squeeze是什么意思 squeeze在线翻译 squeeze什么意思 squeeze的意思 squeeze的翻译 squeeze的解释 squeeze的发音 squeeze的同义词 squeeze的反义词

squeeze [skwi:z]  [skwiz] 


squeeze 基本解释

及物/不及物动词挤,榨,捏; 压迫,压榨

及物动词榨取,汲取; 轻轻地捏; 向…勒索(或榨取)

不及物动词在强压下屈服; 施加压力; 挤过去

名词挤压,压榨; 抱紧,拥挤; 拥挤的人群; <口>压力

squeeze 相关词组

1. squeeze through : 挤过, 勉强通过;

2. squeeze out : 榨出;

3. squeeze in : 挤进去;

4. squeeze into : 挤入...;

squeeze 相关例句


1. 911查询·英语单词

1. Don't squeeze the kitten, you will hurt it.

2. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

2. He squeezed the tube hard and the last bit of toothpaste came out.


1. The measure squeezed through the parliament.


1. danci.911cha.com

1. We can not borrow money during the present credit squeeze.

2. 911查询·英语单词

2. My brother is in a tight squeeze.

squeeze 网络解释

1. 压缩:除非厂商在散热片(heatsink)上有着更优异的设计, 否则提高风扇转速来解决目前 CPU 散热的困境似乎已经是难以避免. (一般可加装热导管来解决现状, 但成本提高不少.)那如果是横向压缩(Squeeze)的DVD要怎么办?比

2. squeeze:sq; 紧排

squeeze 双语例句

1. In the horizontal direction it shows the magnetic characteristics of sediment trap, squeeze deformation and metamorphic zone, intruded rock, which is representation of diverse tectonic features mentioned above.

2. In application of squeeze die casting of Aluminum alloy, Magnesium alloy, Zinc alloy in high internal quality and mechanical performance, such as loading components, wearing components, pressure-proof components and air tightness components in automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, hardwear, aviation and arsenal industry.
    应用范围 Application Range 用于内部质量和力学性能要求高的铝合金、镁合金、锌合金的挤压铸造。如汽车、摩托车、电器、五金、航空及军工等行业受力件、耐磨件、耐压、气密性零件的制造。

3. The technique of Squeeze Liquid Film Damping is adopted in precise boring.

4. The transition pressure calculated by the model is much closer than that calculated by the existing model. A modified model of squeeze film air damping is developed for the design of high-aspect-ratio damping holes formed by deep RIE process.

5. Cross axis sensitivity Finite element method Mode Squeeze film damping

6. To analyze the squeeze film damping effect of MEMS plates with raised strips, an analytical solution is given to calculate the coefficient of squeeze film damping by using Reynolds equation and the first boundary conditions.

7. This paper presents theoretical analysis for the effect of air squeeze film damping on a micro-opto- electro -mechanical systems optical switch with a slant lower electrode.

8. Aiming to realize the more applied active vibration control of rotor system, a new actuator, Controllable Squeeze Film Damping Bearing, is developed in this paper.

9. Squeeze oil film damping technique has been proved available toimprove greatly the shock resistance of the rolling guideways on machine toolsand keep up the low-speed stability as it was.

10. It only averages between 2 and 3 million viewers each week, but it always manages to squeeze by.

11. Higherinterestrates eatawayat themoney-spinningbusinessof refinancingoutstandingmortgages, slashbusiness volumesand squeeze margins.

12. In the fifth, the Rays botched a squeeze attempt when Jason Bartlett missed the bunt try and Aybar was easily tagged out by Jorge Posada, helping Wang escape a first-and-third, one-out snare.

13. squeeze是什么意思

13. After Cano couldn't barehand Jeter's relay to second on a potential double-play ball, putting runners on first and third with one out in the fifth, Jason Bartlett missed a suicide-squeeze bunt and Jorge Posada ran down Willy Aybar to short-circuit the threat.9 a+ x3 V; R/ c# E
      在第五局Cano无法完成队长传来原本应该是双杀打的球后,小民面临一人出局一三垒有人的局面,这时光芒队想要强迫取分,但是Jason Bartlett 无法成功触击,而捕手厚黑跑出去触杀原本在三垒上的跑者Willy Aybar。

14. Squeeze in a small amount of garlic, onion, and radish.

15. Using pressure roll eccentricity of the rotating structure of the squeeze: roller pressure, strong spiral feeder synchronous rotation and autobiography, so that the raw materials for the time being all the pressure into the ring mold.

