right hand是什么意思 right hand在线翻译 right hand什么意思 right hand的意思 right hand的翻译 right hand的解释 right hand的发音 right hand的同义词

right hand [rait hænd]  [raɪt hænd] 

right hand 基本解释


right hand 情景对话



A:I’m going to Beihai Park. Is this the right bus, please?

B:No, you’re going the wrong way. You want a 103 from Beijing Zoo.
      不,您弄错了。您得在动物园坐103 路车。

A:How can I get it,please?

B:You get off at the next stop, cross the street, and you’ll find the stop not far on your right hand side.


A:Could I have a transfer, please?

B:Here you are.

A:Thank you.


A:Do you think you could go over that new dance with me again? I missed the last class and don’t want to fall behind.

right hand在线翻译

B:Sure. Let’s start with a little stretch. Stand up straight, breathe in, and lift your hands over your head.

A:Like this?

right hand的解释

B:Yes. Now, breathe out and push your hands back down by your sides. Breathe in… and breathe out.Now, bend over and touch your toes. Hold it. Repeat…

A:I think I’m warmed up now.

B:To start then, walk sideways to your right three steps. Jump up. Turn around. Then, walk sideways to your right another three steps. Jump up and turn around. Got it?

A:Yes, but what are we supposed to do with our hands?

B:Keep them by your side. When we jump up, shake them in front of you.

right hand的翻译

A:That’s pretty easy. What’s next?

right hand在线翻译

B:We do that three times. Then, lift your left leg up to your right hand three times. Jump. Lift your right leg up to your left arm three times. Jump.


A:Is this right?

B:Yes, just make sure that you keep your back straight.

A:How many times do we repeat this?

B:Three times as well. Then we do the first set again.

A:Ok, I think I’ve got it. Thanks, Moira!

B:Not a problem.


A:Good morning, Mr. Smith. I brought the contract you are been looking for.Please go over the draft of the contract.

right hand在线翻译

B:OK. Sit down, please. What would you like, Chinese tea or coffee?

right hand

A:Thank you. I'd very much like to have a cup of Chinese tea.

B:Here you are.


B:Yes. I have one question about clause 8.Are these the terms that we agreed on?

A:OK. Let's have a look at it.

B:10 percent down and the balance at the time of shipment?That's what I mean.


A:Yes, I think that's what we stipulated.

right hand的翻译

B:I'll need a few minutes to check over my notes again.


B:Yes, it is right.

right hand

A:Good. Can we sign them right away?

B:Of course.S Hand me the pen.

A:Here you are.


B:Where shall I put my signature?

A:Here, on the last page.We'll sign two originals, each in the Chinese and English language.Both are equally effective.

B:OK. Is that all?


A:No. Will you also initial this change on page 2, please?

B:I'm glad our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion.


A:I hope this will lead to further business between us.


B:All we have to do now is shake hands.

A:OK, and go out and have a drink to congratulate ourselves.

right hand的翻译

B:That's a great idea.

right hand 网络解释

1. right hand在线翻译

1. 右手:配套的刹车手制必须是直拉(direct-pull)类型的,如Speed Dial Ultimate、Speed Dial Ti/7/5和AD3等. 该步可选,对于右手(right hand)形式走线,可以把夹环和螺丝装到右手边的刹车臂上.

2. 右旋:期间,我跟布洛克(Martin Block)住同一房间,他是个(left hand)或右旋(right hand)两种, 也可以用某拉姆西(Norman Ramsey)问我他应不应该做个实验,会议期间,我住在我位于西瑞桥斯(Syracuse)的妹子及渺粒子(muon)来说,我的推论预测跟李政道的一样,

3. right hand的翻译

3. 右手的:right-down 全然的 | right-hand 右手的 | right-handed screw 正螺旋

4. 得力助手:put one't hand in one's pocket慷慨解囊 | right hand得力助手 | sit on one's hand 按兵不动

right hand 双语例句

1. It's in the right-hand drawer, next to the bottle openers.

2. A round wall clock that has been rotated until it is hanging upside down will have a minute hand that points to the right when it is two forty-five.

