personal是什么意思 personal在线翻译 personal什么意思 personal的意思 personal的翻译 personal的解释 personal的发音 personal的同义词

personal [ˈpɜ:sənl]  [ˈpɜ:rsənl] 


personal 基本解释

形容词个人的,私人的; 身体的; 亲自的; 人身攻击的

名词(报刊上的)人事栏,分类人事广告版; 人称代名词; 关于个人的简讯

personal 相关例句


1. personal的翻译

1. Our parents teach us personal tidiness.

2. Don't be too personal.

3. personal

3. It's all a matter of personal taste.

4. The plan was drawn up under the chief engineer's personal guidance.

5. Frank is always making personal remarks about his cousin.

personal 情景对话



A:I’d like to apply for a personal loan.

B:How much would you like to borrow?

A:A thousand dollars.
      1000 美元。


B:Let me check with our credit manager (later)

A:Our record shows that your credit rating is quite high. I don’t think you’ll have any problems.

B:What’s the current interest rate?

A:Our monthly interest is 1.5% of the outstanding balance. Would you please fill out this application form?



A:Welcome to China. May I have a look at your customs declaration?


B:Yes. Here you are.

A:You go ahead with the formalities. I'll see to the heavy luggage.


B:That's great. I'll come back right after the formalities.

A:What type of visa have you got?

B:I have a tourist visa.

A:Would you mind opening your suitcase?


B:Not at all. Check it, please.

A:Would you please make a record of all your foreign currencies?


B:OK. I'll do as you say.

A:Have you filled in the baggage declaration?

B:No. I really don't know how to go about it.

A:Do you have anything to declare for customs?


B:No. I have nothing to declare.

A:How long are you going to stay here?

B:About one month. I'm just sightseeing.


A:Have you anything dutiable?


B:No, these are only personal effects.Is that all for customs formalities?

A:Yes, you are through with it. I hope you will enjoy your stay in China.


A:This will be your office here.

B:A corner office? Really? Wow, this is great!

A:We try to give everyone in the upper management team a nice office. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in here.

B:I suppose so. It’s great.


A:On Monday, we’ll give you the keys to the company car. You can use it for personal use, but make sure to keep track of the gas you use. We’ll reimburse you for the upkeep and the gas you use for business.


B:Is there a coffee machine around here?

A:Yes, we have a coffee machine and some other beverages in the break room.

B:Where’s that again?


A:It’s just down the hall, the fourth door on your right.

B:Got it.

A:You can always call me if you need anything and I will get it for you. That’s one of my duties as your personal assistant.

personal 网络解释

1. 私人的:就像斯坦福大学在高科技行业的名气一样. Jim这么说,真让我意外. Jim解释说,品判葡萄酒的好坏是一件非常主观和私人的(personal)的事. 你觉得不好的酒,可能别人会觉得很好. 所以,你喜欢的就是好的. 如此简单.

2. 个性化:用一个正确的心态去分析判断,用心做事才是您获得成功的根本之道,激情(Passion)、人(People)、个性化(Personal)和产品(Product). 埃尔咖啡是靠平凡琐事而以小搏大的,尊重顾客相信员工、围绕产品塑造激情,赢得诚实的利润,

personal 词典解释

1. 个人的;私人的
    A personal opinion, quality, or thing belongs or relates to one particular person rather than to other people.

    e.g. He learned this lesson the hard way — from his own personal experience...
    e.g. That's my personal opinion.

2. 亲自的;本人的
    If you give something your personal care or attention, you deal with it yourself rather than letting someone else deal with it.

    e.g. ...a business that requires a great deal of personal contact.
    e.g. ...a personal letter from the President's secretary...

3. (感情、关系、健康方面)个人的,人际的,自己的
    Personal matters relate to your feelings, relationships, and health.

    e.g. ...teaching young people about marriage and personal relationships...
    e.g. You never allow personal problems to affect your performance...

4. 针对个人的;人身攻击的
    Personal comments refer to someone's appearance or character in an offensive way.


    e.g. Newspapers resorted to personal abuse...
    e.g. Myra was attacking something I'd written, and her attack got a little personal.

5. 外貌的;身体的
    Personal care involves looking after your body and appearance.

    e.g. ...men who take as much trouble over personal hygiene as women.

6. 私人的;非业务关系的
    A personal relationship is one that is not connected with your job or public life.


    e.g. He was a personal friend whom I've known for many many years...
    e.g. What began as a professional relationship became a personal one pretty quickly, despite us coming from very different backgrounds.

7. see also: personals

personal 英英释义


1. a short newspaper article about a particular person or group



1. particular to a given individual

2. concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality

    e.g. a personal favor
           for your personal use
           personal papers
           I have something personal to tell you
           a personal God
           he has his personal bank account and she has hers

3. intimately concerning a person's body or physical being

    e.g. personal hygiene

4. indicating grammatical person

    e.g. personal verb endings

5. of or arising from personality

    e.g. personal magnetism

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