16. A group of people were trying to squeeze through the narrow corridor.

17. squeeze是什么意思

17. The environmental-friendly Sip/LD11 composites with high volume fraction of 65% silicon particles were fabricated by squeeze-casting method.
      摘 要:选用粒径为20μm的高纯Si粉,采用挤压铸造方法制备Si体积分数为65%的Sip/LD11复合材料。

18. The environmental-friendly Si/LD11 composites with high volume fraction of 65% silicon particles were fabricated by squeeze-casting method.

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19. However, China's major cities in the top office rentals rise, with the exception of Hong Kong among the top ten, the Shanghai from 27 up to 25, the rent per square foot of about 6446 yuan per year; Shanghai from 50 liters to 36, the rent per square foot of about 5635 yuan per year; Beijing ranked 50, this is the first time in Beijing to squeeze into the list before 50, the rent is about 4886 yuan per square foot per year.

20. As the population of the poorest tropical countries soars, demand for land will squeeze exports.
      香蕉 由于热带最平穷国家的人口增长,对土地的需求将会压缩出口量(不述注:人和水果抢地盘导致水果种植的面积减少,最终导致了英国人吃的水果减少)。

squeeze 词典解释

1. (通常指用手)挤压,捏
    If you squeeze something, you press it firmly, usually with your hands.

    e.g. He squeezed her arm reassuringly...
    e.g. Dip the bread briefly in water, then squeeze it dry.

2. 压榨,挤出(液体或软的东西)
    If you squeeze a liquid or a soft substance out of an object, you get the liquid or substance out by pressing the object.


    e.g. Joe put the plug in the sink and squeezed some detergent over the dishes.
    e.g. ...freshly squeezed lemon juice.

3. (常因害怕或保护眼睛而)紧闭(双眼)
    If you squeeze your eyes shut or if your eyes squeeze shut, you close them tightly, usually because you are frightened or to protect your eyes from something such as strong sunlight.


    e.g. Nancy squeezed her eyes shut and prayed...
    e.g. If you keep your eyes squeezed shut, you'll miss the show...

4. 挤过;挤进;塞进
    If you squeeze a person or thing somewhere or if they squeeze there, they manage to get through or into a small space.

    e.g. They lowered him gradually into the cockpit. Somehow they squeezed him in the tight space, and strapped him in...
    e.g. Many break-ins are carried out by youngsters who can squeeze through tiny windows.

5. 拥挤
    If you say that getting a number of people into a small space is a squeeze, you mean that it is only just possible for them all to get into it.

    e.g. It was a squeeze in the car with five of them...
           车里坐了他们 5 个人,很拥挤。
    e.g. The lift holds six people at a squeeze.
           电梯里挤一挤能容纳 6 个人。

6. (通过劝说)榨取,获取
    If you squeeze something out of someone, you persuade them to give it to you, although they may be unwilling to do this.


    e.g. The investigators complained about the difficulties of squeezing information out of residents...
    e.g. The company intends to squeeze further savings from its suppliers.

7. 紧缩,压缩(经济)
    If a government squeezes the economy, they put strict controls on people's ability to borrow money or on their own departments' freedom to spend money, in order to control the country's rate of inflation.

    e.g. The government will squeeze the economy into a severe recession to force inflation down...
    e.g. Defense experts say joint projects are increasingly squeezed by budget pressures.

8. 男(或女)朋友
    Someone's squeeze is their boyfriend or girlfriend.

    e.g. Jack showed off his latest squeeze at the weekend.

相关词组:squeeze offsqueeze out

squeeze 单语例句

1. China COSCO's executives remain sanguine about business prospects for this year, although analysts said sinking freight rates and higher costs would squeeze the firm.

2. It intends to break the global and regional strategic balance, minimize other countries'capability of strategic counterattack during emergencies and squeeze their strategic space.

3. The carnival mood as exhibited in China and elsewhere speaks less of gallow humor than an urge to squeeze fun out of a humdrum existence.

4. The carnival mood as exhibited in China and elsewhere speaks less of gallows humor than an urge to squeeze fun out of a humdrum existence.

5. A spokesman said the gang members had been using their size to squeeze through small openings and carry out burglaries.

6. But with few funds on hand, he was soon caught in a cash flow squeeze.

7. Increasing demand for cash ahead of the Lunar New Year has already begun to squeeze banks'liquidity.

8. Despite the global cash squeeze that has hastened recession across much of the world, organizers still expect a high demand for luxury goods.

9. Fortescue has been seeking funding as a cash squeeze and lower iron ore prices forced it to put expansions on hold.

10. A woman who wanted money to invest in a pyramid scheme faked her own kidnapping to squeeze some cash from her parents.

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