reward是什么意思 reward在线翻译 reward什么意思 reward的意思 reward的翻译 reward的解释 reward的发音 reward的同义词 reward的反义词 reward的例句

reward [rɪˈwɔ:d]  [rɪˈwɔ:rd] 


reward 基本解释

名词报酬; 报答; 赏金; 酬金

及物动词酬谢,奖赏; 报答,惩罚


reward 同义词

reward 反义词


reward 相关例句


1. reward是什么意思

1. His efforts were rewarded by success.

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2. He will sooner or later be rewarded for his wicked conduct.

3. reward

3. How can I reward your kindness?


1. A large reward is offered for the capture of the criminals.

2. reward的意思

2. It is unfair that he gets very little in reward for his hard work.

reward 网络解释

1. 奖励:这时管理的不仅仅是被管理的主体而且也评价了其工作上司教导下属的能力;绩效管理的目的在于提高企业/部门/小组和个人的绩效,完成企业最终设定目标,绩效考核的目的在于是区分(Discrimination)/奖励(Reward)/发展(Devel

2. 回报:E .舒尔茨提出了 4R 营销新理论,阐述了一个全新的营销四要素 4R :关联 (Relevancy) 反应 (Response) 关系 (Relationship 回报 (Reward) . 侧重于用更有效的方式在企业和客户之间建立起有别于传统的新型关系.

reward 双语例句

1. reward

1. Reward or punishment is meted out of human`s interference.

2. For they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.

3. reward的近义词

3. Jesus consoles them: you will be satisfied, and will laugh, and receive a great reward in heaven.

4. Do you therefore take courage, and let not your hands he weakened: for there shall be a reward for your work.

5. Even with 75 years of data, we can ` t estimate the market risk premium exactly; nor can we be sure that investors today are demanding the same reward for risk that they were 60 or 70 years ago.

6. reward的近义词

6. I am so happy. This statement is our best reward.

7. reward

7. Mr. Leifeng lived an austere life dedicated to doing good deeds without expecting any reward and succoring people from all walks of life, yet he was remembered as one of the most successful idol of our time.

8. reward的近义词

8. Mr. Leifeng lived an austere life dedicated to doing good deedswithout expecting any reward and succoring people from all walks oflife, yet he was remembered as one of the most successful idol ofour time.

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9. The moment she was to appear on the stage, she suddenly asked for more reward.

10. reward

10. People with big blessed-reward will not fall, even blown by the wind from all eight directions. I had a disciple keen on learning from Buddha.

11. For me this journey has been one of privilege and the reward will be in the sharing with you.

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12. It was high risk and high reward.

13. reward

13. But it is high risk, high reward.

14. reward

14. As in the past, it was both high risk and high reward.

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15. Hangzhou levels of government and government-run VC gold medal is just a reward for an important promoter.

16. The emperor also often of fruit-reward meritorious Minister, the Minister regard to the imperial court in a fruit of-life as a political glory of the honor.

17. The emperor also often of fruit-reward meritorious Minister the Minister regard to the imperial court in a fruit of-life as a political glory of the honor.

18. Needless to say, he damaged his brand and my opinion of him by requiring me to jump through hoops for a minuscule reward.

19. I think the reward CCTV masterminded is very good.

20. Treat your customers by the Golden Rule and they will reward you with much more gold.

reward 词典解释

1. 奖励;奖赏
    A reward is something that you are given, for example because you have behaved well, worked hard, or provided a service to the community.

    e.g. A bonus of up to 5 per cent can be added to a pupil's final exam marks as a reward for good spelling, punctuation and grammar...
    e.g. He was given the job as a reward for running a successful leadership bid.

2. 赏金;赏格
    A reward is a sum of money offered to anyone who can give information about lost or stolen property or about someone who is wanted by the police.

    e.g. The firm last night offered a £10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the killer.
           昨晚这家公司悬赏 1万英镑,寻找能将凶手定罪的证据。

3. 奖赏;奖励;酬谢
    If you do something and are rewarded with a particular benefit, you receive that benefit as a result of doing that thing.

    e.g. Make the extra effort to impress the buyer and you will be rewarded with a quicker sale.

4. 报答;回报;酬谢
    The rewards of something are the benefits that you receive as a result of doing or having that thing.

    e.g. The company is only just starting to reap the rewards of long-term investments...
    e.g. Potentially high financial rewards are attached to senior hospital posts.

5. 值得(付出时间或精力)
    If you say that something rewards your attention or effort, you mean that it is worth spending time or effort on it.

    e.g. The compression and density make this a difficult book to read, but it richly rewards the effort.

reward 单语例句

1. But for Liu's parents, the risk hasn't always been worth the reward.

2. His reward was to become the first in a decade to vanquish Phelps in a major international 200m butterfly final.

3. Lepper concluded that children who associate a reward with an activity are less intrinsically motivated to perform that activity.

4. The users can then get their monetary reward by scanning their metro card to the machine.

5. The United States had offered a $ 1 million reward for Quintero, who police say got his start in crime with the Norte del Valle cocaine cartel.

6. A man surnamed Xiong of Shenzhen was recently indicted for giving false information about a missing child in order to claim the cash reward.

7. Nine contestants could win several hundred yuan in cash and park tickets as reward.

8. A mass search for piranha fish in the Liujiang River has been called off, and the offer of a reward for catching one withdrawn by the local government.

9. It is formidable now but would reward cellaring for another half decade.

10. It tasted of strawberries and spice, and should reward further cellaring.

reward 英英释义


1. an act performed to strengthen approved behavior

    Synonym: reinforcement

2. benefit resulting from some event or action

    e.g. it turned out to my advantage
           reaping the rewards of generosity

    Synonym: advantage

3. the offer of money for helping to find a criminal or for returning lost property

4. a recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing

    e.g. the wages of sin is death
           virtue is its own reward

    Synonym: wagespayoff

5. payment made in return for a service rendered


1. strengthen and support with rewards

    e.g. Let's reinforce good behavior

    Synonym: reinforce

2. act or give recompense in recognition of someone's behavior or actions

    Synonym: repaypay back

3. bestow honor or rewards upon

    e.g. Today we honor our soldiers
           The scout was rewarded for courageous action

    Synonym: honorhonour

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