sheen是什么意思 sheen在线翻译 sheen什么意思 sheen的意思 sheen的翻译 sheen的解释 sheen的发音 sheen的同义词 sheen的反义词 sheen的例句

sheen [ʃi:n]  [ʃin] 


sheen 基本解释

名词光泽,光辉; 华服; 有光泽的纺织物

形容词光辉的; 有光泽的; 华丽的

动词闪耀; 发光


sheen 相关例句


1. sheen是什么意思

1. Her hair had a beautiful sheen.

2. Satin has a sheen.

sheen 网络解释

1. sheen什么意思

1. 光泽,光辉:sheath hook 套管钩 | sheen 光泽,光辉 | sheet film 散页片,软片

2. 辉光:sharpen edges 锐化边缘 | sheen 辉光 | shift center to 图像的上下和左右的偏移量

3. 光辉:shedder 脱壳期的蟹 | sheen 光辉 | sheeny 光亮的

4. 光澤、光彩:Sheer - 透明的 | Sheen - 光澤、光彩 | Smooth - 柔順、平滑

sheen 双语例句

1. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

1. Comparison of the earliest and latest printed ink lustre and concluded that last printing ink sheen is inferior.

2. Finish with a cool-water rinse, which is not only stimulating but also helps tighten scalp pores, firm hair fibers, reduce hair limpness, and increase sheen and body.

3. sheen的反义词

3. Finish with a cool-water rinse, which is not only stimulating but also helps tighten scalp pores, firm hair fibers, reduce hair limpness, and increase sheen and body

4. This glimmering rose bronze facial glow gives your complexion a warm, delicate sheen.

5. The first outfit featured a coat, the last a jacket in a black velvet with a seductively viscous sheen. In between came herringbones, shearlings, wools striated like chenille, and extraordinary jacquards that looked like mineral strata. The simple assumption was that they were hand-painted, but no, they were woven.

6. sheen的近义词

6. He pushed back from the ebony conference table, and his gaze swept over the room, a five-meter-diameter bubble, bisected by a metal grate floor, with stainless-steel walls brushed to a white reflective sheen.

7. sheen

7. Anyway, I wish AD back to his best form. I like the way AD looks, dark skin glowing with a healthy sheen, firm eyes with in it courage, faith, and sometimes irascrible boyishness.

8. The chief medical officer at an American field hospital in_ is doctor Mike Sheen.
    驻太子港的美国野战医院首席医疗官Mike Sheehan说到

9. Platinum plating gives the silver setting a rich sheen that's also tarnish-proof and hypoallergenic.

10. Platinum plating gives the silver setting a rich sheen and also makes it tarnish-proof and hypoallergenic.

11. sheen的翻译

11. Dispel tooth zip and restore tooth ture colours:it can restore tooth ture colours and dispel smoke zip with blach colour and brown colours, tea zip, coffee zip. Let tooth even sheen, extremely keen.

12. In view of this point, Lu Ling's novels are of value, because strong intellectual complex is embedded in his novels describing either workers or peasants, in which the character's spiritual dynamics receives utmost concernViewing from the perspective of the intellectual quality-freedom, enlightenment and reflection, this dissertation seizes up the traits of intellectual character of Lu Ling's novels in 1940's, in an attempt to reproduce the sheen of his novels, and also to take a glimpse at the psychological journeys of the youth generation at that ageThose characters in Lu Ling's novels behave unbridledly all the way through their life journeyo They rebel against all the absurd things, declare war on tradition, family and newly rising authority, also anatomize themselves They resort nowhere Their life is closely linked to tramp It is right during the course of tramp and rebellion that they realize themselves, look for freedom and luminosity, and achieve real contact with people; they have enjoyed the unrestraint to their heart's content as well as experience torture from various forces in heartLu Ling's novels are affluent in connotation This dissertation only studies from the perspective of intellectual, the topics among which like: freedom, tradition, individual and collective are still worthwhile studying up to now.

13. Michael Sheen brings an unexpected sympathy to the chief lycan and reveals that the past was not all that vampire history claimed it was.

14. The only gripe I have is that it has a bit of a satin-like sheen to it like some civvies rain gear.

15. In two years, thousands of new and then unpronounceable names were in front of me; names with a hearty smile and sheen eyes.

16. 911查询·英语单词

16. Meanwhile, the Xiuyu obvious sheen of oil or wax light, while the emerald luster or pearl luster compared to the glass, so from 2:00 to distinguish with Jade.

17. A soft, sentimental sponge unfetter ed as a prairie, but with a sheen o f bad boy dark chocolate on top.

18. sheen的近义词

18. I am personal in drift about the street the hour because of have no money Sheen Gou4 the place totally the power bandit print to make of reside temporarily a certificate once drive illegal accepted to permit to jail forced labor and is contuse, profoundly realized that 2 and 30 the not guilty was been a Lao by the jailbird's life process to fondle 袪 not to drop on the soul of distress forever.

19. sheen

19. Massage can promote the capillaries and lymphatic absorption of nutrients, improve skin temperature and speed up blood circulation, nutrient delivery to the skin, so that the skin is full of rosy sheen.

20. sheen的反义词

20. Holes can be drilled without chipping and a polished sheen will last.

sheen 词典解释

1. 光泽;光辉;光彩
    If something has a sheen, it has a smooth and gentle brightness on its surface.


    e.g. The carpet had a silvery sheen to it.

sheen 单语例句


1. Veteran campaigner Sheen has received similar citations at the test site in the past.

2. Denise Richards thinks she is " too old " for Charlie Sheen.

3. The porn star found in Charlie Sheen's hotel room during his hotel outburst this week is planning to sue him.

4. Charlie Sheen is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after allegedly trashing a hotel room whilst drunk with an escort.

5. The elder Sheen also was nominated for his guest appearance on " Men " as the father of the woman who stalks Charlie.

6. FX is ordering 90 more episodes of " Anger Management, " Charlie Sheen's TV comeback vehicle after being fired from " Two and a Half Men ".

7. Sheen was charged on February 8, 2010 with assaulting and threatening his wife Mueller in a heated Christmas Day argument.

8. Sheen maintains he's clean and sober and there's nothing in his private life that would trigger a " default " under his contract.

9. All people will see and care about is the World Cup's sheen, not the flaws of a man who could have been holding it.

10. Sheen pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges in Colorado's Pitkin County District Court on Monday.


sheen 英英释义



1. the visual property of something that shines with reflected light

    Synonym: shininesslusterlustre

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