sale是什么意思 sale在线翻译 sale什么意思 sale的意思 sale的翻译 sale的解释 sale的发音 sale的同义词 sale的反义词 sale的例句 sale的相关词组

sale [seɪl]  [sel] 


sale 基本解释

名词拍卖; 卖,出卖; 销售额,销售; 销路

sale 反义词



sale 相关词组

1. on sale : 出售;

2. for sale : 待售;

3. sale by bulk : 成批出售;

sale 相关例句


1. He got four pounds from the sale of his drawing.

2. sale的翻译

2. There was no sale for black and white TV sets.

3. There is no sale for watches of that kind nowadays.

4. These goods are entirely unfit for sale.

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5. This camera is now on sale for 19 dollars only.

sale 情景对话



A:If this coat doesn''t fit, may I bring it back later?

B:Sorry, We don''t take returns on sale items.


A:I would like to return this pair of shoes.


B:Do you have a sales slip?

A:Oh, here you are.

B:Sorry, things on sale are not allowed to be refunded or exchanged.

A:Oh, But this pair of shoes are a bit too tight. Could I change them for something bigger.


B:All right. Wait a minute.

Sales-((折扣) 出售)


B:There’s a big sale on clothes and sporting goods at Riverside Mall.

A:Sporting goods? Is that bike Tim wanted on sale?

B:Yeah, it’s 30 percent off the regular price.


A:Well, maybe we could get it now and hide it until his birthday.

B:Yeah, it’s a couple weeks away, and we don’t have anything yet.

A:Don’t buy him underwear again. He hates that.

B:I know, I know, but if I didn’t buy it for him, he’d never buy it.

A:See anything else we need there?


B:Well, all shoes are 20 percent off.

A:Shoes? You already have a closet full of shoes.


B:I know, but another pair can’t hurt.

A:Oh, all right. I need some new shirts, too. Let’s go after breakfast.

sale 网络解释

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. 盐:在意大利语中,盐(sale)和上升是同一个单词,球迷用这个文字游戏来祝愿球队. 盐的确带来了好运,开赛后,佛罗伦萨完全占据主动,连续的进攻几乎让主队崩溃,前15分钟,塞雷尼三次救险.

2. sale:small and moderate enterprise; 企业

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3. sale:simple algebraic language for engineers; 工程师用简明代数语言

sale 词典解释

1. 卖;销售
    The sale of goods is the act of selling them for money.

    e.g. Efforts were made to limit the sale of alcohol.
    e.g. ...a proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia...

2. 销售额;销售量
    The sales of a product are the quantity of it that is sold.

    e.g. The newspaper has sales of 1.72 million.
           该报纸有 172 万份的销量。
    e.g. ...the huge Christmas sales of computer games.

3. (公司产品的)销售工作
    The part of a company that deals with sales deals with selling the company's products.


    e.g. Until 1983 he worked in sales and marketing...
           1983 年之前,他一直在市场营销部工作。
    e.g. She was their Dusseldorf sales manager.

4. 减价出售;大减价;贱卖
    A sale is an occasion when a shop sells things at less than their normal price.

    e.g. ...a pair of jeans bought half-price in a sale...
    e.g. Many stores have started their January sales a month early.

5. 拍卖;拍卖会
    A sale is an event when goods are sold to the person who offers the highest price.

    e.g. The painting was bought by dealers at the Christie's sale.

6. see also: car boot sale;jumble sale

7. 供出售;待售
    If something is for sale, it is being offered to people to buy.


    e.g. His former home is for sale at £495,000...
           他的旧居要以 49.5 万英镑的价格出售。
    e.g. There was a Leica camera for sale in the window...

8. 出售;上市
    Products that are on sale can be bought in shops.

    e.g. English textbooks and dictionaries are on sale everywhere...
    e.g. All tickets go on sale this Friday.

9. 折价销售;减价出售
    If products in a shop are on sale, they can be bought for less than their normal price.

    e.g. He bought a sports jacket on sale at Gowings Men's Store.

10. 供出售;待售;转让
    If a property or company is up for sale, its owner is trying to sell it.

    e.g. The castle has been put up for sale.

sale 英英释义


1. a particular instance of selling

    e.g. he has just made his first sale
           they had to complete the sale before the banks closed

2. the general activity of selling

    e.g. they tried to boost sales
           laws limit the sale of handguns

3. an occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices

    e.g. they held a sale to reduce their inventory
           I got some great bargains at their annual sale

    Synonym: cut-rate salesales event

4. an agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer)

    e.g. the salesman faxed the sales agreement to his home office

    Synonym: sales agreement

5. the state of being purchasable
    offered or exhibited for selling

    e.g. you'll find vitamin C for sale at most pharmacies
           the new line of cars will soon be on sale

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