mouth是什么意思 mouth在线翻译 mouth什么意思 mouth的意思 mouth的翻译 mouth的解释 mouth的发音 mouth的同义词 mouth的反义词 mouth的例句

mouth [maʊθ]  [maʊθ] 


mouth 基本解释

名词口; 出入口; 传闻

及物动词装腔作势地说; 喃喃地说,心不在焉地说,言不由衷地说



mouth 相关词组

1. foam at the mouth : 口吐泡沫, 非常愤怒;

2. button up one's mouth : 保持缄默;

3. give it mouth : 滔滔不绝地讲;

4. in the mouth of : 出于...之口;

5. in everyone's mouth : 人人这样说;

6. run at the mouth : 流口水;

7. from mouth to mouth : 广泛流传;

mouth 相关例句


1. mouth

1. He crept into the corner, mouthing curses.


1. This sounds strange in your mouth.

2. A big rock blocked the mouth of the cave.

3. None of your mouth!

mouth 网络解释

1. mouth的意思

1. 口:男孩(Boy)是男人的一种.例如从生物学角度讲,鸵鸟(Ostrich)是鸟(Bird)的一种,按理说类Ostrich应例如从数学角度讲,圆(Circle)是一种特殊的椭圆(Ellipse),按理说类Circle应例如眼(Eye),鼻(Nose),口(Mouth),耳(Ear)是头(Head)的一部分,

2. danci.911cha.com

2. 嘴巴:幻灯片上首先出现的是一张简笔画的脸,引导学生学习了face这个单词;接着在圆圈中出现了眼睛,学习了eye这个单词;又出现了鼻子(nose)嘴巴(mouth)耳朵(ear)脖子(neck)手(hand)等部位用这样的方法逐渐把一个完整的人显现出来,

3. 妈死:爸死(bus ) 妈死 (mouth) 爷死(yes ) 哥儿死(girls) 妹死(Miss) 我死(was) ... ... 死光(school)

mouth 词典解释

Pronounced /maʊθ/ for the noun, and /maʊð/ for the verb. The form mouths is pronounced /maʊðz/. 名词读作 /maʊθ/,动词读作 /maʊð/。mouths 读作 /maʊðz/。

1. 口;嘴
    Your mouth is the area of your face where your lips are or the space behind your lips where your teeth and tongue are.

    e.g. She clamped her hand against her mouth...
    e.g. His mouth was full of peas.

He straightened up and looked at me, open-mouthed.
...a wide-mouthed, gray-haired policeman.

2. 说话方式;言谈
    You can say that someone has a particular kind of mouth to indicate that they speak in a particular kind of way or that they say particular kinds of things.

    e.g. I've always had a loud mouth, I refuse to be silenced...
    e.g. You've got such a crude mouth!

...Simon, their smart-mouthed teenage son.
...mean-mouthed heavies with the sly sadistic eyes of professional bullies.

3. (洞的)出入口;(瓶)口
    The mouth of a cave, hole, or bottle is its entrance or opening.

    e.g. By the mouth of the tunnel he bent to retie his lace.

He put the flowers in a wide-mouthed blue vase.

4. 河口;入海口
    The mouth of a river is the place where it flows into the sea.


    e.g. ...the town at the mouth of the River Dart.

5. 不出声地说;用口型默示
    If you mouth something, you form words with your lips without making any sound.


    e.g. I mouthed a goodbye and hurried in behind Momma...
    e.g. She winked broadly at him and silently mouthed something...

6. 言不由衷地说;信口说;不知所云地说
    If you mouth something, you say it, especially without believing it or without understanding it.

    e.g. I mouthed some sympathetic platitudes...
    e.g. They mouthed the values of family, religion and charity, but demonstrated the opposite in their private lives.

7. 需要赡养的人;要养活的人
      If you have a number of mouths to feed, you have the responsibility of earning enough money to feed and look after that number of people.

      e.g. He had to feed his family on the equivalent of four hundred pounds a month and, with five mouths to feed, he found this very hard.

8. 开口说话;发言
      If you say that someone does not open their mouth, you are emphasizing that they never say anything at all.

      e.g. Sometimes I hardly dare open my mouth...
      e.g. He hasn't opened his mouth since he's been there.

9. 保持缄默;守口如瓶
      If you keep your mouth shut about something, you do not talk about it, especially because it is a secret.


      e.g. You wouldn't be here now if she'd kept her mouth shut.

10. to live hand to mouth -> see hand
      heart in your mouth -> see heart
      from the horse's mouth -> see horse
      to put your money where your mouth is -> see money
      shut your mouth -> see shut
      to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth -> see spoon
      word of mouth -> see word
      to put words into someone's mouth -> see word

mouth 英英释义



1. the opening of a jar or bottle

    e.g. the jar had a wide mouth

2. the externally visible part of the oral cavity on the face and the system of organs surrounding the opening

    e.g. she wiped lipstick from her mouth

3. the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge

    e.g. he stuffed his mouth with candy

    Synonym: oral cavityoral fissurerima oris

4. an impudent or insolent rejoinder

    e.g. don't give me any of your sass

    Synonym: sasssassingbacktalkback talklip

5. the point where a stream issues into a larger body of water

    e.g. New York is at the mouth of the Hudson

6. an opening that resembles a mouth (as of a cave or a gorge)

    e.g. he rode into the mouth of the canyon
           they built a fire at the mouth of the cave

7. a person conceived as a consumer of food

    e.g. he has four mouths to feed

8. a spokesperson (as a lawyer)

    Synonym: mouthpiece


1. express in speech

    e.g. She talks a lot of nonsense
           This depressed patient does not verbalize

    Synonym: talkspeakutterverbalizeverbalise

2. articulate silently
    form words with the lips only

    e.g. She mouthed a swear word

3. touch with the mouth

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