peaceful是什么意思 peaceful在线翻译 peaceful什么意思 peaceful的意思 peaceful的翻译 peaceful的解释 peaceful的发音 peaceful的同义词

peaceful [ˈpi:sfl]  [ˈpisfəl] 

peaceful 基本解释

形容词和平的; 平静的; 安静的; 爱好和平的


peaceful 同义词

peaceful 反义词


peaceful 相关例句


1. It's peaceful at home when the children are at school.

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2. The hillsides looked very peaceful.

peaceful 网络解释

1. 和平:它是一个巅峰,至今没有游戏可以超越............本集游戏,玩家可以按照游戏所划分的6个等级来进行,依序是奴役(Slaver),宗教(Religious),好战(Militant),侵略(Aggressive),和平(Peaceful)和愉悦(Agreeable).

2. peaceful在线翻译

2. 平和:宽容意味着你不把你的价值观(values)强加在平和(peaceful)、诚实的人民的身上. 然而在今天,其他政府(模式)在正给我们带来不安全(insecurity), 冲突(conflict)和贫穷(poverty). 让我们复兴(revitalize)我们自治的遗产以创造一个双赢的、大家都朝前进(comes out ahead)世界吧!

3. 和:普通法为解决这一冲突已建立了如下规则:控方 德品质和是非评价.这一点我们也可以从以下常用来描述品格的词 不可提出被告的不良品格证据,除非这些证据有足够程度的证明价 汇感受到:诚实(honest),欺诈(dishonest),温和(peaceful),有暴力值,使采纳它成为正当,

peaceful 双语例句

1. Quictness is not motionless or closed, it is unconventional and peaceful---thats why it forms kind of perfection regardless of modifications.

2. The conclusions from this study were as the following:(1) The civilized mentality among teenagers was a multi-dimension structure, including kindness to fellowmen, courageously righteousness, etiquette, intelligence, keeping promise, peaceful relations, filial piety, industry and thrift, mutual aid and friendly affection and ecosystem consciousness, (2) The questionnaire of civilized mentality for Chinese teenagers had a good reliability and validity.

3. peaceful在线翻译

3. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

4. It`s language is broad and vague, but it criminalizes First Amendment activities that advocate for animal rights like peaceful protests, leafleting, undercover investigations, whistleblowing and boycotts.
    它的语言是模糊笼统的,但刑事犯罪活动的第一项修正案主张动物权利一样,和平示威,leafleting ,卧底调查后,揭发和抵制。

5. peaceful

5. What you may do to prepare now, to ensure that your place in this process is all that it might be, is to continue to diligently place yourself into the Love of your own Higher Self/Soul Essence, each day, in a process of meditation, or sitting in a peaceful place of contemplation bringing deep relaxation to your physical body, and placing yourself into a state of Peaceful awareness.

6. What you may do toprepare now, to ensure that your place in this process is all thatit might be, is to continue to diligently place yourself into theLove of your own Higher Self/Soul Essence, each day, in a processof meditation, or sitting in a peaceful place of contemplation –bringing deep relaxation to your physical body, and placingyourself into a state of Peaceful awareness.

7. peaceful在线翻译

7. Let me close by saying the rapid peaceful economic development of Asia really is a miracle.

8. Taurus is a huge man, but seems to have a basically peaceful nature.

9. Basically, parrots need real training, otherwise, you will one day find out, it becomes an undesirable annoying character stealing away every bit of your peaceful, chaos-free moments.

10. A flash of light lashed out at Yi Hong, but before it could come within one meter of her, it unexpectedly bumped into a beam of peaceful light.

11. Consequentially, conflict and quarrel reduce and it is possible to be in the stable, tranquil and peaceful mind.

12. Consequentially, conflict and quarrel reduce and it is possible to be in the sound, tranquil and peaceful mind.

13. However, if a grave turn of events occurs leading to the separation of Taiwan from China in any name, or if Taiwan is invaded and occupied by foreign countries, or if the Taiwan authorities refuse, sine die, the peaceful settlement of cross-Straits reunification through negotiations, then the Chinese government will only be forced to adopt all drastic measures possible, including the use of force, to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and fulfill the great cause of reunification.

14. Wen-Zhengming was concerned about society, and his cteation pursued peaceful style.

15. This is probably the most quiet and peaceful island you can find in the Mediterranean sea.

16. The General Assembly finally adopted the ying urged immediate negotiations and peaceful resolution to solve the problem.

17. I have always enjoyed visiting this mansion, because I love the peaceful atmosphere of the walkways and the ancient history inside the room.

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18. According to the law, the legal moneylender should obtain proper advertising permit, be governed by the law and be answerable to it, instead of splashing all housing area with their advertisement banner, name card and leaflet, which turn our peaceful neighborhoods into a Loan Shark Villa.

19. peaceful

19. A peaceful future is possible only with two states, not just the one.

20. By one peaceful condition choice life, is I makes each kind of posture under the sunlight the fate.....

peaceful 词典解释

1. 和平的;不诉诸战争的
    Peaceful activities and situations do not involve war.


    e.g. He has attempted to find a peaceful solution to the Ossetian conflict...
    e.g. They emphasised that their equipment was for peaceful and not military purposes.

The US military expects the matter to be resolved peacefully.

2. 和平的;非暴力的;未引起骚乱的
    Peaceful occasions happen without violence or serious disorder.

    e.g. The farmers staged a noisy but peaceful protest outside the headquarters of the organization...
    e.g. Despite the violence that preceded the elections, reports say that polling was orderly and peaceful.

Ten thousand people are reported to have taken part in the protest which passed off peacefully.

3. 平和的;爱好和平的
    Peaceful people are not violent and try to avoid quarrelling or fighting with other people.

    e.g. ...warriors who killed or enslaved the peaceful farmers.

They've been living and working peacefully with members of various ethnic groups.

4. 宁静的;平静的;无人打扰的
    A peaceful place or time is quiet, calm, and free from disturbance.


    e.g. ...a peaceful Georgian house in the heart of Dorset...
    e.g. Mornings are usually quiet and peaceful in Hueytown.

Except for traffic noise the night passed peacefully.

5. 安详的;平和的;平静的
    Someone who feels or looks peaceful feels or looks calm and free from worry.

    e.g. I feel relaxed and peaceful...
    e.g. The animals look peaceful and happy.

Would she wake to find Gaston sleeping peacefully at her side?

peaceful 单语例句

1. Their existence poses a serous threat to peaceful life and disrupts normal business operations.

2. When China and Japan signed the Treaty of Peace and Friendship in 1978, they resolved to settle all their disputes by peaceful means.

3. Since the row over Huangyan Island between China and the Philippines in April, the South China Sea has by and large remained peaceful and calm.

4. China's road of peaceful development is by no means an expedient choice.

5. If the problem cannot be solved by peaceful means, then it must be solved by force.

6. We have consistently called for settling international disputes by peaceful means and opposed the use of force.

7. " The protests were by no means peaceful, " Gleason said.

8. Beijing proposes to settle the Taiwan issue by peaceful means but does not rule out the use of force.

9. The peaceful atmosphere is then broken as the crowd is suddenly taken by surprise with loud fireworks and striking drums.

10. Zelaya has called for supporters to stage peaceful protests in Honduras, and thousands answered the call on Monday.

peaceful 英英释义


1. not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war

    e.g. a peaceful nation
           peaceful times
           a far from peaceful Christmas
           peaceful sleep

    Synonym: peaceable

2. peacefully resistant in response to injustice

    e.g. passive resistance

    Synonym: passive

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