out of lunch是什么意思 out of lunch在线翻译 out of lunch什么意思 out of lunch的意思 out of lunch的翻译 out of lunch的解释 out of lunch的发音

out of lunch

out of lunch 双语例句

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1. Owen wobbled erratically across the runway at RAF Colerne during the lunch break at a VSCC sprint event for the benefit of our photographer, and everyone assumed that this brief experiment would have got the fad out of his system.
    欧文wobbled鱼群全国跑道英国皇家空军 colerne在午餐休息时vscc Sprint的事件,使我们的摄影师,大家都以为这简短的实验已得到基金会指出他的系统。

2. Take advantage of the cheaper lunch menu when eating out.

3. out of lunch

3. They can find the pictures as they get out of a taxi or sit at the lunch table.

4. A year and a half after that discombobulating first day of fourth grade, we were let out of class before lunch and sent to the local roller rink.

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5. Spring day, sunny afternoon, I have good weather, sitting at home, feeling nausea, however, eaten a late lunch, with a few pocket money, they ran out of teach you to go.

6. In the center of Tokyo office staff stream out for their lunch breaks in a country that is already seven months into its new Internet revolution.

7. There was one time, when we were just about to start our lunch, an emergency telephone call rang up, mom hang up the call, got dressed to get ready to go out, she was even too busy to think of the meal, then rushed to her work. Till my bedtime on that night, mom was still not home yet.

8. Then, tomorrow, a person who often CniuB in the full day wanted to buy the film tickets with me. But I was already complied with Honey to have lunch together and then to go to see the film. Thereupon, after I've make the mistake I couldn't keep my words. So I have to stay out of the door.{Now I am in the Chinese class, so I have no word to say
    我立刻就答應了緊接著地二天中午下課某整天C牛B 的同學借助其與我老公的關系讓我陪同去買電影票但是之前已經答應跟 HONEY 去吃飯了然后一起看電影于是我再犯錯誤的第二天再一次說話不算數結果我被關在了門外面

9. Get lost of exceeded a gram of Si to find out companion, for the sake of the food, they are regardless of the danger resist fierce seal, the collective effort is strong, in the dog dogs the backstroke of the community, the seal throws down food to be defeated and flee, the dog dogs happily enjoy use of to harvest come of flourishing lunch.

10. Yet upon that afternoon, whether it was the Beaune which I had taken with my lunch or the additional exasperation produced by the extreme deliberation of his manner, I suddenly felt that I could hold out no longer.

11. As Jennifer was making her way out of the Criminal Courts Building on her way to lunch, she passed the open door of a deserted courtroom.

12. I never get up early on Sunday, sometimes I will be out of my bed until lunch time.

13. I found out about it more than a year after his death, of all times and places, during the 1st Singapore AIDS conference in 1998, when a mutual friend, a Taiwanese representative to the conference, asked me out to lunch, and dropped the bomb shell.

14. He always seems to be out of lunch.

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15. Harry was pleased to get out of the castle after lunch.

16. I never get up early on Sunday morning; sometimes, i won't get out of the bed until lunch time

17. Daddy had several members of his family out to lunch, including his brother Raymond and his children.

18. Perry: What they did was they took all of us out to lunch separately, and said, tell us about your lives.

19. I'm sorry, he is out to lunch/of the office/on business.

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20. If you haven`t planned for a non-intrusive but relaxing lunch break you might find yourself cooking a gourmet meal that takes two or three hours to complete (for the same reason one might suddenly choose to clean that rangehood that hasn`t been touched in months: to get out of working), or you might find yourself constantly driving up to the nearest McDonalds or KFC.

out of lunch 单语例句

1. This confused and scared innocent students, who dared not to go out of the school to buy lunch during the break.

2. The students have to leave their lunch boxes at the gate of the school and step out to fill their tummies during recess.

3. But due to huge demand, some restaurants had run out of food before lunch time ended.

4. She arranged shuttle buses and sent out water and lunch coupons to hundreds of volunteers working at the center.

5. With Erik and Carol, the five of us went out to a buffet lunch.

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