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reinforcing steel bar是什么意思 reinforcing steel bar在线翻译 reinforcing steel bar什么意思 reinforcing steel bar的意思 reinforcing steel bar的翻译

reinforcing steel bar

reinforcing steel bar 双语例句

1. It aims at enabling students to master basic principles of the design of reinforcing steel bar and concrete, to master the structure design approaches for monolayer and multilayer structure houses of reinforcing steel bar and concrete, including calculation, construction, shop drawing, and to have basic ability to design reinforcing steel bar and concrete in industrial and civil construction.

2. My factory is located in the eastern suburbs of Jinan Mingshui search old industrial park, convenient geographical location as the pre-production and management are the main types of steel GT series of major construction machinery manufacturers, drew extensively on domestic and foreign advanced technology, production-based GT1-4 reinforcing bars Straightening Machine, GT4-8-type steel Straightening machine, GT4-14 steel cutting machine Straightening, LGT4-14 Straight threaded reinforcing bars and YGT4-14 steel hydraulic straightening machine, YLGT10-16 type hydraulic thread reinforcing bars Straight Cutting Machine, YLGT4-14 screw-type hydraulic steel cutter Straightening, 12-16 hydraulic steel extension units, cold-rolled ribbed steel bar molding machine, a horizontal steel wire drawing machine, hydraulic extension machine, double-steel wire drawing machine, bar bending machine hoop extension of hot-rolled steel three machines, bar drawing machine, reinforcement-up machine, steel I-round-up machine, steel bending machine, rolling machine tip.
    我厂位于济南东郊明水查旧工业园内,地理交通方便、位置优越、是主要生产经营GT系列各类钢筋建筑机械的专业厂家,广泛吸取国内外先进技术,生产 GT1-4型钢筋调直机,GT4-8型钢筋调直机,GT4-14钢筋调直切断机,LGT4-14螺纹钢筋调直机和液压YGT4-14钢筋校直机,YLGT10-16型的液压螺纹钢筋调直切断机,YLGT4-14型的液压螺纹钢筋调直切断机,12-16液压钢筋延伸机组,冷轧带肋钢筋成型机,卧式钢筋拔丝机,液压延伸机,双筒钢筋拔丝机,钢筋弯箍机热轧三级钢延伸机,钢筋拉伸机,钢筋收线机,工字轮钢筋收线机,钢筋弯曲机,轧尖机。

3. Consideration reinforcing steel bar is rustily the influence fighting force to concrete structure, according to our country active structure reliability designs a standard to design a principle, put forward a ferroconcrete to build the practical method that reliability of structural intended performance devises.

4. These absolute bond stresses do not necessarily equilibrate the bar force, and the formulation does not consider any effect of relative bar slip between the reinforcing steel and the surrounding concrete.

5. In each chapter this design, compare of scheme、formulate of dimension、divide frame、analysis dead load inner force and live load inner force with SAP90 programme、inner force combines、dispose of steel reinforcing bar、the checking computations of strength, stress checking computations etc. the construction of the bridge is simply explained, the union designed an intake workinteger for choosing scheme arranges the general view, inner force the computation the sack the general view, main girder the structure the general view, main girder goes together with the steel the general view, construction the diagram spreads to pack with floor deck and the rail arranges etc.

6. The use of high strength concrete in building constructions has many advantages, such as reducing sectional size of component evidently, alleviating the structure self weight and retrenchment the use of reinforcing steel bar, thus the economic benefit is distinct.

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7. By the study design, boring is used to planting steel bar along the perimeter for reinforcing piers.

8. danci.911cha.com

8. Its principle mainly lies in: the cement in the concrete is gelatinized material felt the fibers, these fiber similar to very small distributed reinforcing steel bar in function, consuming the energy of the concrete cracking, raising the concrete toughness, reducing the concrete segregation and bleeding, thus they control the expansion of the internal microscopic cracks of the cement, and raise the concrete crack resistance.

9. ABSTRACT In this dissertation, the dynamic process, the constitutive relation and the action between reinforcing steel bar and the concrete are systematically studied on the basis of the former research.

10. In this design, The checking calculation of strength of main girder was preceded not only in prestressed statement but also in using statement, deflection, precamber and the assessment of reinforcing steel bar were checked too.

11. The paper introduces extrusion joint technology for sleeve of ribbed reinforcing steel bar such as definition, application scope, main advantage, matters to be attended to in course of construction and some requirements on quality.

