stores是什么意思 stores在线翻译 stores什么意思 stores的意思 stores的翻译 stores的解释 stores的发音 stores的同义词 stores的反义词 stores的例句

stores [s'tɔ:z]  [s'tɔ:z] 


stores 基本解释

名词商店( store的名词复数 ); 贮存; 大量; 零售商店

stores 情景对话



A:What about (things/ items/ products) other than food?


B:There are many stores near here.


A:This is the last of the milk.

B:I know. I intend to go to the store today.

A:Would you get some of that new cereal we saw advertised on TV?


B:Which one?

A:You know … the one with the silly ad about how vitamins jump up and down.


B:Oh, you mean “KIKIES”?

A:Yeah. That’s the one.

B:Well, I’ll see. Sometimes the stores don’t have some of the new kinds of cereal.

Shopping Centers-(购物中心)

B:What sort of shopping is nearby, Mr. Taylor?

A:Call me John. This is a great area of the city for shopping. There’s a grocery store just around the corner.


B:What about things other than food?

A:Well, the Riverside Mall has 200 stores in it, including four major department stores.

B:Are there small shops near here as well?


A:Yes, on 4th street, near the movie theater there are many specialty shops, including clothing boutiques.

B:Well, that sounds just wonderful.


A:Yes, it’s a really nice neighborhood.

stores 网络解释

1. 商店:一些嫌疑人的听证会决定被延期,这些人被指控对一个西弗吉尼亚的妇女进行长达一周的虐待.相关部门说会对这些嫌疑人(some of)提起额外绑架和性侵犯的指控.Oregon州的警方归还了他们从一家商店(stores)里拿走价值15000美圆的衣服

2. stores什么意思

2. 贮存品:stores 物料;供应品 | stores 贮存品 | storeship 供应船

3. stores在线翻译

3. 物料;供应品:stores logic panel 存储逻辑板 | stores 物料;供应品 | stores 贮存品

stores 双语例句

1. stores的近义词

1. Copies of this document, in any form, cannot be distributed to non-Wal-Mart associates without the written permission of the Global Training Manager for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

2. stores在线翻译

2. What he did earn, coin'odd jobs round town why he spent pretty near all of it on gin, and his family might of starved if the stores hadn't of carried them along.

3. In recent years, Secret Santa has been handing out $100 bills, sometimes two or three at a time, to people in thrift stores, diners and parking lots.

4. stores的反义词

4. Inrecentyears, Secret Santa has been handing out $100 bills, sometimes twoor three at a time, to people in thrift stores, dinersand parkinglots.

5. BIN/.CUE format is no good for that since only stores the 2352 part.

6. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

6. I never went out a fishing or shooting; a book, indeed, sometimes debauched me from my work, but that was seldom, was private, and gave no scandal; and, to show that I was not above my business, I sometimes brought home the paper I purchased at the stores through the streets on a wheelbarrow.

7. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

7. Starbucks generates tremendous operating cash flows, which in the past were completely consumed by opening new stores.

8. In 2006, Ka-strong home buyers to enter Chengdu and the new forces with the local media - the strength of the Chengdu Evening News, relying on its distribution platform and a strong contingent of the issue, with a 800-strong team found the Housing and Urban Lan to availability and passengers Sources, there are more than 10 chain stores in all regions of Rongcheng, financial management structures for the public purchase of a new platform.

9. The natural meat flavor essence has digested and concentrated the water miscible material in the meat, containing many kinds of amino acid, peptide, nucleic acid, carbohydrate and inorganic salts, etc., the ones that have maximumly kept the products naturally. The material series of flavor made by spray drying, microencapulation technology is fully embodying various kinds of meat flavor characteristics, the fragrance is pure, flavor is strong, quality is steady, and has solved many technological problems of the traditional essence, such as: not able to bear the high temperature, wear fragrant time short, keeping time short, stores terms expecting much, meat fragrant smell is unnatural and not strong, and to improving product quality, reduce the production cost, raise the market competitiveness played important function.

10. If one instruction stores a value in a register, and the next instruction tries to use that register as an operand, then the machine may have to stall waiting for that result to become available.

11. Our aim is to portray Sincere's as worldwide department stores, as well as a source of culture, history and art.

12. Retail/Office Buildings – Designed for retail or office sales and display, this category includes stand-alone buildings such as offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, department stores, bakeries, and beauty shops – as well as strip centers, and neighborhood and community shopping centers.

