possess是什么意思 possess在线翻译 possess什么意思 possess的意思 possess的翻译 possess的解释 possess的发音 possess的同义词 possess的反义词

possess [pəˈzes]  [pəˈzɛs] 


possess 基本解释

及物动词拥有; 掌握,懂得; 主宰; 缠住,迷住


possess 相关词组

1. possess oneself of : 取得, 获得, 把...占为己有;

possess 相关例句


1. She was possessed by the desire to be rich.

2. The country possesses rich mineral deposits.

3. One main idea possessed her; she must get away from home.

4. He was almost possessed by a devil.

5. possess

5. He possesses two cars.

possess 情景对话


B:What is your strongest trait?

A:Helpfulness and caring./Adaptability and sense of humor./Cheerfulness and friendliness.

B:How would your friends or colleagues describe you?

A:They say Mr. Chen is an honest, hardworking and responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends./They say Mr. Chen is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determined person.

B:What personality traits do you admire?

A:(I admire a person who is)honest, flexible and easy-going./(I like) people who possess the "can do" spirit.

possess 网络解释

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. 占有:当有人经过时施展占有(Possess)技能附身在军人身上,亦可在经过办公室时施展人体火把技能解放维萨凯杰克. 解决掉牧师和解放维萨凯杰克後,只要将所有鬼魂放出去把军人全赶跑即可完成任务. 本关首选是镜灵(崔西亚、玫瑰夫人)或恶作剧妖精(哈里特、维萨凯杰克),

possess 双语例句

1. Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclin ed to possess high levels of self-confidence.

2. Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclin ed to possess high levels of self-confidenc e.

3. possess的解释

3. As such, I possess a deep understanding and comprehension of the requisites of leadership characteristics and style of the high ranking leaders within the training organization.

4. I sensed that you did not possess the proper spirit for the noble art of Divination.

5. possess

5. However, I will let her possess an exquisite diamond ring, a pair of eardrop, and a necklace, so as to indicate her nobleness as a lady.

6. We possess state-of-the-art injection molding machines, which has helped us become one of the leading plastic mould manufacturers.

7. Through in-depth field research, this study has chosen as its main focus Taiwan`s foremost ornamental leisure garden, the Lin Family Gardens. These gardens are a classic example of Min Nan style architecture: designed with the Chinese philosophical feel of `mountains and waters`, they possess a rich cultural and historical significance.

8. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

8. Possess surpassing beauty; a woman of great beauty; celestial beauty

9. Do you think to men, you possess attractiveness?

10. possess的翻译

10. On the duties and privileges of the Imamate we possess at present no information.

11. The previous research found that the DEP domain of Dvl alone may interact with an upstream partner, subsequently the interaction blocks the activity of upstream signalling of Dvl, while a KM mutant (Lys434 mutated to Met) of Dvl does not possess this function.

12. possess

12. Origanum majorana L. has been known to possess medicinal effects and exhibit antioxidative properties.

13. Based on experiences from design, spot construction, test run, and acceptance examination, a cost-effective, practical project which run steadily and possess dependable technology was proposed to help the technicians and managers in the field of ramie industry and related fields.

14. possess的反义词

14. So this a dissertation that be expect permeate to Chen Huo Chuan since translate〈Road〉Zhi content, Does detail decipher analyze with inquire into, Again cooperates with author to should a novel recollect create annotation explanation, Attempts come restore author create this a novel's real intention, And by means of thinks this possess emperor people literature controversy work do a history orientation.

15. 911查询·英语单词

15. It`s the wealth of experience and know-how we possess from best practices, world-class professionals and our innovative

16. This paper analyzes the controlling factors:(1) The fault occurrence in different eras have different effects on the oil and gas accumulation; (2) Unconformity surfaces are usually major hydrocarbon migration channels and the belts of hydrocarbon accumulation; (3) The Triassic fan delta faceis and the alluvial fan facies are favorable reservoir blocks in this region; and (4) The Triassic oil reservoirs in the Wuerhe|Xiazijie area possess multiple reservoir|seal assemblages, and the Karamay Formation and the Baijiantan Formation are major regional cap rocks.

17. Finally, combine it in double axles orient the electromechanical system of the stage and test the whole organization and performance of orientation, such as orienting test, speed of stage, step displacement. It makes it resist the disturbance to adjust the system parameter in order to possess the abilities of precision, stability and fast positioning.

18. possess的近义词

18. I do know that I should not possess whatever I want...

19. If you are healthy you possess...

20. The organic liquids used in quantity in this experiment: dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethoxyethane, cyclopentadiene, and dicyclopentadiene are volatile and possess noxious vapors. Avoid inhalation.

possess 词典解释

1. 占有;拥有
    If you possess something, you have it or own it.


    e.g. He was then arrested and charged with possessing an offensive weapon...
    e.g. He is said to possess a fortune of more than two-and-a-half-thousand million dollars.

2. 具备,具有(特定品质、才能等)
    If someone or something possesses a particular quality, ability, or feature, they have it.

    e.g. ...individuals who are deemed to possess the qualities of sense, loyalty and discretion...
    e.g. This figure has long been held to possess miraculous power.

3. (情感或信仰)影响,控制
    If a feeling or belief possesses you, it strongly influences your thinking or behaviour.

    e.g. Absolute terror possessed her...
    e.g. Tsvetayeva was possessed by a frenzied urge to get out of Moscow.

4. see also: possessed

5. (表示惊讶)是什么驱使…(干…),是什么促使…(做…)
    If you ask what possessed someone to do something, you are emphasizing your great surprise that they have done something which you consider foolish or dangerous.


    e.g. What on earth had possessed her to agree to marry him?

possess 单语例句

1. They are the ones who possess so much street smarts that they are then processed into theories by business school professors.

2. He may have had the chutzpah, but he did not possess the skill.

3. Devils lurk everywhere in summer and you never know when they will possess some stranger to erupt in violence or spontaneously combust.

4. The words " Beijing 2008 " also resemble vivid shapes of Chinese characters in handwriting, voicing in concise strokes the countless feelings Chinese people possess towards the Olympics.

5. Monsieur Chirac has indeed been an avid admirer of Asia and Asian culture and civilization, and is said to possess great knowledge of the region.

6. The connotation is that individuals can legally possess major economic resources such as machinery and workshops.

7. Admittedly, most farmers in China only possess a small plot of land with a limited output.

8. She also began to recruit volunteers on conditions that they have a happy family life, enjoy a fairly good income and also possess psychological consultant qualifications.

9. The survey covered entrepreneurs in 61 cities, basically those who possess enterprises valued over tens of millions.

10. CSU will continue to possess the ownership of these transferred intellectual property rights.

possess 英英释义



1. have ownership or possession of

    e.g. He owns three houses in Florida
           How many cars does she have?

    Synonym: ownhave

2. have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill

    e.g. he possesses great knowledge about the Middle East

3. enter into and control, as of emotions or ideas

    e.g. What possessed you to buy this house?
           A terrible rage possessed her

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