ruptured是什么意思 ruptured在线翻译 ruptured什么意思 ruptured的意思 ruptured的翻译 ruptured的解释 ruptured的发音 ruptured的同义词

ruptured ['rʌptʃəd]  ['rʌptʃəd] 


ruptured 基本解释

破裂( rupture的过去式和过去分词 );断裂;使破裂;使绝交;

ruptured 网络解释

1. 破裂的:rupturecircle 破裂圆 | ruptured 破裂的 | rupturedchromosome 破裂染色体

2. 毁损:25. collapsed 倾陷,倾倒 | 26. ruptured 毁损 | 27. torn off 撕破

ruptured 双语例句

1. But for the inhabitants of America`s Gulf coast, for BP, the huge British firm that owns the well, and for the oil industry as a whole, the bad news is flowing as relentlessly as the oil gushing from ruptured pipes a mile below the waves.

2. ruptured的翻译

2. Results: The vascular endothelial cells were denudated, the spaces of contractile fiber cells increased and appeared puff, the vassular elastic fibers ruptured, flexed and deformed visibly. Some parts of the vessel wall ruptured completely or partly, leading to bleeding.

3. Coronary artery with thrombus at the site of a ruptured plaque.

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4. Results Most of the RWM ruptured were easily healed.

5. ruptured什么意思

5. Liu Yao-kun are true, as the fault has ruptured, light and shade, Framed, still determined not travel away pedestrian naturalization.

6. Results:2 cases were operated fistulectomy several times, then ruptured several times. First 2 cases had been given radiography for fistula using iodipin, then swallowed thin s ulfate barium, and they were found sulfate barium flowed from fistula introituses. Operared fisfulectomy in anesthesia general, 2 cases were cured. The 2 cases'p a thological diagnosis were granulation covered with squama epithelium.

7. ruptured的反义词

7. A macro and micro and chemical element analysis was made on fracture of ruptured coupling bolts, torsion test was performed and stress analysis and calculation were made, the results show that when the steam turbine had failure, MP-LP rotor coupling bolts and generator-exciter rotor coupling bolts failure were classified as overload shear fracture with partial deformation.

8. All cylinders will be equipped with an excess flow valve to minimize the flow of gas in the event the fuel line becomes ruptured.

9. ruptured

9. We call neurosurgery for head trauma, ortho for fracture, vascular surgery for large vessel injury, plastic surgery for facial trauma, CT surgery surgery for ruptured aorta.

10. Objective To evaluate the size, aspect ratio and configuration in ruptured aneurysms.

11. ruptured

11. Cases were definite diagnosed AN by DSAs MRA and/or operation. Diagnostic positive rate were 94.5% by CT. It is with CT that ruptured AN cause SAH and hematoma, which showed characteristic and regular on CT.

12. ruptured是什么意思

12. Soft enough, can be bended easily, not to be ruptured, when flap people, dont hurt.

13. Of ruptured aneurysms were multilobe. Ruptured aneurysms from anterior communicating artery were more easier to lead to severe clinical outcome.

14. Methods: A retrospective analysis of 105 patients with ruptured cerebral aneurysms undergoing treatment was made. Each patient's clinical grade according to Hunt&Hess classification was assessed at admission. Early surgery was performed on 33 patients and delayed surgery on 72 patients. Evaluation was made by Glasgow outcome scale at the discharge. Result: Two patients were died in the early group.
      回顾性分析105例破裂动脉瘤病例资料,每例患者入院时进行Hunt&Hess分级,根据手术时间分为早期手术组33例(蛛网膜下腔出血3 d内手术)和晚期手术组72例(蛛网膜下腔出血3 d后手术),出院时给予Glasgow预后评分,分析不同手术时机对预后的影响。

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15. Yes, well, it ruptured his inferior vena cava.

16. Results: the rearrangements of cell and F-actin occurred at 12 h after cyclic strain, the distribution of F-actin was destroyed by strain after 24 h. Its quantified fluorescence was less than that of the controls. The structure of F-actin were changed after CB was enterded, The cell skeleton were ruptured in strain condition, Its quantified fluorescence was significantly less than that of the controls.

17. The wall and mixed intensity portion of the aneurysm showed enhancement in some cases after contrast injection; 3When the aneurysm ruptured, there were intracranial hemorrhagic manifestations both on CT and MR.

18. Wash first chicken, chicken with a knife cutting the break eyeball to avoid bombing at the Crystal ruptured eyeball excess oil wounding.

19. Results Oviducal pregnancy were typed as unruptured pregnant vesica, tubular low echo abortion and ruptured mixed mass.
      结果输卵管妊娠可表现为未破裂孕囊型、管状低回声流产型和破裂混合团块型,附件区可探及阻力指数0.44 0.11的动脉血流频谱;未破裂孕囊型、管状低回声流产型和破裂混合团块型的附件区团块内部及周边血流丰富程度呈递减趋势,同时血流信号的丰富程度与血β—HCG测定值呈正相关,阻力指数与血β—HCG测定值呈负相关。

20. When a woman ovulates, her body temperature often rises slightly as the ruptured follicle that has released the egg secretes a hormone called progesterone

ruptured 单语例句

1. Water was seeping from ruptured pipes and corrugated iron was dangling from the roofs of the damaged shops.

2. McDonagh was unlucky to have ruptured his cruciate ligament on a recent skiing trip but always feels lucky about his origin of birth.

3. He was bothered by more pain and the Knicks announced he had a ruptured cyst and would be sidelined two to three weeks.

4. Authorities cordoned off the town after a gas line ruptured, and three people remained unaccounted for Monday.

5. Jones ruptured his extensor tendon in the wrist during a Wednesday practice session.

6. After several weeks'usage, she suffered a ruptured eyeball from overuse of the drops containing steroids.

7. Wang suffered fractures in both arms and ruptured a number of internal organs.

8. September 20 will mark Adriano's sixth month anniversary since his surgery on his ruptured tendon on his left foot.

9. The Ghana international had an operation to repair a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus following a right knee injury.

10. The blast took place when construction workers dismantling the factory buildings ruptured a nearby propylene pipeline.

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