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12. Prestressing loss of CFRP, stress/strain distribution in flange, deformation and crack distribution were studied. The results indicated that: effective width coefficient of compression top flange increased by less than 8% due to concrete cracking, long-term loading, and ordinary tension reinforcement yielding; the test value of deflection at mid-span at 1001 day was 2.322.42 times of the initial deflection, plastic deformation at 20 days after unloading was 41% of 1001 day`s; the strain of tensile reinforcement had a 65% increase than that of its initial value, and residual strain after unloading was about zero; the strain of compressed reinforcing steel bar had a 225%268% increase than that of its initial value, and residual strain at 20 days after unloading was 53% of 1001 day`s; compression strain on top plate of the box girder under long-term load increased quickly in the early stage and became stable after 2 years, and it had a 164%224% increase than that of its initial value at 1001 day; the crack width increased as time increased under long-term load, then it became stable after more or less 2 years, and it was 1.592.69 times than that of its initial value at 1001 day; most of the cracks in the bottom plate of box girder developed from middle of bottom plate, and they were wider in the middle of the bottom plate than at the bottom ends of the webs; the strain distributed over the section depth of web agreed well with plane assumption. Based on the behaviors of concrete beams prestressed with external CFRP tendons, the comformable formulars for predicting crack width of concrete box/T girder prestressed with external CFRP tendons were proposed by modifying traditional formulas in design codes for predicting the crack with of ordinary prestressed concrete beams.(5) Based on Mindlin-Reissener theories of thick plate, the fundamental geometric nonlinearity equations for flat-shell element were set up with U. L formulas. A flat-shell element was composed with the lock-free element for thick/thin plates and the four-nodded arbitrary quadrilateral finite element with in-plane rotational degree of freedom.
      4通过配置体外CFRP预应力筋混凝土薄壁箱梁的短期均布荷载试验、长期持荷试验以及长期持荷后的破坏试验,研究了体外CFRP预应力筋的预应力损失、截面应力分布、变形性能及裂缝开展和分布,得到以下结论:混凝土开裂、长期持荷、体内非预应力受拉钢筋屈服等因素使翼缘有效宽度计算系数略有增加(小于8%);持续1001 d引起的CFRP筋预应力损失仅为1.47%,卸载后比卸载前仅减小1.27%;持荷1活动房001d时L/2跨的长期挠曲变形实测值为初始变形的2.322.42倍,卸载20d后不可恢复变形为1001d变形的41%;持荷1001d受拉钢筋应变较初始值增加约65%,卸载后基本无残余应变;持荷1001d受压钢筋应变较初始值增加225%268%,卸载并恢复20d后不可恢复应变为其1001d应变的53%;持续荷载作用顶板混凝土表面压应变前期发展较快,持荷2年左右基本上趋于稳定,持荷1001d压应变较初始值增加164%224%;持续荷载作用下初始裂缝宽度随时间增加而增大,持荷2年左右裂缝宽度与长度基本上趋于稳定,持荷1001d实测裂缝宽度为初始值的1.592.69倍,卸载并恢复20d后变为不可见裂缝;箱梁底板横向裂缝一般自底板中部开展,并且在各试验阶段底板裂缝宽度沿横向分布均呈现中间宽两端窄;各试验阶段箱梁截面腹板处应变沿高度分布基本符合平截面假定。

13. On the basis of test, analyse the reinforcement mechanism of structure of carbon fiber cloth reinforcing bar steel fiber concrete roof beam.

14. Use optimization method for the design of open caisson structures, then through this method, we can find the minimum cost of open caisson wall, the corresponding thickness and areas of the reinforcing steel bar.
      摘 要:将最优化设计思想应用于沉井结构设计,通过对沉井井壁作最优化分析,求解井壁造价最小值及其对应的井壁厚度及配筋,为量大面广的沉井结构设计提供参考。

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15. The factory is engage in the professional study, development and production for the welding net of cold rolling rib steel reinforcing bar, hot rolling whorl and the weiding net of the new level-3 steel.

16. Specific aim ground elaborated bedding face to accumulate the construction technology of structure of big gradient inclined roofing, content includes to undertake to scaffold concentrated to reinforcing steel bar problem adopts much way to coordinate deepening designing; solve; to use obligate level to irrigate the; of match plate system that builds groove, section to seal a model to consider to implement the technical measure that improves concrete construction performance and constituent measure.

17. Pontoon monocase is hybrid structure which consists of ferro cement, rolled steel and reinforcing steel bar. The exterior board uses composite, this is, steel wire gauze cement which has strong corrosion stability against sea water and through high frequency grouting new technology to make its form which has good integrity, strong barrier property, light deadweight, high strength, strong bearing capacity, good durability and other characters.

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18. Standard construction detail drawing gave out solid of anchor of join of covering layer of reinforcing steel bar, reinforcing steel bar, reinforcing steel bar, of all kinds component is noumenal join of tectonic, node is tectonic etc.

19. The system is making use of 8031 singlechip to control four processes of mutual welding of reinforcing steel bar.

20. To meet with modern production, the plant buildings are designed into concrete framework structure with reinforcing steel bar and 21m continuous-span. Each building is 42m wide.

reinforcing steel bar 单语例句

1. Anshan Steel in May agreed to build a reinforcing bar plant with Steel Development Co, making a first investment by a Chinese company in a US mill.

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