news anchor是什么意思 news anchor在线翻译 news anchor什么意思 news anchor的意思 news anchor的翻译 news anchor的解释 news anchor的发音

news anchor

news anchor 双语例句

1. Based on this method two algorithms which use the adjacent shortest transversal path to detect scene change are designed, and experimental results prove that this method is suitable to deal with the special effect around the anchor person shot in News TV program.

2. A mainstream news program of a City TV station can be defined as a combination of anchor-desk reporting and live coverage which brings the audience news and headlines in a fast-moving, timely, brief and objective manner.

3. Nik Gowing is main BBC News programme presenter/anchor on BBC World, the BBC`s international TV news channel broadcasting to a global audience of 265 million worldwide.

4. He worked as a news anchor on NBC for more than twenty years.

5. The bad news is that paid bloggers anchor their marketability to factors beyond their control.

6. I had already become a news anchor at CCTV.

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7. But she studied hard and worked hard and later she became Americas first AfricanAmerican news anchor.

8. In 1998, I was 30. I had already become a news anchor at CCTV. More importantly, I had become the father of a one-year-old child.

9. Each news producer, anchor or reporter brings his/her view of the world to every piece that airs.

10. news anchor的解释

10. In a move that surprised industry insiders, former CNN anchor Bill Hemmer has joined Fox News Network.
    前 CNN 的主播 Bill Hemmer 加入了福克斯新闻网,这一举动另业内人士十分惊讶。

11. news anchor的反义词

11. Hu plays an anchor in his new parody, reading news happening in co-renting apartments and quipping about current hot issues like the global economic crisis and job crunch for fresh graduates.

12. news anchor

12. Dan Rather, CBS News anchor, blamed Christians for attacks on homosexuals in an April 11 editorial for the magazine Nation.

13. A former TV news anchor, Ms Nonaka had no hands-on experience in the electronics business or in corporate management.

14. Now Wang Junyan is the anchor for Universe TV's news programs.

15. Based on the relationship between the three above-mentioned factors, this paper begins with the social background of China`s English news hosts, with an overview of China`s development of its global communication and English news media. Thereafter, the paper also probes into the intrinsic qualities of English TV news hosts, embarking on the journalism character of TV host, making distinctions between TV hosts and reporters and alien from those of hosts or anchor people of other categories. Choosing CCTV-9 (China`s only national English TV channel) and Shanghai Dragon TV English Service as sample success cases, the paper wraps up the status quo of China`s English TV news hosts and makes suggestions for further promoting China`s contingent of the English TV hosts with regard to establishing the English media image for China`s global communication.

16. He became a general- assignment anchor at CNN Headline News in July.

17. Her theory that this signalled the advent of a misogynistic climate has been challenged by some critics, who point out that the period saw the first female evening network-news anchor, Harvard's first female president and America's first female secretary of state.

18. He worked in the news division of ABC — he was the anchor of its 15-minute evening newscast.

19. The hilarious gaffe shows the journalist with his head slumped on his chest as the studio news anchor tries without success to wake him.

20. In my job as a radio news anchor, I don't have to eat out much, but when I'm on the road for work related to the disorder, I wind up eating in a lot of restaurants.

news anchor 单语例句

1. Harrison can currently be seen playing grumpy news anchor Mike Pomeroy in new film'Morning Glory'alongside Rachel McAdams.

2. Business news anchor Rui Chenggang sees himself as a globalist who is in favor of multilateralism on the international stage and pluralism at home.

3. For the most part, they are as thinly drawn as the billboards around town touting the new news anchor.

4. NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams questioned Brown over reports that he was using larger and larger text sizes as his remaining vision declined.

5. Her request became a media sensation after popular CCTV investigative news anchor Chai Jing presented it at an NPC meeting.

6. Reuters reporter Tara Cleary and photographer Lucas Jackson watch as the CNN news anchor is cloned at Madame Tussauds.

7. In a recent YouTube video widely circulated on the Internet, a BBC news anchor interviewed an old man on the street.

8. On Sunday she told donors she had been asked why she had done so poorly in interviews with CBS News anchor Katie Couric.

9. Cameron is a broadcast journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University, and wants to become a news anchor.

10. Westin has presided over anchor changes at three of ABC's top news programs over the past year.

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