steal money是什么意思 steal money在线翻译 steal money什么意思 steal money的意思 steal money的翻译 steal money的解释 steal money的发音

steal money

steal money 双语例句

1. steal money在线翻译

1. When you try to steal money from it, its LEDs will go flashing and at the same it`s moving its ears.

2. You don't have to be agitatedly, he did not steal your money

3. So I steal some ball-pens all of them I've given money back to them, 100 RMB, the ball-pens were also stealed by other classmates including from me, the sales men in Liton black tea, Zhongbai supermarket gave more changes to me I all gave them back to them, 20 RMB, the man who sells package rice gave me more food I've paid twice price of it, 10 RMB, a female I mate on the train came here to see me I thought that my test results were bad now so I feel a little shame then I let her go lunch for free.

4. steal money的解释

4. Xia zhixing: On this point you are inferior to me. I neither steal nor rob, i just take charge in palming off and cheat money.

5. I would rather be starved to death than steal money.

6. Little by little they will steal money from the hospital YE drugs, surgical instruments transferred to the cold house Meng hide, and then, in the cold to his wife and children Meng Zhi Zou started a night operation.

7. danci.911cha.com

7. Your missionis to steal money, files and other valuable material from Internet servers across the world.

8. Software Description: About Hacker 2012 Final Transfer, Delve deep into the underground world of a computer hacker Working for a black agency, your missionis to steal money, files, and other valuable material from internet servers across the world.
    Hacker 2012 Final Transfer 潜入一名计算机黑客为一个黑代理工作的地下世界,你的任务是从全世界通过互联网服务器偷钱,文件以及其它有价值的资料。

9. No!He must be a thief. He wanted to steal my money. I glad that you have caught him.

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. He drew out every cent from his account so that his son could by no means steal his money.

11. That company is a sham, They promise to help you, but they only steal your money.

12. I never thought Bob would have sticky fingers. He did not seem like a thief who would steel steal money.

13. I never thought Bob would have sticky fingers, he did not seem like a thief who would steal money, but some people will do anything for love of money.

14. He tried to steal my money, the dirty dog.

15. E. g. I saw a man steal money on a bus.

16. steal money的意思

16. Li Guoxun says, by the user information of steal and sell, from the point of current price, substantially is one wool money an user information.

17. Look at the grass Yan Yan, a beautiful environment, but uncivilized acts are eroded and the purity of our rich culture, is the pollution of our beautiful and pure of heart: Some of the students a long time the bubble Internet, resulting in a sharp decline in visual acuity; some of the students in order to save money, early morning, however, playing at night, long-term hunger, increase fatigue and lead to malnutrition, deformity; Some students fell in love after the Internet, often being late, leave early, absenteeism, performance plummeted; money some students, parents, stealing money, stealing money from students, to steal a bike to sell, and even extortion, robbery crime; fascinated by some of the students drop-out cafes and weary, long-term loitering outside.

18. He did not seem like a thief who would steal money.

19. steal money是什么意思

19. Counsel for the defence weighs the accused person, general larceny is tried by court of basic level people, and this the person such as Xia Mou is accused to steal play money, try in open a court session of intermediate people court, explain to general larceny is different from on measurement of penalty, and intermediate people court sentences penal and general meeting to be in set term of imprisonment 10 years of above.

20. So not only did he lose the money he tried to steal, he also went to jail.

steal money 单语例句

1. He said criminals were often found installing monitoring equipment at ATMs to steal account numbers and passwords and then made fake cards to withdraw money.

2. I even had the idea to steal some money to give my son and go to prison again.

3. A young man infatuated with his drug addict girlfriend attempted to steal money from a township government office to buy the drugs she craved.

4. An inebriated man picked just the wrong moment to attempt to steal money from an ATM.

5. They warned her that he would steal money and stock from the company to buy drugs.

6. Tian confessed his sole purpose of making friends with the woman was to steal her money.

7. Besides, never let the liars steal your money and the soft spot deep in your heart.

8. Police near the Temple of Confucius stopped when the young woman said she'd found a purse with money but did not steal it.

9. The fraudsters then steal the victims'personal information and withdraw their money.

10. Lu said illegal diggers can earn a lot of money by selling off the sand they steal.

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