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seabuckthorn [sə'bʌkθɔ:n]  [sə'bʌkθɔ:n] 

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1. 沙棘:沙棘素(防癌抗衰老护肤美容天然珍品) 沙棘素是从中国青藏高原地带野生灌木 -- 沙棘 (Seabuckthorn) 果实和种子中精工提炼而得的高精营养天然植物素. 它含有多种丰富的生命活性物质的天然缩合物. 据科学实验分析所知,沙棘中合有150多种生物化学成分,

2. 生物防治:花椒仁油:Chinese prickly ash seed oil | 生物防治:Seabuckthorn | 华山松籽油:the seed kernel oil of pinus armandi

3. 沙棘(海鼠李):Mangosteen山竹果 | Prune蜜棗 | Seabuckthorn沙棘(海鼠李)

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1. The rats were given continuous gavage with corresponding dose of Seabuckthorn fruit pulp for 30 days, and serum SOD activity and MDA content were determined.
    用沙棘鲜果浆以相应剂量持续灌胃30 d,测定大鼠血清SOD活性和MDA含量。

2. The seabuckthorn carpenterworm, Holcocerus hippophaecolus Hua, Chou, Fang et Chen has been a severe boring pest of seabuckthorn in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Liaoning, Shanxi, Ningxia, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in China in recent years.
    沙棘木蠹蛾(Holcocerus hippophaecolus Hua,Chou,Fang et Chen)是近几年在我国内蒙古、辽宁、山西、宁夏、陕西和甘肃等地大面积爆发的一种钻蛀性害虫,主要以幼虫危害沙棘的根部和干部。

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3. Luo Y Q%Lu C K%Xu Z C Control Strategies on a new serious forest pest insect--seabuckthorn carpenterworm, Holcocerus hippophaecolus Forsest Pest and Disease, null, 5
    周章义 内蒙古鄂尔多斯市东部老龄沙棘死亡原因及其对策沙棘,2002,(2)骆有庆%路常宽%许志春暴发性新害虫沙棘木蠹蛾的控制技术国际沙棘研究与开发,2003,1

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4. Valuable tree species are mainly bungeana, juniper, Juglans mandshurica, mollis tabulaeformis, Ciwujia, kiwi, etc., rare Chinese herbal medicines have Potaninia valuable shellfish, Yuan Hu, Senecio Notoginseng, wild fruit plants to the oil Seabuckthorn, liaotungensis, Corylus, Prunus davidiana, Prunus armeniaca, mainly axillaris, and broad distribution, with an area larger.

5. The invention is constituted by raw material drugs which adopt part by weight to be a unit, and the raw material comprises 35 parts of cassia seeds, 30 parts of loranthus parasiticus, 30 parts of haws, 20 parts of lotus plumules, 20 parts of scrophularia roots, 15 parts of wild chrysanthemum flower, 15 parts of seabuckthorn fruit, 10 parts of kudzu roots, and 10 parts of cimicifuga foetida.

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6. Seabuckthorn fruit containing 11% fat (including 4% seed), can create air food oil.

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7. The total flavonoids content in seabuckthorn fruit from different altitude areas existed obvious difference.

8. seabuckthorn

8. This research is carries on the single factor with the pectolase to the seabuckthorn fruit juice to be clear and best to clarify the craft condition the determination experiment.

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9. The wild in China this year to develop, such as kiwi fruit, cili, seabuckthorn, blackcurrant and so is vitamin C, a rich source of carotenoids.

10. We are a leading supplier of seabuckthorn.

11. More and more people began to prefer taking the total flavonoids Seabuckthorn products.

12. Shanxi has very rich seabuckthorn resources, but its exploitation and comprehensive utilization rate is very low.

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13. Aerospace companies are the world's people seabuckthorn industry leading enterprises.

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14. This product not only contains carotin, VA, niacin, ascorbic acid, lactochrome, linolic acid, medlar polyoses, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and protein etc, but also is replenished with red chinese date (containing protein, polyoses, VC and other vitamins, CAMP, and ursolic acid etc) and seabuckthorn (containing VA, VC, VE, VK, VB1, VB2, flavonoid, and coumarin etc.), which make it more nutritious and easier to be absorbed by the body.

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15. Objective To study the influence of Seabuckthorn fruits on lipid peroxidatio in highfat diet in rats.
      目的 研究沙棘鲜果对高脂膳食大鼠的脂质过氧化作用的影响。

16. It is proved that these materials were the important factor in constitution of drought-resistance capa bility of seabuckthorn.

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17. Result Five-flavour Seabuckthorn Fruit Pulvis could obviously prolong the latent period of cough and decrease the frequency of cough induced by ammonia water in mice. It could not only enhance the excretion of phenol red output in mice and inhibit asthma induced by histamine and acecoline in guinea pigs but also improve inflammatory lesion and augment MTD to 10g/kg, which was as much as 200 times the daily drug consumption of an adult.
      结果 五味沙棘散(0.5g/kg,1.0g/kg,2.0g/kg)可明显延长氨水所致小鼠的引咳潜伏期,减少咳嗽次数;能促进小鼠气管酚红的排泌;其(0.3g/kg ,0.6g/kg,1.2g/kg)剂量对组胺和氯化乙酰胆碱混合液引起的豚鼠哮喘具有抑制作用;并具有改善炎性病变的作用。

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18. This product is blended with seabuckthorn oil, garlic oil and gingko leaf flavonoids as main ingredients. It has been proven its optimal health function in regulating blood lipid.

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19. For the V9 Energy Seabuckthorn Juice in the area of healthy candies.

20. But in the semi-arid regions, seabuckthorn vegetal period short(5 months), in year to year continuously subject to drought stress, winter cold and wind and sand invasion, pinches off and picks the leaf can improve the growth in those years, but has the injure severely to next year growth, and the density of new tree top dropped...

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