scramble up是什么意思 scramble up在线翻译 scramble up什么意思 scramble up的意思 scramble up的翻译 scramble up的解释 scramble up的发音

scramble up

scramble up 双语例句

1. If you scramble up onto this furniture, the neighboring classes can be seen.

2. Feeling disappointed, he gave up the scramble to enter university.

3. Beautiful image of the ocean with sand and trees, scramble up this image and put it back together.

4. It took the children three hours to scramble up the hill.

5. Then scramble them up and print them out.

6. scramble up在线翻译

6. We need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up there, help us out.
    我们需要谁弄几个 F-16 什么的上去,帮我们一下。

7. Last night, cable connection hair statement, based on respect for and protection of the premise of Cecilia Cheung, decided to cancel the broadcast the second part of an interview with, in fact, to the position in terms of television, cable scramble to make wireless the first gun, causing the subject, it should follow up the victory, so this meeting canceled shows, it is surprising, and thus attracted a lot of

8. Whatever its side-effects, a scramble to invest in Africa has got to be better than the European precedent; a scramble to carve it up.

9. To investigate whether MyosinⅩhas effects on neuronal migration, the SVZa neurons were transfected with the MyosinⅩ-siRNA, then re-aggregated and cultured and their migration distance and numbers are analysied 24h later. The migration distance and numbers of cultured re-aggregating SVZa neurons were changed by expression of MyosinⅩ- siRNA, whereas scramble siRNA had no effect. The results showed that the interference of MyosinⅩmade neuron lower the ability of migration. To sum up, MyosinⅩplays an important role in the migration of neuron migration of SVZa.
    进一步,分离RMS区域的成神经细胞,利用构建的GFP融合表达载体MyosinⅩ-siRNA和scramble siRNA转染分离后的成神经细胞,悬滴法培养成团,模拟体外外植体包埋培养,24小时后,表达scramble siRNA的成神经细胞大量从细胞团中迁移出来,而表达MyosinⅩ-siRNA的成神经细胞迁移的数量明显减少,细胞迁移的距离也明显缩短,与同一细胞团中未被转染的成神经细胞和表达scramble siRNA的成神经细胞相比差异显著,上述结果表明:减低内源性MyosinⅩ表达抑制成神经细胞迁移,MyosinⅩ在SVZa成神经细胞的迁移中起着重要的作用。

10. If you like to go for an evening scramble after you set up camp, look for a pack with a daypack conversion option.

11. However, on the other hand, with their special status and particular relationships with the emperor, they were also likely to spread rumors and cause political corruption; as far as economy is concerned, the increase in the number of female officials and the extravagant and wasteful lives of the emperor and his favored wivess family members aggravated the economic burden of the government; as far as culture is concerned, the female officials were well-educated, with a deep culture in literature and some talents of them had added to the brightness and beauty of the prosperous Tang culture with their pens; as far as social customs are concerned, the cultural and enterntainment llife of the palace and clothing and make-up had influenced the Tang society, causing the women outside the palace scramble to imitate, making them fashion.

12. They are so confused about telling truth that when a journalist like Matt Drudge or another who has the nerve to tell it like it is speaks up, they scramble to discredit him as not being a real journalist.

13. scramble up的意思

13. Word travels fast from cell to cell. Cons scramble to tidy up and hide things.

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14. As competition heats up and pushes prices down, businesses scramble to boost their profits by heaping on extras: rust proofing your car, service contracts on your appliances, prepaid gasoline for your rental car.

15. Beginners scramble for hot tips, writing down any symbol that comes up.

16. We have to crack the cognitive egg and scramble it up.

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17. In Global View today climate change has raised the stakes in the scramble for sovereignty of the Arctic region, because shrinking polar ice could someday open up resource development and new shipping lanes.

18. First itrepresents on technical reason of the rise of Modern Olympic Movement: people rightly recognized their bodythemselves by helping of medicine technology, it makes sports up; it is direct driving fore that technologypromotes to appear that sports internationalized development and international admistration of sports and sprendesancient Olympic spirit; and it is the most importance that people visualise that it can eliminate possible menace ofwar from technology that lead people to scramble for nature resource by peaceful and saintly ancient Olympicspirit, dispel abence of human subject position and severe fatigue all body and heart etc.

19. Some industry insiders pointed out that last week`s closed-end funds fell mainly experienced pre-up, over-the-counter scramble to raise funds after profit-taking.

20. Traverse right under the headwall towards the glacier, and then scramble up between the headwall and the glacier. This is best when covered with snow in the spring and early summer.

scramble up 单语例句

scramble up

1. The capital's arts institutes have been overrun with creative young hopefuls desperate to sign up for majors since the annual enrolment scramble began last weekend.

2. The event caused thousands of people to scramble for the falling money, which was made up of both 5 yuan and 10 yuan notes.

3. He said he believes internationally emerging suppliers will show up and scramble for China's large market quotes.

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