pile number是什么意思 pile number在线翻译 pile number什么意思 pile number的意思 pile number的翻译 pile number的解释 pile number的发音

pile number

pile number 双语例句

1. Buddha found that the day is cloudy, Master Miao-sheng thought, if this is the Manjusri sensitivity of living creatures will be fine, I would like immediately after the fine; two lay at that time to take mushrooms, holding back a pile of mushrooms, read Master Miao-sheng said, smoothing the top of mushrooms like a monk's head, the future after the construction of this temple monks have become the first batch of 33, and the number of mushrooms, theyshu liao shu, the hands of three 12 out of a mushroom on the ground, just 32; day a bird flew overhead from the Buddha in Taiwan total of five times between the two pine trees, there are other Baorui with the emergence of the evening they have been five point back to Temple.

2. A Chinese betting game in which the players lay wagers on the number of counters that will remain when a hidden pile of them has been divided by four.

3. pile number的意思

3. On each turn, a player removes from the pile any number of tokens between one token and the entire pile.

4. pile number是什么意思

4. Firstly, through collecting large number of information of CFG pile composite foundation with long tube pump pressure, this paper summed up its construction technolog.

5. A position in this game consists of a number of piles of tokens of various sizes, and a move consists of taking one pile and splitting it into two unequal piles.

6. pile number的解释

6. Finally, the effect of the intrinsic permeability of the intrinsic permeability of saturated soil, number of piles and pile spacings on the screening of elastic waves was investigated and compared with that under elastic conditions.

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7. The effectiveness of the analytical modeling was confirmed through core drilling on the total number of 16 piles of abutments. It is concluded that the analytical approach can explain the real causes of pile breaking, and it is feasible to compute and design the abutment pile foundation on soft ground.

8. The number of individual piles of the pile group foundation is from 16 to 50, and their diameter is 1.5m and the size of cap is 18.1mX 37.6mX 5m.

9. Such products in the shop, also a considerable number, such as the Shaolin Temple handmade postcards, Tiesha Zhang Candlestick, the Shaolin martial arts watches, air-tread puppetry, Plum pile-such as CD.

10. Soon found a pile of problems have prompted Terminator AV, 8749, destroyed about 10 safe mode and so on a number of anomalies.

11. In the second prat of this thesis, a three dimensional nonlinear unmericmodel of the coupled finite element-infinite element-contact interface element isestablished. A three dimensional program, APLLP, based on this model, is used toanalyze the main parameters: f_m, g_m, s_f, used to account for group reduction effectsunder the influence of pile spacing, pile diameter, the number of row, positionof every row and the property of soils. At the same time, the practical values of f_m, g_m, s_f are also recommended for design of laterally loaded pile.
      第二部分,本文建立了一种三维有限元—无限元—接触面单元的非线性耦合数值模型,编制相应有限元程序APLLP(Analysis Program For laterally loaded pile),详细分析了影响极限抗力折减系数f_m、地基反力模量折减系数g_m和荷载分配系数S_f的主要因素,如桩间距D、桩径d、群桩排数、各排桩在群桩中的位置、土的性质等等,给出了用于实际工程计算的各排桩折减系数f_m、g_m和荷载分配S_f的设计参考值,并且从宏观角度和微观角度分析了侧向受荷单桩、群桩与土体的相互作用的全过程。

12. According to the Windrow method material is deposited from a number of positions across the full width of the pile.

13. Table has a pile of apples, this pile of people and Apple does not care how many, but about their own share of the number of hands.

14. BBased on length and parameter of the pile, calculated the cross-sectional area, number the steel etc.

15. The simulated result indicates a few number of full energy deposition pulse shapes are similar to rising-edge pile-up pulse shapes.

16. pile number的近义词

16. The calculating formulae were derived according to random field theory and variance propagation law for the variability of the empirical formula itself and the empirical formula considering the self-correlation of the number of DPTs, with the statistical parameter of pile end diameter given.

17. The principle of cross-hole sonic logging measuring concrete integrity is presented. And the foundation pile integrity detection of the Chongyang Bridge with cross-hole sonic logging is introduced. The number of access tubes which is needed for cross-hole sonic logging and the criterion for pile integrity evaluation are discussed.

18. Each pile will contain some number of stories, the estimates for which add up to no more than the estimated velocity.

19. Election can only be provided for each of the 2 adjacent heap of stones into a pile of new, a pile of stones and a number of new entry points for the merger.
      规定每次只能选相邻的2 堆石子合并成新的一堆,并将新的一堆石子数记为该次合并的得分。

20. pile number的翻译

20. A Nim pile consists of a certain number of tokens.

pile number 单语例句

1. Wisdom said he also witnessed an incident where a number of Iraqis were thrown into a pile.

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