syllabic是什么意思 syllabic在线翻译 syllabic什么意思 syllabic的意思 syllabic的翻译 syllabic的解释 syllabic的发音 syllabic的同义词

syllabic [sɪˈlæbɪk]  [sɪˈlæbɪk] 

syllabic 基本解释



syllabic 网络解释

1. 音节主音:syllabi 判决书 | syllabic 音节主音 | syllabically 每音节地

2. 音节主音/音节的:syllabary /字音表/音节文字表/ | syllabic /音节主音/音节的/ | syllabically /每音节地/分成音节地/

3. 音节的:syllabary 音节文字表 | syllabary 字音表 | syllabic 音节的

4. 音節單位:syllabic sound 音節符 | syllabic 音節單位 | syllabeme 音節劃分

syllabic 双语例句

1. Correctly reading each syllable of every syllabic language is the first barrier for the candidate to break through.

2. 911查询·英语单词

2. The specific syllabic structures of the Chinese language musical and the skills in applying them make the language musical.

3. Given that Chinese is a syllabic language with very simple syllabic structure, the question is whether the phonological representations of Chinese-speaking children undergo similar change as that found in other languages.

4. The compensatory effects found in Mandarin are mostly within syllable, and this may be due to its syllabic language nature. However, all these compensatory effects are found to be incomplete, and hence the isochrony-or constancy of larger temporal units is not evidenced.

5. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

5. Inspecting the developing and evolving process of the vocabularies, an obvious tendency will be found in syllabic language in Chinese: The disyllabic words are more than the monosyllabic words, and obtain the absolute predominance in the end.

6. syllabic在线翻译

6. After a decade of effort, Wa Renbo, the 20th chairman for holding the sacrificial rite to God, invented in 1923 a syllabic language for the Lisus.

7. According to the Tibetan grammar, line feed is put after a syllabic sign, SHAD (1) and space characters.

8. syllabic

8. The ideographic and syllabic writing system in which the ancient Babylonian language was written.

9. Conflicts between statements and transcriptions of this kind will be discussed further below4, the gestures for consecutive stops overlap, so that stops are unexploded when they occur before another stop in words 5, in many accents of English, syllable final/p, t/are accompanied by an overlapping glottal stop gesture, as in pronunciations of tip, (this is another case where transcription cannot fully describe what is going on)6, in many accents of english, /t/is replaced by a glottal stop when it occurs before an alveolar nasal in the same word7, nasals are syllabic at end of a word when immediately after an obstruentNote that we cannot say that nasals become syllabic whenever they occur at the end of a word and after a consonant. the nasals in kils, film are not syllabicity of /l/by saying simply.8, the lateral /l/ is syllabic at the end of aword when immediately after a consonant.
    之间的冲突的声明和抄录这种将进一步讨论见下文) 4 ,连续的姿态站重叠,因此,车站未发生时之前停止在另一个字 5 ,在许多口音的英语,音节最后/磷,吨/年的同时,重叠喉塞音的姿态,在发音的提示,(这是另一个情况下,转录不能完全说明是怎么回事) 6 ,在许多口音的英语,/吨/年是取而代之的是一个喉塞音发生时肺泡鼻前的同一个词 7日,鼻骨的音节在一个单词的结尾时后立即obstruent 请注意,我们不能说鼻骨成为音节何时何地发生在一个单词的结尾之后consonant.the鼻骨在kils ,电影不是syllabicity的/升/说简单。8 ,横向/升/是音节在年底时aword后立即辅音。

10. The invention is simple and applied, and it has good regularity, can solve difficulty of binary syllabification position or achieving difficulty on mini key-board, it produces little repeated code, especially no syllabic repeated code on mini key-board, it can be used on computer and handset, efficiency can be improved greatly.

11. syllabic的近义词

11. Four aspects are studied in this paper: the study of non-linear syllable theory of the analysis ofdengyunxue of the syllabic structure of Chinese character, the study of the distinctive feature theory of the four types of the articulation of initials, the study of the markedness theory of the devoicing of the fully voiced initials and the study of the feature geometry theory of the correlates between the devoicing of the fully voiced initials and tonal change. Through our studies, conclusions can be drawn as follows:(1) Contemporary phonological theories can be used to elucidate the principle of Chinese dengyunxue; (2) Contemporary phonological theories can be used to explain the historical phonetic change of Chinese; (3) Different theories and methods of contemporary phonology should be applied to deal with different problems of Chinese phonology; (4) The application of contemporary phonological theories to the study of the historical phonetic change of Chinese is helpful to test and verify the universalizability of these theoretical hypotheses

12. In syllabic languages each syllable has equal importance, and therefore equal time is needed.

13. In addition to the standard syllabic grid, there are optionalsigns used to clarify the spelling of a word.

14. In syllabic languages each syllable has equal importance, and therefore equal time is commanded.

15. According to their syllabic numbers, color words can be divided into two categories: monosyllables and disyllables.

16. Here we have studied more than 130 groups of multi-syllabic synonymies of nouns, verbs and adjectives, in order to find the characteristics of Middle Chinese, and discussed some methods and theories.

17. syllabic

17. The finals and tones reduplicates, the initial of the latter syllable sticks to /l/ whose loudness is the highest, the sound-divided-words gets its syllabic characteristic that the latter syllable of a sound-divided-word always takes the primary stress.

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18. I heard that Kna in Japanese is a kind of syllabic language, is that so?

19. It would probably be safe to say, however, that a majority of those who came as far as pictographic writing took the step to syllabic script.

20. The complexity of the Chinese syllable structure is caused by the syllabic status of the prenuclear glides.

syllabic 英英释义



1. (of speech sounds) forming the nucleus of a syllable

    e.g. the syllabic 'nl' in 'riddle'

2. consisting of a syllable or syllables

3. (of verse) having lines based on number of syllables rather than on rhythmical arrangement of stresses or quantities

4. consisting of or using a syllabary

    e.g. eskimos of the eastern Arctic have a system of syllabic writing

5. of or relating to syllables

    e.g. syllabic accent
           syllabic characters each represent a syllable

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