on the base是什么意思 on the base在线翻译 on the base什么意思 on the base的意思 on the base的翻译 on the base的解释 on the base的发音

on the base

on the base 双语例句

1. on the base的解释

1. Due to the mismatch of mechanical property between brazing filler metal and base metal, the welding residual stress was generated inevitably during the brazing process, which has great influence on the creep deformation and life.

2. on the base什么意思

2. After placing the lower edge of the blade on the base plate with the tip touching the upright member, the projection formed by the double curve should just touch the center of the weld metal.

3. The influence rule to powder quality and quantity from some technical parameters such as materials vapor tension, gas pressure, the ratio between hydrogen and argon, current intensity and gas circulate intensity were discussed by single-factor experiment, on the base of which the perpendicularity experiment scheme was arranged.

4. At present, the company introduced the Multi -Position NC Punch, NC shear-bending machine and other high-tech production equipment, become a South China elevator door, the door of the components, security controls, variable frequency door machine, on the threshold of the component parts, such as elevator major production base

5. On the way to the base, they experience an accident.

6. on the base

6. Sonus has consistently adhered to with safe, convenient, fast and on time the purpose, warm and thoughtful service to win the trust of our customers, has a stable customer base, the steady growth in business year after year.

7. The computed and analyzed results of the effect of TCL release on the displacements of carpal bones can be served as related theoratic base on carpal tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel release surgery and recovery after operation.

8. On the surface of one side of n-type base layer 1, p-type base layer 7 is formed.

9. On the surface of the other side of n-type base layer 1, a p-type collector layer 2 is formed.

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10. On the surface of p-type base layer 7, n-type emitter layer 8 is formed.

11. on the base什么意思

11. Want the website that knows a lot of stationmaster were done one year, looked numerous optimized article and experience, maintain update the plane with rich and colorful everyday, comprehensive function, the discharge of 10 thousand IP or Yao cannot reach one sky, dan Qiushi is amounted to depend on a page merely can base oneself upon and Baidu transcend the rank with discharge very good keyword, it may be said is to have very strong technical with sound SEO technology.

12. A plasma display apparatus capable of preventing devices from being damaged by installing a cover so as not to apply locally excessive pressure onto at least one device formed on at least one signal transmission member includes: a Plasma Display Panel; a chassis base disposed on a rear portion of the PDP; a circuit board disposed on a rear portion of the chassis base to drive the PDP; at least one signal transmission member connecting the PDP to the circuit board to transmit electrical signals therebetween and including at least one device; a reinforcing member including a mounting portion, on which the at least one signal transmission member is disposed and the at least one device installed on the signal transmission members is mounted, at an edge of the chassis base, and at least one boss disposed on the mounting portion; and a cover installed on a rear portion of the at least one signal transmission member to cover the at least one device formed on the at least one signal transmission member, and attached to the at least one boss of the reinforcing member by a coupling unit.

13. Since 2001, shanghai petrifaction sale supplies a company to purchase the requirement that supplies reform of centralized management system in the light of Shanghai petrifaction goods and materials, the domain is purchased to begin efficiency in goods and materials censorial, its cut a point is education of base oneself upon, have sth in mind is on guard, aggrandizement monitoring, firm is caught investigate, want already from strengthen goods and materials to purchase business personnel clean-fingered self-discipline conduct propaganda teachs proceed with, want to have the tie of system of strict and impartial procurement control of goods and materials and working flow again, purchase goods and materials of regulations system standard to purchase operation behavior with goods and materials, at the same time aggrandizement goods and materials purchases measure of each link monitoring, achieve goods and materials to purchase thereby...

14. It expounds the real significance of developing environmental management system on the base of summarization of application and research conducted at home and abroad in the aspect of computer application as well as analysis of present condition of Wuhan Port environmental management.

15. The Download from Internet option is mainly for creating a base Cygwin package tree on one computer for installation on several machines with Install from Local Directory; copy the entire local package tree to another machine with the directory tree intact.
      从网际网路下载选择主要是要建立一个基本的 Cygwin 封包树在一台电脑里,要安装在几个机器里且从地方目录安装;复制整个地方封包树对於其它机器与目录树原封。

16. Then, on January 12, I flew overnight to the U. S. Air Force base in Aviano, Italy, that had been the center of our NATO air operations over Bosnia, where I boarded one of our new C-17 transport planes for the flight to Taszar Air Base in Hungary, from which our troops were deploying into Bosnia.
      随后,在1月12日,我连夜飞到意大利阿维亚诺的美国空军基地,那是北约对波斯尼亚空中行动的指挥中心,在那里我登上一架新的 C-17运输飞机前往我们在匈牙利的塔萨尔空军基地,我们的军队就是从那里派往波斯尼亚的。

17. on the base

17. The CIA allegedly flew Nasr from Aviano air base in Italy across Switzerland to Ramstein air base, Germany, and then on to Cairo, Egypt, on Feb.

18. The interactions between ctDNA and Pd-TMPyP or Zn-TMPyP were studied by the solid substrate room temperature phosphorimetry. The experiment results indicated that Pd-TMPyP intercalate into ctDNA base pairs and Zn-TMPyP aggregate on the surface of ctDNA. New methods of determining DNA have been established by the solid surface room temperature phosphorimetry. [3]. A new intramolecular charge transfer probe, namely 4''-dimethylamino-2, 5-dihydroxychalcone has been synthesized.
      固体基质室温磷光光谱法考察了钯-四卟啉配合物及Zn-TMPyP与ctDNA的作用,结果表明Pd-TMPyP嵌插在ctDNA碱基对中,Zn-TMPyP 在ctDNA表面聚集;探索出了固体基质测定ctDNA的新方法。

19. on the base的翻译

19. The variation of strain and temperature of a thin epoxy motar plate for mending concrete structure with 12m long placed on a concrete base was inspected for one year. The physical and mechanical characteristics of the tested materials, i. e. the epoxy motar and the concrete, were also tested in laboratory.

20. And lastly there`s a combination of the pillbox or singlestrip around the base and then the conical hat shape on top to form a castle turret.

on the base 单语例句

1. A UK reconnaissance team was on the ground this week studying the prospects for UK troops moving north from their relatively calm southern Basra base.

2. " Mitigating climate change has to be carried on the base of sustainable development, " he said.

3. The Little Mermaid has additionally been the victim of graffiti on several occasions and was also blown off its rock base with dynamite in 2003.

4. A key clinical research base for Chinese medicine intervention on infectious disease was established at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center on Tuesday.

5. The Obama administration circulated a draft order on Wednesday calling for the closure of the prison at the US Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba.

6. The government attributed the GDP slow down due to a drag on the merchandise trade and a very high comparative base in the first quarter.

7. That is despite the high base of comparison due to the timing of the Lunar New Year falling on January last year.

8. The intensity of warfare in the computer age is on display at an intelligence and surveillance installation at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

9. The Guangdong provincial Family Planning Commission has plans to install condom vending machines at universities in eight major provincial cities on a trial base.

10. They must not be considered to have any consequence for the ongoing debate on what is widely seen to be an excessively narrow tax base.

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