run after是什么意思 run after在线翻译 run after什么意思 run after的意思 run after的翻译 run after的解释 run after的发音 run after的同义词

run after

run after 双语例句

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1. In an illegal shutdown reboot after the Win98 system will not be able to enter each boot disk to the D disk self-test run about 80% stopped.

2. His relative works in international trade, and after Aalam`s retirement, he invites Aslam to help him to run the office in China.

3. After industrial times, each commerce is run, the acceptance that activity of every time society is based on pair of information and processing.

4. To complete training course and documentation to CCC within 1 month after the new product pilot-run.

5. danci.911cha.com

5. I run after a fond dream once ceaselessly

6. After a month of run-in period, I found and students were getting better and better understanding, they seem to have learned to appreciate the hard work of the teacher in class more and more well-behaved, I hope, will always continue to improve.

7. After tracking is completed, run the belt with a full load and re-check tracking.
    检查 胶带的正常顺序是先从下皮带开始,向机尾处检查;随后延皮带运行方向检查上皮带。先空载检查,之后再带载检查。

8. run after的翻译

8. We were a little afriad to chase after her..but when we saw her leaving the hotel, we had to run after her..

9. The model provides both snapshot query and schema transformation functions to meet the requirement of run-time using and after-action analysis of temporal data.

10. Leg wrappings after the birth of a child, learning to walk has not been found in the legs bandy legs a bit like a really anxious person, which such a situation how baby run?

11. After a wild pitch allowed Roberts to score, Orioles cleanup hitter Miguel Tejada smacked an RBI single and Baltimore tacked on a third run as Kevin Millar bounced into a double play.
      一个暴投让 Roberts 跑回一分,金莺队第四棒打者 Miguel Tejada 扫出一支带有打点的一垒安打,最后,金莺队趁著 Kevin Millar 打出双杀打时,攻下第三分。

12. run after

12. She was certainly not going to run after Satin! It was a nice filthy business for one to be poking one's nose into!

13. I has motorcycle accident and in hospital for a month when I was 15 years old the doctor said after duplicate constructs you can walk again and run need 15 years. Skills were top hill on the time so my mind was very hard to said, when I was out of hospital I shouldering challenged whole life. I was concealing doctor to riding bikes be duplicate constructs by not conceded spirit, one year later I joined competition and get free style park 1st twice cross doctor's diagnosis proof leg is mine.

14. run after的意思

14. Graham Baker made no changes for the start of the second half, but after a bright first few minutes, with a typical Arter run coming to nothing, Woking seemed to lose their way.

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15. Some main features are: Backup unlimited sites and directories trees, Select the directories tree you want to backup only, Easy built in FTP browser to select directories, Full backup or Incremental backup (Sync. only changed files), Autostartup with Windows, Auto dialing and hang up for dial-up or use LAN, Create the same directory structure on local computer, Keep server time stamp on files downloaded, Create zip files or self-extracting executables, Run custom commands files before and after backup, Connect to optional internetaddresses before and after backup, Handles Firewalls and Proxy easily, Auto ASCII mode for files download, etc.
      一些主要的功能包括:不限数量的网站和目录树备份,完全备份和增量备份(同步备份仅仅发生改变的文件),与 Windows 操作系统一同启动,对于需要拨号或者使用局域网的自动拨号和挂断,在本地计算机上创建相同的目录结构,在下载的文件上保持服务器时间戳,创建 zip 压缩文件或者自解压可执行文件,在备份之前或者之后运行定制的命令文件,在备份之前或者之后连接到互联网地址选项,简单化处理防火墙和代理,用于文件下载的自动 ASCII 模式等等。

16. After work out the parameters of the dynamic model, the simulation model of the system has been set up in similink system. Run the simulation model and gain the corresponding results. Some characteristics of the permanent thulium gear transmission system have been studied by analyzing the simulation results.

17. The nutrient artery divided into ascending and descending branches after perforating into the medullary space and run along the back wall of medullary space tightly. All IM vessels could be damaged by IM reaming.

18. run after的反义词

18. After signing with Ding Hong three months, the management of atmosphere had improved obviously, during the half of year, on the basis of the previous year the company's operating achievement have increased 15%, Company system run effectively so far, At present, the company has become the long-term partner.

19. Tonight our school have celebrated school beauty run, after that I found that if a girl can face-painting, The Ugly Duckling can become a beautiful swan.

20. They get on the train after lunch and run for an hour to the park.

run after 单语例句

1. After a power cable was run into the facility, experts aim to get power restored to reactors No 1 and 2 on Friday.

2. Mike Carp singled home the game's only run on Saturday, then went to California after the game for the birth of his daughter.

3. Teixeira has said he will leave the CBF after the World Cup, and is widely believed to be planning a run for the FIFA presidency in 2015.

4. After passing through pipes and sieves, the liquid is run into a filtering centrifuge.

5. " I am so tired that I couldn't run any longer, " said a depleted Ci Wang after crossing the finish line.

6. It opened last Sunday and had hoped to run until March, but will now will close on Sunday after just 22 previews and nine regular performances.

7. He has also been charged with carrying out two contract killings while on the run after the June 2006 helicopter escape.

8. He told me he felt like he was turning a new corner in his career after a run of bad luck.

9. She said it is still estimating the cost involved and will review the trial program after it has been run for a few months.

10. Latest reports from Xinhua sources in Lahore said the attackers have run away after a brief crossfire with the police.

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