sink是什么意思 sink在线翻译 sink什么意思 sink的意思 sink的翻译 sink的解释 sink的发音 sink的同义词 sink的反义词 sink的例句 sink的相关词组

sink [sɪŋk]  [sɪŋk] 


sink 基本解释

不及物动词淹没; 下落; 退去; 渐渐进入

及物动词使下沉; 使下垂; 砸入地面; 使败落

名词水池; 洗涤槽; 污水坑


sink 同义词


sink 反义词


sink 相关词组


1. sink or swim : 不管成败如何, 沉浮全看自己;

2. sink in : 渗入;

sink 相关例句


1. The submarine sank two ships.


1. The old man is sinking fast and won't live much longer.

2. She fainted and sank to the ground.

3. sink什么意思

3. Wood does not sink in water.

sink 网络解释

1. sink

1. 汇点:分布式交换架构有个好处,那就是只在UPSR/SNCP汇点(sink)等需要的地方实现保护机制. 因此,某个支路卡的故障恢复就不会像集中式资源中那样受软件或容量、延迟的限制.

2. 接收器:因此,只要(事务)接收器(sink)在向前移动(forward progress),系统就不会阻塞. 另一个问题是确定增强一致性的缓存级别(L1缓存、L2缓存或L3缓存),以及I/O应在哪个位置上从一致性域进入和提取缓存线. 通常情况下,

sink 词典解释

1. (厨房里的)洗涤池,洗碗槽,水槽
    A sink is a large fixed container in a kitchen, with taps to supply water. It is mainly used for washing dishes.

    e.g. The sink was full of dirty dishes.
    e.g. ...the kitchen sink.

2. 同 washbasin 或 basin
    A sink is the same as a washbasin or basin .

    e.g. The bathroom is furnished with 2 toilets, 2 showers, and 2 sinks.

3. (使)下沉;(使)沉没
    If a boat sinks or if someone or something sinks it, it disappears below the surface of a mass of water.

    e.g. In a naval battle your aim is to sink the enemy's ship...
    e.g. The boat was beginning to sink fast...

...the sinking of the Titanic.

4. 下沉;沉没
    If something sinks, it disappears below the surface of a mass of water.

    e.g. A fresh egg will sink and an old egg will float.

5. 缓慢下降;下陷;沉降
    If something sinks, it moves slowly downwards.


    e.g. Far off to the west the sun was sinking...
    e.g. When they came to build the southern spire the foundations began to sink.

6. 坐下;跪下
    If you sink, you move into a lower position, for example by sitting down in a chair or kneeling.

    e.g. Kate laughed, and sank down again to her seat...
    e.g. She sank into an armchair and crossed her legs...

7. 下降;减少;下跌
    If something sinks to a lower level or standard, it falls to that level or standard.


    e.g. Share prices would have sunk — hurting small and big investors...
    e.g. Pay increases have sunk to around seven per cent...
           工资增长率已降至 7%左右。

8. 贫困的;条件不好的
    People use sink school or sink estate to refer to a school or housing estate that is in a very poor area with few resources.


    e.g. ...unemployed teenagers from sink estates...
    e.g. He has transformed Chicago's sink schools into beacons of hope for parents and children.

9. (声音)变小,降低,变低
    If your voice sinks, it becomes quieter.

    e.g. Her voice sank, and he moved closer to catch what she was saying...
    e.g. Her voice had sunk to a whisper.

10. 逐渐陷入(某种令人不快的心情、状态或处境)
      To sink into an unpleasant or undesirable mood, situation, or state means to pass gradually into it.


      e.g. She'd sometimes sink into depression...
      e.g. That night he sank into a deep coma...

11. (心情)变得沉重;(情绪)变低落
      If your heart or your spirits sink, you become depressed or lose hope.


      e.g. My heart sank because I thought he was going to dump me for another girl...
      e.g. Her spirits sank lower and lower.

12. (使)埋入;(把…)打入;(使)插入
      If something sharp sinks or is sunk into something solid, it goes deeply into it.

      e.g. He sinks the needle into my arm...
      e.g. I sank my teeth into a peppermint cream...

13. 挖,掘(井、矿井、深洞等)
      If someone sinks a well, mine, or other large hole, they make a deep hole in the ground, usually by digging or drilling.


      e.g. ...the site where Stephenson sank his first mineshaft...
      e.g. If they carry on sinking boreholes then the land is likely to subside.

14. 把(资金)投入(企业或项目)
      If you sink money into a business or project, you spend money on it in the hope of making more money.


      e.g. He has already sunk $25million into the project.
             他在这项目上已经投资了 2,500 万美元了。

15. 猛喝,灌(酒)
      If someone sinks a number of alcoholic drinks, they drink them quickly.

      e.g. She sank two glasses of white wine.

16. (高尔夫球)击(球)入洞;(斯诺克)击(球)入袋
      In golf, snooker, and some other games, if you sink a ball or a putt, you successfully hit the ball into a hole.

      e.g. He sank two crucial putts in the last three holes.

17. see also: sinking;sunk

18. 自己努力以求生存;不自立,必沉沦
      If you say that someone will have to sink or swim, you mean that they will have to succeed through their own efforts, or fail.


      e.g. The government doesn't want to force inefficient firms to sink or swim too quickly...
      e.g. It was very much sink or swim.

相关词组:sink in

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