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product frame

product frame 双语例句

1. product frame的近义词

1. To have studied and explored the theory and methodology of Product Data Management in CE environment, brought forward the Multi-levels architecture by using PDM as a sub-domain of CEIF of enterprises, set a fundamental for implementing IF in the enterprises of our country.

2. product frame

2. The current status of new product development management system in FERODO is evaluated, with the benchmark evaluation frame developed by writer, and the gap between current status and benchmark is identified, as well as the action for closing the gap is proposed accordingly.

3. product frame的解释

3. Foshan Partner wheelchair Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, dedicated to all types of wheelchairs, commode, walking frame, stick, elbowcrutch, crutch, clinical compressor and so on production and sales. plans to undertake to set and make products. our enterprise is strong in technical skill, the professional integrity of the production equipment, sincere service, good quality and reasonable price, won the majority of customer support. product has reached Europe and the U. S.

4. product frame的近义词

4. Exception: An overhead product intended to be suitable for use with a cardboard color gel frame secured by adhesive tape, or another accessory with an equally low risk of injury when the accessory falls, is not required to be provided with means for mounting or support of the accessory.

5. Main product:The Roll-Forming M/C for bolting corrugated sheet, boltless corrugated sheet, C-section/Z-section purlin, Roof Sheet special for Latticed Frame, Floor Decking Sheet, Roll Shutter Sheet, Binding Angle Sheet, Tile-Roof Sheet, Large-Span Roof Sheet, etc.

6. product frame什么意思

6. A frame to construct a blending surface among quadrics with the algebraic tensor-product B-spline surfaces was presented. A C^1 continuous algebraic spline surface was obtained that very smoothly joined the given quadrics.

7. product frame的近义词

7. The frame of configuration design for the product lifecycle is put forward at last.

8. Based on the study of module family and module family model, the product's configuration process and frame, which are based on the module family.

9. product frame

9. The product can not only greatly improve the taste of rice balls, an increase of glutinous rice balls, and tough skin to prevent rice balls sold in the freezing process and the process of cracking, but also significantly improve kneading dough, shaping effect, not sticky, does not fall frame to increase the surface brightness.

10. The company has a wealth of production experience and technical ability, excellent production equipment and testing apparatus, equipped with advanced production technology, according to the customers like to picture any one cell phone, MP4, GPS, digital cameras, digital photo frame, etc. Product configuration corresponding chargers and related accessories.

11. The infected cells were collected at different time post-infection and analyzed by SDS-PAGE and Western blot. The results showed that the open reading frame of ChIL-15 cDNA encompassed 564 base pairs and encoded a protein of 187 amino acids with three potential N-linked glycosylation sites, four conserved cysteine residues, two out-of-frame ATG initiation codons in the 5 untranslated region, and a signal peptide consisting of 66 amino acids. When it was compared with the published sequence of ChIL-15 cDNA, 7 mutant sites were found, and 5 amino acids were changed in predicted amino acids, which indicated that ChIL-15 may be polymorphic. The rChIL-15 was expressed in E. coli and was approximately 18kDa in size, which accounted for 30% of total protein. The purified rChIL-15 and rChIL-15 polyclonal antibody was obtained. Expression of rChIL-15 in rBac-ChIL-15 infected Sf9 cells was detected by SDS-PAGE and Western blot, the expressed product had a molecular weight of approximately 22kDa and the expression level of the recombinant protein was up to 25% of total cell protein.
      与已发表的ChIL-15基因序列相比,该序列编码区第365、397、407、457、474、556、557位的核苷酸发生了变化,分别由A、C、G、G、A、G、C依次变成了G、T、T、T、G、A、T,推导的氨基酸序列在第122、133、136、153和186位发生了改变,分别由原来的天冬氨酸、精氨酸、色氨酸、丙氨酸、丙氨酸依次变成了甘氨酸、色氨酸、亮氨酸、丝氨酸和异亮氨酸,其中第474位碱基的变化是同义突变,这表明ChIL-15可能存在多态性;rChIL-15融合蛋白在大肠杆菌中得到了成功表达,其分子量约为18 kDa,扫描分析含量在30%左右,用离子亲和树脂对rChIL-15进行了有效的纯化,并成功制备出了豚鼠抗rChIL-15多克隆抗体;重组杆状病毒rBac-ChIL-15感染Sf9细胞后24小时已表达rChIL-15蛋白,96小时表达量达到高峰,其分子量约为22 kDa,占细胞总蛋白的25%,在Western blot实验中,该重组蛋白可被豚鼠抗原核rChIL-15多克隆抗体识别。

12. Autolnobile parking structure of some company always produces great impact andlarge yawp. This paper brings forward mechanical innovation product frame modelbased on axiomatic design, and uses it in parking structure design.

