one capsule是什么意思 one capsule在线翻译 one capsule什么意思 one capsule的意思 one capsule的翻译 one capsule的解释 one capsule的发音

one capsule

one capsule 双语例句

1. one capsule

1. Submarine escape capsule is a collective of independent, self-contained new safe devices, which can effectively increase the rescue capacity of the submarine crew to ensure the safety of personnel officers, superiority to the past any one of escape equipment.

2. One infant Meibao cool-dimensional skin cream and pearl ashàcare solution for its unique formula and the new concept of distribution become the hands of a magic weapon to win the market; honey smelting and National Fresh Pipagao Supervisor word capsule superior quality to win the trust of consumers.

3. one capsule是什么意思

3. Methods 100 patients with blood-stagnated hemicrania were treated with wutengzhentong capsule in one month, then observed and studied the clinical effect and the difference of hemorheology.

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4. The 90 patients who conform to the standardwere randomly divided into two groups: the 45 patients of the one group were treated by Donglian capsule, and the 45 patients of the other group were treated by the Metformin Hydrochloride tablets.

5. Hello experts: I have a pregnant 22 weeks 3 days, 14 weeks more than 4 days, as a result of reasons, often a business trip, then stomach pains, doctors said to be threatened abortion, rest a weeks, I went to watch the city hospital of Chinese medicine, B to do a vaginal ultrasound, fetal biparietal is by 3.2cm, amniotic fluid depth of 4.0cm, the doctor said the fetus too small, suggested that I stay, I was not hospitalized, but linked to the hospital every day 10 days 10% glucose + vitamin C and oxygen for 30 minutes, Baotai Chinese medicine for 21 days, the effect is not very good, 20 weeks to妇检, doctors said, when the fetus is also too small, the Palais high 18cm, let me eat amino acids capsule one month, a month later to do B-, 22 weeks, the volume of my own palace is 21cm high around the stomach are also a number of large, fetal movements are normal, I do not know whether the normal fetal development, if they would be too small, please give expert advice.

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6. They can get high on just one capsule of LSD and feel as carefree as if they were in the Land of Ultimate Bliss. But Dharma Master Hsuan Hua can take more than ten capsules without being affected in the least. He doesn't get high or feel as carefree as if he were in the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

7. At present, I produced the main products are: KA series of integrated water treatment equipment, ZPG-L automatic sewage filter, KA-J series of ultraviolet water purifiers, KA-S-softened water equipment, KA-Y series deaerator, the whole Automatic Frequency Control of water supply equipment, industrial equipment and civilian water, swirl Desanding, there are one or two types pressure vessel manufacturing qualification (license #: TS2211026-2009), capsule-shaped depression automatically divide the water supply installations; activated carbon Adsorption cans, condensate oil separator, the impact of dust-free purification pumps, high concentrations of organic catalytic combustion exhaust, soot purification Series noise muffler, acoustic me, noise, cooling towers, water tanks and water, sewage Reuse projects.
    目前我公司生产的主要产品有:KA 系列综合水处理设备、ZPG-L自动排污过滤器、KA-J系列紫外线净水器、KA-S型软化水设备、KA-Y系列除氧器、全自动变频调速供水设备、工业及民用纯水设备、旋流除砂器,还有一、二类压力容器制造资质(许可证编号:TS2211026-2009)、囊形隔膜自动气压供水装置;活性炭吸附罐,冷凝水油分离器,冲击式无泵除尘净化器,高浓度有机废气催化燃烧,油烟净化器系列降噪消声器、隔声箱、隔声间,冷却塔、水箱以及中水、污水回用工程等。

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8. Microscopically, ① hyperplastic follicles and plentiful plasma cell and lymphocyte infiltration dispersed in paracortical area as well as the peripheral tissues of the capsule; ② endothelial cells proliferated in the vessels with increased thickness of the wall and infiltration of plasma cells; ③ perivascular inflammation; ④ epithelioid histocytes proliferated with granulomatous changes and multinucleated giant cells; ⑤ conspicuous productive perilymphadenitis and thick capsule of the lymph node were found with fibrosis, accompanied by infiltration of chronic inflammatory cells, mostly plasma cells; ⑥ scattered small dots of necrosis were noted in one ease.