13. stores是什么意思

13. To set up a chain speciality store, its retail stores shall meet the following conditions

14. In fact, I have always thought that mall do not have any specific reference to the template, we have to match the surrounding environment, look for your target market, the scope of radiation, consumer groups, which have a commercial shopping district of the Business area, the number of proportion, Performance index, and then analyzes the characteristics of their own projects, such as building structure, the idea of planning, product positioning, and so on, have to do a full range of considerations, the project should not take business model sets, otherwise it will enter the Trader errors in commercial operation, On the one hand, the project requires a rational analysis of the business, on the other hand, also need experience of perceptual knowledge, Therefore, the practical is the most important, and sometimes I often take the university to open a convenience store when the state of mind to do, your location, the allocation of goods, customer needs analysis, competitor analysis, the source of profit analysis, staff management, Each of you has a bearing on the vital interests of the past, so convenience stores to the tired physically and mentally exhausted, and now do professional managers, but relaxed pleasure, why, in large measure because we do not have to do in-depth market analysis, there is no To go from a financial point of view to measure inputs and outputs, In a way, we copy the model and set of formulas that this is the blind authority, and that is scientific, not a matter of fact, what professional, non-professional planning, planning is not professional, lead to a large number of commercial real estate projects and idle Waste, Who's fault also?

15. The Tormes mall houses more than 80 different stores, and the device has been used by more than 2400 people.

16. stores的近义词

16. On general average disbursements, other than the wages and maintenance of master, officers and crew and fuel and stores not replaced during the voyage, shall be allowed in general average, but when the funds are not provided by any of the contributing interests, the necessary cost of obtaining the funds required by means of a bottomry bond or otherwise, or the loss sustained by owners of goods sold for the purpose, shall be allowed in general average.

17. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

17. Documents of documents Please list, making stores goods warehouse to turn into library, every order confirmation of the goods, and the arrival of the goods at the goods at work, the pick-up DaZhi statistics, the daily and monthly inventory stock statements for doing Storage department JianZhuang cosfre According to the requirement that the goods Michael head certifying that the number and type, the number of such information, supervision and forklift truck packing, arrange cargo security, reasonable position after completion of packing cosfre JianZhuang fill in form Hobbies: interest are good at computer applications, computer hardware and software have mastered
      单证部 单证员制作门店商品请货单,转仓单,对每天进库商品的定单进行预约收货,并在货物到达时进行收货单的打制工作,统计每天的库存进出情况,用于每月做库存报表仓储部拼箱监装按装箱单要求确认货麦头,进仓物数量,型号,编号等信息,监督铲车的装箱,安排货物堆放位置合理安全,拼箱装箱完成后填写监装表格兴趣爱好:兴趣方面比较擅长计算机的应用,对计算机的软硬件有一定的掌握

18. And attacked the sellers of fake and low-quality goods new person Yang Hong to be listed new hundred stores, was striking and profound, was worth the memento!

19. The glitz of some previous spring seasons was gone, but in contrast to the more somber fall styles now in stores, one could spy some feathers and even a little tinsel from at least one influential label, Proenza Schouler.
      在先前的一些春季浮华走了,但相对于风格更加阴暗下跌现在在商店,人们可以间谍触怒了一些人甚至从至少一个有影响力的品牌,Proenza Schouler小箔。

20. The reason of the regulation lies in, outside and information asymmetry the seller monopolizes power and stores in.

stores 单语例句


1. " They often act under the guise of'direct sales'or'chain stores', " he said.

2. They can publish the registration number for their business charters on the Web page of their online stores.

3. And there was a gentleman's agreement with department stores not to siphon sales by reaching out directly to wealthy customers.

4. Most department stores in Beijing have also seen a prominent increase in sales, according to statistics provided by the Beijing Municipal Business Committee.

5. " We plan to open three to six stores in China per year, " Chen tells China Business Weekly at a Tiffany promotion in Beijing.

6. Paris'business empire spans 17 product lines and 35 stores but she insists she is not a ruthless businesswoman.

7. This spacious, bustling mall houses 80 stores stacked with inexpensive gowns that sparkle under the bright lights.

8. Especially during the busy holiday season, many unemployed professionals are working at temporary jobs in stores and other seasonal businesses.

9. Major stores specialized in soccer gear say this month might seem like the busy Christmas shopping season.

10. Those who want to use other operators'services can choose to buy the iPhone from Apple stores in China.

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