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nv 基本解释

[电] 十亿分之一伏

nv 网络解释

1. 荷兰:德国(AG)股份公司,(GmBH)有限责任公司;英国(PLC)公众有限公司,(Ltd)有限公司;荷兰(NV)联合股份公司;意大利(SpA)联合股份公司;瑞典(AB)联合股份公司;法国(SA)联合股份公司

2. 911查询·英语单词

2. 低压缩比:NR 水平调节控制 | NV 低压缩比 | PA 停车辅助机构

3. (否):OV (是) | NV (否) | DF 方向

4. nv

4. nv:nature vibrational; 固有振动

5. nv:no value; 无价

6. nv:nucleus vesicula; 核空泡

7. nv:norwalk viruses; 诺瓦克病毒

nv 双语例句

1. The company was established in March 2001 through the merger of Perfetti S. p. A and Van Melle NV. In July 2006 the Group also acquired the Spanish company Chupa Chups.
    公司于2001年3月通过不凡帝和范梅勒的合并正式成立。2006年7月集团又收购了西班牙公司 Chupa Chups 。

2. The company was established in March 2001 through the mergerof Perfetti S. p. A and Van Melle NV. In July 2006 the Group also acquired the Spanish company Chupa Chups.
    公司于2001年3月通过不凡帝和范梅勒的合并正式成立。2006年7月集团又收购了西班牙公司Chupa Chups。

3. When he's not writing, he teaches anthropology and gender studies in Las Vegas, NV.

4. Hey.... so sorry... nv online for sometime....

5. When he's not writing, he teaches anthropology and women's studies in Las Vegas, NV.

6. Im from Hollywood, CA but I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.

7. L 2. Caesars Palace 3570 Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA.
    l 美国内华达州拉斯维加斯南街3570号凯撒皇宫酒店,邮编89109。

8. On this very simple test, the Radeon HD 5870 is also 67% more powerful than the new Nvidia card.
    在这个简单的测试中,HD5870相对 NV 的新卡有着高达67%的领先。

9. nv

9. Fortis NV scrapped a plan to sell half its asset-management arm to China's Ping An Insurance Co.
    富通集团(Fortis N.V。)已放弃向中国平安保险股份有限公司出售资产管理子公司半数股权的交易计划。

10. They are students = zhe xie shi nan hai he nv hai.

11. In this way, the speed became more rapid. However, the human beings made of mud spots were different from those made out of Nv Wa`s hand.

12. nv的解释

12. We render the NV image segment-by-segment by taking advantage of image segmentation, dominant color transfer, saturation variation, and image fusion.

13. In order to improve glycerol yield without extra i nv estment and complicated operation, an airlift reversible loop reactor with periodic oscillating airlift operation, in which the airflow could be alternated between one nozzle in the central region and eight nozzles in the annular region at the bottom of the reactor, was investigated during glycerol pr oduction by osmotolerant yeast Candida krusei.
      在耐高渗酵母Candida krusei发酵生产甘油的过程中,为在基本不增加投资或操作强度的基础上进一步提高甘油的产率,本文采用了一种气升式可逆环流反应器,空气可以通过反应器底部的中心喷嘴或环隙喷嘴交替地进入反应器内,从而形成振荡气升操作。

14. To overcome the conflicts during the change, maintain the governing of Nv Zhen noblemen and keep the lasting peace, Jin Shizong carried out various Nu Zhen-orientated policies: First, he reformed the Meng An Mou Ke that has migrated into the Central Plains for solving the poverty of some Nu Zhen people and unbalanced phenomenon of the rich and the poor; Second, he popularized graphics studying, cultured talented people actively, translated a lot of Chinese Scripture history into Nu Zhen graphics and supported Nu Zhen descendants` learning; Third, he held the examination and made the talented people officers; Fourth, he rebuilt and visited the Shang Jing Hui Ning Fu where the ancestor originated; Fifth, he introduced Nu Zhen-orientated policy.

15. nv

15. Each NV SRAM has a self-contained lithium energy source and control circuitry which constantly monitors VCC for an out-of-tolerance condition.

16. When an out-of-tolerance power supply condition is detected, the NV SRAMs warn a processor-based system of impending power failure by asserting RST.

17. nv的近义词

17. Multiply 0.13nV by the square root of the ohmic value of a resistor to find the noise in a 1Hz bandwidth.
      6/ 电阻阻值的平方根,乘以0.13纳伏,可以得到1赫兹带宽的噪声。

18. Technical information:*** stop:o*oooooo8e(o*oooooo5, o*BFo6o5oED, OXB914E71C, O*OOOOOOOO)*** NV4-disp. dll-address BFo65oED base at BFo12ooo, Datestamp 47o6coab
      技术资料:***停止:噢* oooooo8e (海外* oooooo5 ,澳* bfo6o5oed ,oxb914e71c ,澳* oooooooo )*** nv4 - disp.dll地址bfo65oed基地bfo12ooo ,邮戳47o6coab

19. Simulation results show that the two-stage CMOS preamplifier in a closed-loop capacitive feedback configuration provides an AC in-band gain of 38.8dB, a DC gain of 0, and an input-referred noise of 277nV_ rms integrated from 0.1Hz to 1kHz.

20. nv

20. Simulation results show that the two-stage CMOS preamplifier in a closed-loop capacitive feedback configuration provides an AC in-band gain of 38.8dB, a DC gain of 0, and an input-referred noise of 277nV integrated from 0.1Hz to 1kHz. The preamplifier can eliminate the DC offset voltage and has low input-referred noise by novel circuit configuration and theoretical analysis.

nv 单语例句

1. Akzo Nobel NV has consistently been named as a serious buyer following the recent sale of its drugs business Organon Biosciences for 11 billion euros.

2. I made a name for myself on the TV sitcom " Fen Hong Nv Lang ", or " Pink Ladies ".

3. The securities arm of the world's largest shipbroker also organized the container FFA between Morgan Stanley and shipping line Delphis NV.

4. The sacrificial activities focus on praising Nv Wa's virtues of creating human, mending sky and so on.

5. Chinese legend has it that in remote antiquity a goddess named Nv Wa created man and woman by clay.

6. Eurostar Diamond Traders NV occupies over 5 per cent of global market share.

7. Commodity producers BHP and Eni followed declines in metals and oil prices, while HBOS declined after ABN Amro Holding NV recommended selling the stock.

8. Greenpeace said TV producers Royal Philips Electronics NV and Sharp have poor policies on taking back and recycling outdated products.

9. The French drugmaker's first offer topped an approach from PPF Group NV, the Czech Republic's largest closely held investment group.

10. Output at factories and utilities also shrank in December, according to a survey done by ABN Amro Bank NV.

nv 英英释义



1. a state in the southwestern United States

    Synonym: NevadaSilver StateBattle Born StateSagebrush State

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