9. Product variety has colloidal bismuth pectin capsules, Victoria Participation zinc capsules, tablets acetyl kitasamycin, acemetacin capsule, toothache An, Ke-flu-min, acyclovir, net, etc. One hundred Yan Products such as second-class category varieties.

10. Results: In the 13 cases, the CT diagnosis show that five cases of low-density lesions of Bilateral hepatolenticular, five cases of globus pallidus, one case of Bilateral hepatolenticular with corpus callosum, one cases of External capsule putamen, one case of Putamen with the caudate nucleus, three cases of low-density of Bilateral lobi frontalis and lobi parietalis, one case of unilateral putamen hemorrhage, three cases of cerebral atrophy.
    结果 13例中,CT示双侧豆状核低密度5例、苍白球5例、双侧豆状核伴胼胝体1例、壳核伴外囊1例、壳核伴尾状核1例;双额顶叶低密度3例、单侧壳核出血1例、大脑萎缩3例。

11. one capsule是什么意思

11. The selection for the Capsule must include at least one input and no more than one output.

12. The best-corrected visual acuity improved in 35(97%) of 36 eyes and unchanged in 1(3%) of 36 eyes. In a few cases, surgery was made difficult by unusual fluctuation in anterior chamber depth and small pupil size. Intraoperative complication occurred in one eye with posterior capsule rupture and lens drop into the vitreous, which was probably caused by lens touch during previous vitrectomy.

13. Plant lotus shape, there is the cistern of one store water in the center of; Xie Kuan is banding, green, the brim is smooth without tine; Spicate from the leaf take out in the center of the canister, peduncular and all by green or gules bud piece wrap up, one is formed in top by multichip and gules petal piece the astral form Hua Sui that constitutes generation, floret is born at petal piece in, outside its just are being extended when opening; It is capsule if really, there is graininess seed inside.

14. In addition, the machine comprises at least one capsule ejecting station that has a capsule ejecting device (19) for axially ejecting the capsules from their respective cavity (14A), has guide flaps (24A, 24B), which can be individually actuated by an actuating device (39), can swivel in relation to a swivel pin (31), are each assigned to a capsule cavity (14a), and which each have two guideways (33A, 34A). Said guideways are provided for the respectively assigned capsuleand can be actuated by the actuating device (39). The inventive machine also comprises dividing walls that separate the guideways (33A, 34A) of adjacent guide flaps (24A, 24B) from one another.

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15. K; I ·Take one capsule every four hours.

16. The main components were a lateral expansion to the oblique popliteal ligament; a direct arm, which attached to the tibia; and an anterior arm. The oblique popliteal ligament, the largest posterior knee structure, formed a broad fascial sheath over the posterior aspect of the knee and measured 48.0 mm in length and 9.5 mm wide at its medial origin and 16.4 mm wide at its lateral attachment. It had two lateral attachments, one to the meniscofemoral portion of the posterolateral joint capsule and one to the tibia, along the lateral border of the posterior cruciate ligament facet. The semimembranosus also had a distal tibial expansion, which formed a posterior fascial layer over the popliteus muscle.

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17. And Sichuan Qili Tongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and one research institute of Sichuan Qili Pharmaceutical Institute which produces kinds of TCMs and western medicines with safety and high efficiency according to China`s medicinal regulations and GMP, mainly including TCMs of oral liquid of Qili Kegankang, syrup of Zhisou Kechuanning, oral liquid of Changfu`an, capsule of Tongbianling etc. and antibiotics preparation of Silinqi(Pefloxacin Mesylate Glucose Injection), Diansha(Norfloxacin Glutamate Injection).

18. Clinical study'150 cases were divided into 2 groups: 90 cases in the treatment group, treated with Shenshuai capsule, 10 pills taken orally, three times one day; ...

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19. Intellectual deficiency and dizziness in elderly patients; One capsule (30) once daliy in the morning.
      用量用法:口服,一次10ml ,一日2—3次(早饭前和午,晚饭后各服一次),小儿酌减。

20. Domestic glime piride capsule is as effective as imported one in decreasing FBG, PBG, and HbAlc.

one capsule 单语例句

1. Grabbing handles on one side of the capsule which was colored khaki to signal " ground ", he quickly made his way into the space lab module.

2. Lu reclined in one in a woolly coat near the blackened capsule.

3. The sense that television moves much more quickly today is one of the most interesting finds in the DVD time capsule.

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