3. Hey guys i'm bridget daly, here at the twilight premier in west way. this is madness(or magnets, i'm not sure). this people had been here since last night. it's crazy, before we get the scoop on the right card board, log on to hollyscoop. com, become an illustrator, and this could be use in the right hand of right card bin, let's go and get the scoop.
    嘿,你们好,我是bridget daly,这里是在西边首要暮光之城的宣传地,着真让人发疯了,这些粉丝们从昨天晚上开始在这等,真是太疯狂了,在我们进去以前,登陆hollyscoop.com,成为其中一个解说者,然后这个可以在右手边的箱子里使用,让我们进去然后要到采访吧!

4. Raise your hand if you can do long division on paper, right now.

5. At right hand; on right hand; to right hand

6. If you take the left hand, then I will go to the right, or if you take the right hand, then I will go to the left.

7. If thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.

8. To, toward, or on the right hand.

9. danci.911cha.com

9. Just before half time, Li Xiaolin made the score2-1, with a beautiful shot into the top right-hand corner of the boys`goal.

10. We have a tremendous opportunity at hand to do it right -to feature Austin as the backdrop and produce the Formula 1 United States GrandPrix as one of the great sporting events in the world, stated Hellmund.
    现在我们手中有个绝妙的机会去弥补这些遗憾-让奥斯汀成为起重要作用的背景并使F1美国大奖赛成为全球最棒的运动赛事之一 Hellmund先生说道。

11. right hand

11. Then even I will praise you, That your own right hand can save you.
      40:14 这样,我也就称赞你,因你的右手能救自己。

12. Those with sharp eyes will note the difference between the early distributor design on the left and the more sophisticated double magnet version that ended up being the final mechanism shown in the right-hand photo.

13. However, balancing the status of the two parties, seller bears more risk and will loss more benefit. Therefore our law should pay more attentionto protect seller's right. In practice, there are usually some clauses in the installment contract to protect seller's right such as title reservation clause, benefit loss of period clause, contract rescinding clause and so on. On the other hand, the seller often aggrieves buyer's rights by taking the

14. At Hagaru-ri they took the right-hand fork in the road.

15. And the border of Manasses was from Aser, Machmethath which looketh towards Sichem: and it goeth out on the right hand by the inhabitants of the fountain of Taphua.

16. right hand

16. Touch your nose with your right hand.

17. right hand什么意思

17. I show the right hand side is a two-palace cocoon can also be known as husband and wife cocoon, the volume seems larger, it is composed of two silkworm cross-cocoon made of silk, silk is used to do it silk quilt.

18. Father:Oh, I think I just made an illegal right-hand

19. He showed me how to drape the sling over my left shoulder and across the chest so that the pouch lay easily accessible to my right hand, allowing the best in journalism, fiction, and cartoons to be swiftly extracted and sold to a citizenry whose happiness and security depended up on us soldiers of the free press.

20. Chalarm's right hand. Not bright or you could say he has low IQ.

right hand 单语例句

1. The handle is created by a price retreat from the upper right hand point of the cup pattern.

2. He emerged with one finger of his right hand stained with bright blue ink, used to prevent voters casting multiple ballots.

3. He turned and immediately offered his congratulations to the Asian Team when his ball shaved the right hand side of the hole.

4. The constable said he fell into a nearby gutter injuring a finger on his left hand and one on his right wrist.

5. She has her right hand on Adonis'right arm, trying to stop him from leaving her.

6. The Real Madrid player took the kick himself and scored with a low shot into the right hand corner.

7. However, the baby was later found to have a deformity of the right hand.

8. The middle finger of her right hand is covered with purple disinfectant after injuring herself, but that couldn't stop the determined seamstress.

9. McGrady let his right hand linger in the air a little longer than usual and smiled as the crowd cheered.

10. Chan said he has hardly any movement or sensitivity in his right hand, while Yick said she suffered facial scars and a badly injured jaw.

right hand 英英释义


1. the hand that is on the right side of the body

    e.g. he writes with his right hand but pitches with his left
           hit him with quick rights to the body

    Synonym: right

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