not solely是什么意思 not solely在线翻译 not solely什么意思 not solely的意思 not solely的翻译 not solely的解释 not solely的发音 not solely的同义词

not solely

not solely 双语例句

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1. Market research indicated that many women and people under the age of 45 said they would not subscribe solely because of the name.

2. not solely

2. Your answers are not being recorded, this is solely for your personal reflection.

3. I do not understand American say that Cho`s the today is solely because of himself.

4. I was not a single parent, nor dependent solely on my income, but just like the other ex-bankers, I had become a disposable3 employee, and a statistician.

5. Other circumstances not attributable to the Bank, the Customer shall take the responsibility solely.

6. A sense the world is the fall of ah, to force the cooler autumn clinical application in poplar, willow, when, and that though with a gold leaf is solely the question of life, but can not ban the growing trend of cold wind and rain, charged, and audio.

7. It should not be used solely for producing a softer sound because it will also change the timbre.

8. Heretofore, an access road to a mine through a National Park was not permitted under the Canada National Parks Act, and the Act was amended solely for Nahanni National Park Reserve and specifically for the purpose of providing access to the Prairie Creek Mine area.

9. 2 Warranted to be used solely for private pleasure purposes and not for hire charter or reward, unless specially agreed by the Underwriters.

10. Therefore, industrial countries should not be held solely responsible.

11. Not only can you make changes to that variant on the schematic compiled document view, you will also be able to generate output for that variant directly, using commands from the Schematic and PCB Editors, as an alternative to generation solely from an Output Job Configuration file {{*.
      你不仅可以在原理图文档编译视窗上对变量做出修改,还可以在原理图和PCB编辑器上直接使用命令为该变量产生一个输出,这就为单独采用Output Job 配置文件产生输出提供了另外一个可选方法。

12. not solely的翻译

12. Do not focus solely on attendance and membership growth numbers, but do investigate the trends behind the numbers.

13. Section headings are solely for ease of reference and are not substantive parts of this Agreement.

14. The historical development of the western region Practice shows that relying solely on the development of local natural resources, the people can not affluent west.

15. You leave them, it is with a failing that they can do just as will witkout you. This is not sullenness nor indifference, nor absence of mind; but they are intent solely on their own thoughts and you are merely one of the subjectsthey exercise them upon, they live in society as in a solitude.

16. In China it existed concurrently with thepenalty of same injury and did not exist solely after the later.

17. not solely什么意思

17. As I later argued in my paper Resource Profiles (Downes, Resource Profiles, 2004), LOM should not attempt to be all things to all people, and should focus solely on the educational properties of a resource.
      正如我后来在我的论文《资源规范》(Downes,Resource Profiles,2004)中所说的,LOM 不应该妄图解决所有人的所有问题,而应该仅仅关注资源的教育属性。

18. It can be repeated and your minds will not be solely on the music.

19. As a result of the 2nd generation of plan cost exceeding insecure, a batch of is a delegate solely Internet bar plan with hoping expend a manufacturer to begin new round exploration, this they were received between power source and POWER line read card implement, dog Internet bar plan expends a system, once Internet bar plan expends software to be expunged, read card implement the meeting on mount a horse gets feedback information, automatic dump, avoided to expunge the software, leak that does not plug card to be able to get online so.

20. 911查询·英语单词

20. The main content is stated in detail as following:①Taking the cable-stayed bridge as an example, the structural main effect of the bridge are researched and analysis deeply, then creating the data generative function of bridge structure, then analyzing the characteristic of the single invalid data and the continuous invalid data for the bridge structural health monitoring system, and formalizes and describes them, discussing the complexity of data distortion, establishing the solid foundation for research of error control of safety assessment for the bridge structural health monitoring system; ②According to the actuality of data distortion in field of bridge structural health monitoring system, which had dealt with solely on the information acquirement and the safety assessment, introducing the idea and concept of error control in the data communication field, analyzing its meaning and mechanism, then establishing the basal theory of error control for bridge structural health monitoring system, including checking mode, correcting model, and mechanism, that may resolve the problem of data reliability for bridge structural health monitoring system thoroughly, and these researches has not been reported at all times; ③Analyzing the correlation among the bridge checking points according to the bridge structural data, defining the correlation of bridge checking points and describes its several forms, then integrating the correlative theory of data mining and signal system to establish the correlation model to describe the correlation among the bridge checking points quantificationally, and putting forward the error control methods on safety assessment of the bridge structural health monitoring system: based on relation steady equation and data variety rate to identify the identify the single invalid data, and based on correlation model to identify the continuous invalid data; based on the RBF neural networks and trendline method to restore invalid data.

not solely 单语例句

1. The actual notice should state clearly the infringing products claimed by the patentee, but not solely inform the infringer of the existence and ownership of the patent rights.

2. He went on to suggest that Beijing does not concur in Taipei's latest proposal for indirect charter flights run solely by Taiwanese airlines.

3. China should not solely rely on interest rate rises to curb inflation, an academic adviser to the People's Bank of China said in remarks published on Thursday.

4. But hosting the Olympics should not be viewed solely from a financial point of view, he said.

5. The drafting committee decided not to write legislation dealing solely with financial institutions.

6. But Jin said the banking system is not solely to blame, because safety and a guaranteed profit are their first priority.

7. The initial law forbade race from being used " solely " to form the suspicion but not from being a factor.

8. He said Lenovo's IBM experience is a model not solely for Chinese companies but for any company out of any of the world's emerging markets.

9. It obviously does not make sense to say that Tencent's move is based solely on a competitor's " illegal " actions.

10. Yet a sound legal structure for environmental protection is not determined solely by the number of laws.

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