then是什么意思 then在线翻译 then什么意思 then的意思 then的翻译 then的解释 then的发音 then的同义词 then的反义词 then的例句 then的相关词组

then [ðen]  [ðɛn] 

then 基本解释

副词然后; 那么; 那时; 话说回来

形容词当时的; 那时的

then 同义词


then 反义词


then 相关词组

1. but then : 但另一方面;

2. till then : 直到那时;

3. by then : 到那时;

4. from then on : 从那时起;

5. since then : 其后, 从此一直;

then 相关例句


1. If you want to go home, then go.

2. then什么意思

2. When will the manager be available, then?

3. then的近义词

3. Go into the cave, then they won't see you.

4. We lived in the country then.

then 情景对话


A:Excuse me! Does this bus to to the railway station?

B:No, You’re got on the wrong bus.

B:You can take a No. 22 bus at the University station and then transfer to a No.83 bus at the railway station.

A:OK! Thank you very much!


A:Excuse me! Does this bus to the railway station?


B:No, You’re got on the wrong bus.You can take a No. 22 bus at the University station and then transfer to a No.83 bus at the railway station.

A:OK! Thank you very much!


A:Excuse me, can you tell me where Main Street is?

B:Turn left at the second light and then go straight for two blocks.


A:Is it far?


B:No. It's only a five-minute walk. You can’t miss it.


A:Thanks a lot.

B:You're welcome.

then 网络解释

1. then的翻译

1. 那时:我也发现了自己的脸孔在岁月中的改变,不是皱纹问题,是眉宇间的神色…看著自己在那时(then)被定格的脸,回咀著那时的心情滋味,曾属於自己,却又飘渺的人生况味…神色无关乎年龄,关乎那个时代那张脸的主人正走在如何的命运之途中…

2. then的意思

2. 当时:单词that表示那个,用字母w替换了字母t得到新词what,就是不知那个(that)是什日语电子词典下载么(what),w替换单词then中的t,便是when,不知当时(then)是什么时候(when),替换there的t,就是where,不知那里(there)是哪里(where),

3. Thus is the Soul declared:And thought uncompassed, ever all itself,与思考unc... | Thus is the Soul declared!因此,是灵魂宣布! How wilt thou, then, -如何祢,那么, - | Knowing it so, - grieve when thou shouldst not grieve?明知如此,...

then 词典解释

1. 当时;那时;届时;到时候
    Then means at a particular time in the past or in the future.

    e.g. He wanted to have a source of income after his retirement; until then, he wouldn't require additional money...
    e.g. The clinic opened for business last October and since then has treated more than 200 people.
           该诊所去年 10 月开业,从那以后已经接诊 200 多人。

2. 当时的;那时的
    Then is used when you refer to something which was true at a particular time in the past but is not true now.


    e.g. ...the Race Relations Act of 1976 (enacted by the then Labour Government)...
           1976 年的《种族关系法》(由当时的工党政府颁布施行)
    e.g. He was known by many for his role in the then record-breaking robbery of the mail train from Glasgow to London in August 1963.
           他曾因参与 1963 年 8 月那起发生在从格拉斯哥开往伦敦的邮政列车上的特大抢劫案而恶名昭著。

3. 然后;之后;接着
    You use then to say that one thing happens after another, or is after another on a list.

    e.g. Add the oil and then the scallops to the pan, leaving a little space for the garlic...
    e.g. I felt myself blush. Then I sniffed back a tear...

4. (口语中)那么,因此
    You use then in conversation to indicate that what you are about to say follows logically in some way from what has just been said or implied.


    e.g. 'I wasn't a very good scholar at school.' — 'What did you like doing best then?'...
    e.g. You're not gonna tell me, are you? Do I have to guess, then?...

5. (用于话题、谈话的结尾)
    You use then at the end of a topic or at the end of a conversation.

    e.g. 'I can meet you after work. Six o'clock?'— 'Fine.' — 'Six o'clock, then?'...
           “我下班后可以和你碰面。6 点可以吗?”——“行啊。”——“那就定 6 点啦?”
    e.g. He stood up. 'That's settled then.'...

6. (和 now,well,okay 等连用,引出新话题或新观点)
    You use then with words like 'now', 'well', and 'okay', to introduce a new topic or a new point of view.


    e.g. Now then, you say you walk on the fields out the back?
    e.g. Well then, I'll put the kettle on and make us some tea...

7. 也就是说,总之(引出总结或结论)
    You use then to introduce a summary of what you have said or the conclusions that you are drawing from it.

    e.g. This, then, was the music that appeared to dominate the world of serious concert music in the mid-1960s...
           这就是 20 世纪 60 年代中期严肃的管弦乐中的主流音乐。
    e.g. By 1931, then, France alone in Europe was a country of massive immigration.
           也就是说,到 1931 年的时候,法国是欧洲唯一一个拥有大量移民的国家。

8. 那么,则(引导if开头的句子的第二部分,第一部分描述可能的情况,第二部分引入结果)
    You use then to introduce the second part of a sentence which begins with 'if'. The first part of the sentence describes a possible situation, and then introduces the result of the situation.

    e.g. If the answer is 'yes', then we must decide on an appropriate course of action...

9. 毕竟,话说回来,而且(用于句首,或用于 and,but 之后引出对之前所说话的评论或补充)
    You use then at the beginning of a sentence or after 'and' or 'but' to introduce a comment or an extra piece of information to what you have already said.


    e.g. We have to do quite a bit of reading, and then we have our ongoing work which would be an essay...
    e.g. He sounded sincere, but then, he always did.

10. now and then -> see now
      there and then -> see there

then 英英释义



1. that time
    that moment

    e.g. we will arrive before then
           we were friends from then on


1. subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors)

    e.g. then he left
           go left first, then right
           first came lightning, then thunder
           we watched the late movie and then went to bed
           and so home and to bed

    Synonym: soand soand then

2. at that time

    e.g. I was young then
           prices were lower back then
           science as it was then taught

3. in that case or as a consequence

    e.g. if he didn't take it, then who did?
           keep it then if you want to
           the case, then, is closed
           you've made up your mind then?
           then you'll be rich

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