectonics.

16. Wheat is a staple crop for millions of people around the globe.

17. Health insurance reform is now law, giving millions of Americans access to the full resources of our health-care system for the first time.

18. According to Obama on his official site, he said: Penny Pritzker was never accused of any wrongdoing nor did she receive compensation in relation to the closing of Superior Bank in 2001, and instead of walking away as millions of homeowners and stockholders suffered, the Pritzker family entered into a voluntary settlement and agreed to pay the government $460 million to defray its losses.

19. millions

19. An effulgence flame is made by millions of sparks, and you are one of them. Your life style is always optimism and leisureliness.

20. But in the transforming market economy system the kinds of industry of individual, partnership, privately owned and rural made business, mining and architecture enterprise's worker construct great majority about several millions of thousands, they do not enjoy

millions 单语例句

1. Other hopefuls like columnist Arianna Huffington, businessman Bill Simon and porn publisher Larry Flynt cited investments or holdings in the millions.

2. It's about a wealthy young woman named Charlotte whose stockbroker father is busted for embezzling millions from his clients.

3. But what if you're famous and have thousands, if not millions of virtual followers?

4. Both men readily agreed Congress must act soon to prevent millions of Americans from losing their jobs and homes.

5. As Lunar New Year approaches, millions of Chinese are traveling home by any means possible.

6. Perfectly shaped salt water pearls that are formed by nature can fetch millions of dollars.

7. Temperature changes caused by millions of visitors a year is thought to be the major reason behind the growing mould problem.

8. It's estimated that millions of people in Hangzhou will be affected by the regulation.

9. Millions of Ukraine's citizens favor EU membership, but their enthusiasm is tempered by the absence of a clear EU policy towards Ukraine.

10. Millions of skyscrapers are being erected, changing the cities'horizons by the month.

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