rickety是什么意思 rickety在线翻译 rickety什么意思 rickety的意思 rickety的翻译 rickety的解释 rickety的发音 rickety的同义词 rickety的反义词

rickety [ˈrɪkəti]  [ˈrɪkɪti] 

rickety 基本解释




rickety 相关例句


1. I was working at a rickety table.

rickety 网络解释

1. 驼背的:rickettsia 伤寒病原体 | rickety 驼背的 | rickey 混合饮料

2. 佝偻的驼背的:ramshackle摇摇欲坠a | rickety佝偻的驼背的 | rancid恶臭的a

3. 摇晃的:anxiety 焦虑,忧虑;渴望 | rickety 摇晃的 | thrifty 节俭的;兴旺的

4. 软骨病的:rickets 软骨病 | rickety 软骨病的 | rot 腐烂

rickety 双语例句

1. The chair is a bit rickety.

2. Suddenly, Mike's dad burst through the rickety screen door and onto the porch.

3. rickety是什么意思

3. Altman saw himself through Manyenga`s eyes: an old mzungu, attended by a skinny girl and a dwarf, a portrait of inaction, like a ruined chief on a rickety throne.

4. They should be able to hold your camera and lens without feeling rickety.

5. rickety

5. Continually watching the loaded vehicles moving out of Moscow from all directions, and balancing his bulky person carefully not to slip out of the rickety old chaise, Pierre had the happy sensation of a run-away schoolboy, as he chatted with his driver.

6. The rickety cage was designed to hold and transport a small number of prisoners over long distances.

7. A number of large wooden beams had fallen from the rickety ceiling and splintered all over the chipped stone floor.

8. A few trading routes do exist, usually in the form of rickety bridges and cliff-face trails b arely wide enough for one.

9. rickety的近义词

9. In the ensuing silent scuffle in the darkness of the but the plank table and the rickety bamboo bedstead were both overturned.

10. I do not know how long before, and once followed her mother clean the balcony when I was surprised to find that the Ryukyu cluster rickety blue, leaf center stand out even Qiu plate-like dark green of the inflorescence characteristics in Wolong, top of the chips in six torus, the above open with six glasses look like the yellow flowers, one on one than a high.

11. The existing conditions of the site: a former shooting range, shown as a garbage dump and drainage sink for urban stormwater, heavily polluted with saline–alkali soil, littered, deserted, and surrounded with slums and rickety temporary structures.

12. During this period, the West Germans made sacrifices in trying to help rebuild the rickety economy in the east. Unemployment in the west rose from 5.7% in 1991 to 8.4% in 2003, with the number of enterprises declaring bankruptcy jumping from 8443 to 29, 700 in the same period. The average annual burden placed on each wage-earning citizen of the west to help rebuild the east almost doubled from 3, 993 Euros in 1991 to 6, 796 Euros in 2003. This created a great burden on West German finance. Many West Germans, from all sectors, feel that reunification has become a bottomless pit, and say that the cost has been huge and there is no estimate of how much higher it will go.

13. Simply installing a barbed wire fence or a rickety wooden rail fence is just asking for trouble - Murphy`s Law definitely applies here!

14. rickety在线翻译

14. Was he a man who vacillated from crisis to crisis, buffeted by the ever-changing winds of global and regional politics but surviving against the odds by duplicitously playing off all sides against each other and taking bids from whoever seemed to have the highest cards at the time—Russians and Americans, Arabs and Jews, Baathists and monarchists—while seeking merely to stay on his rickety and often irrelevant throne?

15. danci.911cha.com

15. They were old and rickety things, rattling leisurely along at a snail`s pace.

16. The pair of legs that carried him were rickety, and there was a bias in his gait which inclined him somewhat to the left of a straight line.

17. He was scared to cross the rickety bridge.

18. Don't use that old cart, it's rickety.

19. rickety是什么意思

19. I was working at a rickety table.

20. Don`t use that old cart, it`s rickety.

rickety 词典解释

1. (结构、家具)摇摇晃晃的,摇摇欲坠的,不牢固的
    A rickety structure or piece of furniture is not very strong or well made, and seems likely to collapse or break.

    e.g. Mona climbed the rickety wooden stairway.

rickety 单语例句

1. Rickety hotels with poor plumbing and a lack of certainty in regard to normal amenities like hot water are becoming the norm these days.

2. The world's most wanted man watched newscasts of himself from a tiny television perched atop a rickety old desk cluttered with wires.

3. These tower houses look frail and rickety, but actually they are very strong.

4. They set sail in small and rickety boasts seeking for better life but unfortunately, many lost their lives in the sea before reaching the lands of dreams.

5. As soon as his stop arrives, he takes off his tie and walks to his rickety second hand motorbike parked nearby.

6. If you drive a rickety car, you cannot get into the fast lane.

7. Big banks posted ugly numbers and told investors they were still struggling with rickety balance sheets.

8. The agency's top spacewalk officer had compared it to painting a house from the top of a rickety ladder.

9. Malaysia has also caught dozens of people embarking on rickety and overcrowded boats to Australia.


rickety 英英释义


1. lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality

    e.g. a feeble old woman
           her body looked sapless

    Synonym: decrepitdebilefeebleinfirmsaplessweakweakly

2. inclined to shake as from weakness or defect

    e.g. a rickety table
           a wobbly chair with shaky legs
           the ladder felt a little wobbly
           the bridge still stands though one of the arches is wonky

    Synonym: shakywobblywonky

3. affected with, suffering from, or characteristic of rickets

    e.g. rickety limbs and joints
           a rachitic patient

    Synonym: rachitic

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