reading是什么意思 reading在线翻译 reading什么意思 reading的意思 reading的翻译 reading的解释 reading的发音 reading的同义词 reading的反义词

reading [ˈri:dɪŋ]  ['ri:dɪŋ] 


reading 基本解释

名词阅读; 读数; 宣读; 读物

动词读( read的现在分词); 看懂; 理解; 显示,标明

reading 相关例句


1. Reading makes a full man.

2. What is her reading of the facts?

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3. He is a man of wide reading.

4. reading的解释

4. I enjoy music and reading.

5. These books make good reading.

reading 情景对话


A:What do you do in your spare time?

B:I like to play golf and badminton.

A:What do you usually do every evening?

B:I just like to sleep like a lazy cat.

A:What’s your favorite hobby?

B:My favorite sport is tennis.

A:Do you like to read books?

B:I enjoy reading so much that I always read in a quiet afternoon with a cup of good coffee.


A:By the way, would you like to see movies.


B:That’s OK.



A:Now that we’re about to own a house, I think we should get it covered.

B:Yes, I talked with an insurance saleswoman about it yesterday.

A:You did?


B:Sure. She said that once we finalize the sale, we just need to make an appointment with her.

A:How long will it take to get covered?


B:I believe the insurance policy will kick in immediately.


A:That’s great. Did you pick up any brochures.

B:Not yet.

A:Maybe we could start reading up on the different policies now. I heard that many of the homes that were damaged during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans weren’t covered.

B:You’re kidding! Did they have some home insurance or did home insurance just not cover floods?

A:Most of the policies didn’t cover floods.

B:I guess we should make sure to read the fine print very carefully. Shall we go there now?


A:Why not? I have nothing better to do.



A:How may I help you?

B:Well, I’m going to travel next month and would like to buy some travel insurance. Can I do that here?

A:Yes, you can. Where are you going?

B:I’m going to Thailand.

A:Will you participating in any extreme sports like bungee jumping or cliff diving?


B:I hope to. Why?

A:Not all of your policies cover accidents caused by these types of activities.

B:Oh, well, I would like something to cover that.
      哦, 那我想要一份涵盖此类事故的保单。

A:We have different packages depending on the amount of coverage you’d like. Have you looked over our brochure?


B:Not yet.

A:Why don’t you take a look? Make sure you read about all the conditions carefully.


A:You’ll also need to decide how long you’d like the travel insurance for. We have daily, monthly, and yearly policies.

B:I’ll just need it for one month.

A:When you’ve finished reading the brochures, you can fill out this form. If you have any questions at that time, come back and I’ll answer them for you.

B:Thanks for your help.

reading 网络解释

1. 雷丁大学:学院(Soas)萨里大学(Surrey) 伯明翰大学(Birmingham) 曼彻斯特大学(Manchester)卡迪夫大学(Cardiff) 阿尔斯特大学(Ulster) 威尔士班戈大学(Bangor)雷丁大学(Reading) 利物浦大学(Liverpool) 伦敦大学玛丽皇后学院(Queen Mary,

2. 瑞丁大学:11 瑞丁大学 (Reading) 学校及课程介绍 专业申请 奖学金申请 论坛 12 邓迪大学 (Dundee) 学校及课程介绍 专业申请 奖学金申请 论坛 13 萨外大学 (Surrey) 学校及课程介绍 专业申请 奖学金申请 论坛 14 伦敦亚是研讨学院 (SOAS) 学校及课程介绍 专业申请 奖学金申请 论坛 15 艾塞克斯大学 (Essex) 学校及课程介绍 专业申请

3. 正在读:当页框处于正在读(reading)状态时,表示文件系统正在读入文件数据,有些数据已经读入了内存,有些数据还存在于外存中,该页框暂时不能访问,也就是说,当页框处于正在读(reading)状态时,页框中的数据是不确定的,需要访问该页框的线程需要暂时睡眠,

reading 词典解释

1. 阅读;读书
    Reading is the activity of reading books.

    e.g. I have always loved reading.
    e.g. ...young people who find reading and writing difficult.

2. 读书会;朗诵会
    A reading is an event at which poetry or extracts from books are read to an audience.

    e.g. This year's event consisted of readings, lectures and workshops.
    e.g. ...a poetry reading.

3. 理解方法;解读方法
    Your reading of a word, text, or situation is the way in which you understand or interpret it.


    e.g. My reading of her character makes me feel that she was too responsible a person to do those things...
    e.g. Local public housing authorities disagree with this reading of the law.

4. (测量仪器上的)读数,计量
    The reading on a measuring device is the figure or measurement that it shows.


    e.g. Once you have recorded the reading, shake the thermometer down to below 36 degrees...
    e.g. The gauge must be giving a faulty reading.

5. (英国议会或美国国会讨论一项新法案以获通过的三步立法程序之一)议案宣读
    In the British Parliament or the US Congress, a reading is one of the three stages of introducing and discussing a new bill before it can be passed as law.


    e.g. The bill is expected to pass its second reading with a comfortable majority.

6. 读起来感觉…
    If you say that a book or an article makes interesting reading or makes for interesting reading, you mean that it is interesting to read.

    e.g. The list of drinks, a dozen pages long, makes fascinating reading...
    e.g. The report, called 'Child Poverty and Deprivation in the UK', makes for depressing reading.

reading 英英释义


1. the act of measuring with meters or similar instruments

    e.g. he has a job meter reading for the gas company

    Synonym: meter reading

2. the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message

    e.g. his main reading was detective stories
           suggestions for further reading

3. a datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument

    e.g. he could not believe the meter reading
           the barometer gave clear indications of an approaching storm

    Synonym: meter readingindication

4. a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something

    Synonym: interpretationversion

5. written material intended to be read

    e.g. the teacher assigned new readings
           he bought some reading material at the airport

    Synonym: reading material

6. a particular interpretation or performance

    e.g. on that reading it was an insult
           he was famous for his reading of Mozart

7. a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance

    e.g. the program included songs and recitations of well-loved poems

    Synonym: recitationrecital

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