signaled是什么意思 signaled在线翻译 signaled什么意思 signaled的意思 signaled的翻译 signaled的解释 signaled的发音 signaled的同义词


signaled 双语例句

1. The success of the project not only filled in a domestic gap, but also signaled that the products had led the innovation of Chinese panel machinery to a new stage.

2. And on Friday, Mr. Stevens signaled that more moves are on the way.

3. Third base umpire Mike Reilly originally signaled home run, but shortstop Derek Jeter argued and the umps quickly huddled before reversing the call—foul ball.

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4. European states have signaled to the Hamas government that they intend to lift the economic embargo on the Palestinian Authority once a national unity government is established.

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5. Newspaper columnist and television public-affairs show host Wimar Witoelar says the landslide re-election signaled to the world that president's policies on foreign investment and ending corruption will continue.

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6. The log display is a temporary linear color display that signaled events as they occur.

7. His dismissal signaled the beginning of Emperor Xuanzong s fatuity and the decline of the great Tang Empire.

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8. The distant sound of exploding artillery shells signaled that the war was coming ever closer.

9. This function returns when the specified object is in the signaled state or when the time-out interval elapses.

10. signaled的近义词

10. Our eyes evolved to tease aprat not the monotonous grays of city scapes but subtle gold, olive, and burgundy hues that signaled ripe fruit and tender leaves, and our brains to reward our sensory efforts with feelings of deep pleasure.

11. signaled是什么意思

11. It's a device that people carry so they can be signaled when there is a message for them.

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12. There are a lot of commercial names for them. It`s a device that people carry so they can be signaled when there is a message for them.
      它有很 多商业名称,是一种便携的仪器,以便于主人及时接收别人的留言。

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13. Can drink a gulp of don't drink, don't touch narrowly signaled lip, can accept, express master enthusiasm.

14. When something in the EFI system is wrong, the engine trouble lamp will be switched on, the failure can be signaled through the flashing codes for further checking and maintenance.

15. China's cautious policymakers, usually averse to rapid changes in policy, have repeatedly signaled they will avoid a sharp change of course in their stimulus policies next year.

16. She has signaled her intent to keep the negotiations going.

17. The sense of humor must be signaled out as man`s most important quality, because it is associated with laughter.

18. The Wilkeses, the Calverts, the Tarletons, the Fontaines, all smiled when the small figure on the big white horse galloped up their driveways, smiled and signaled for tall glasses in which a pony of Bourbon had been poured over a teaspoon of sugar and a sprig of crushed mint.

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19. It signaled a significant shift in the federal housing strategy from supply-side housing subsidy programs to demand-side approaches.

20. It signaled that it wished to move beyond the cheerleading approach of its predecessor and to become more directly involved through grants, loans, and technical assistance to rural areas.

signaled 单语例句


1. Cantor's comments signaled the change in political realities since the 2008 election which gave Democrats control of the White House and both houses of Congress.

2. In recent days Pyongyang has signaled a desire to deal, offering to freeze its nuclear activity in return for energy assistance.

3. Even Premier Wen Jiabao has signaled the need for its reform, with the catch phrase placed right on top of the first " Central Document " of 2010.

4. The association signaled an ultimatum in the letter to Taipei, warning that further delay from the island authorities may finally ground the charter flight plan.

5. Bush signaled that he sees Negroponte as the man to steer his intelligence clearinghouse.

6. The recent price retreat is the collapse of a bubble, but it has not yet signaled a change in the trend.

7. A trend collapse is signaled when the price closes below the value of the parabolic trend line.

8. Some analysts said the numerous areas of disagreement signaled that the round had come to a standstill.

9. A policy paper issued by the European Commission on China last October signaled the EU's wish to further intensify its comprehensive engagement with China.

10. Clinton's aides initially signaled she would virtually concede Wisconsin, and the former first lady spent less time in the state than Obama.

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