13. One of, reduce price of domain name product, it is with. cn domain name exemple, by 100 yuan of original / year adjust for 35 yuan of / year; Secondly, give crash website, after the client buys. cn domain name and debutting, the intranet that can get including frame column construction stands; Give a company thirdly certificate of 100 yuan of consumption, use at purchasing the product of 10 thousand nets of Chinese and service.

14. product frame的反义词

14. In accordance with characteristics of each step in design process, on the foundation of analyzing product green design information requirements, a green product abstract depiction method based on inheritance was put forward, a green design product information model frame based on inheritance relationship under MC mode was built up, and green product design process supported by the information model was researched.

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15. Objective: To construct the prokaryotic expression vector of the human alcohol dehydrogenase, get the prokaryotic product in vivo, and detect its enzymic property. Methods: The sequence of open reading frame of human ADH was cloned by RT-PCR from human liver RNA.
      作者:钱晓伟,潘丹岷,谭湘陵目的:构建人乙醇脱氢酶(alcohol dehydrogenase,ADH)原核表达载体,在表达菌BL21中进行体外原核表达并测定ADH蛋白的酶学性质。

16. Division I is a professional manufacturer of aluminum products manufacturers, including trolleys, warehouse trucks, flatbed, tools, cars, aluminum tubes, aluminum frame, aluminum radiator and so on, by virtue of its superior quality and reasonable price, the product has been far sales at home and abroad more than 100 countries and regions, we can accept special orders for customers to confirm the samples to develop new molds, all to customers as the starting point, do a good job in our work, welcome to visit at any time Hanjing!

17. product frame的反义词

17. Steel by degreasing chemicals, rust, phosphate, and then carry out electrostatic spraying, high-temperature baking, after the transfer has anatural wood grain-like; facade realistic, colorful, feel smooth, delicate, product durability; ☆high hardness, good gloss, non-deformation, anti-aging, is ahigh-end luxury products; ☆decay, moisture, anti-fouling, heat, cracking, strong non-distortion, sound insulation effect is good, is durable products; ☆non-toxic, tasteless, non-formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmental health, an excellent green products; ☆perfect combination of the frame and the doors, easy installation, saving time, the provincial workers, material saving, saving money, is acost-effective products.

18. We have more than 300 employees, owns a forestry center of 5, 000 mu and a production base of 17, 000 square meters. Our product series contain Bath Suit, Wooden Cosmetic, Picture Frame and other wooden items.

19. product frame的反义词

19. Our company selects high-quality raw material and engaged in the manufacturing of varies kinds of assembling adjustable goods type, such as light duty shelf, middle duty shelf, sub-heacy duty shelf, multi-tier racking, cantilever racking, mould racking, pallet racking, drive-in eacking, display shelf for product display hall and exhibition, steel pallet, plastic pallet, working accessories, dispatch trolley, trolley, hydraulic pallet truck, tool cabinet, foldable mesh container, steel bin container, work bench, roll box trolley, stacking frame, hanger rack.

20. The article is in the frame of model of Logit of nest of a three administrative levels, consumer buy a process to assume to be in above all card of home made product is mixed between foreign brand, it is next between big, medium, small freezer, undertake choosing between different brand finally.
      本文在一个三层次嵌套 Logit 模型的框架中,将消费者的购买过程假定为首先在国产品牌和外国品牌之间,然后在大、中、小冰箱之间,最后在不同的品牌之间进行选择。

product frame 单语例句

1. The polystyrene picture and mirror frame maker will also expand its product portfolio to fuel its growth.

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