to burst是什么意思 to burst在线翻译 to burst什么意思 to burst的意思 to burst的翻译 to burst的解释 to burst的发音 to burst的同义词

to burst

to burst 双语例句

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1. A loop-free common control channel is provided in the optical burst switching network to which all network nodes have access.

2. A burst of inclusion is the only way to make the world anew.

3. I think you and your family are about to burst out with joy over your big promotion.

4. It is the love that is considered unconditional and undying; so great that my heart seems to burst with the joy of it.

5. To burst out with joy = very happy It's a great pleasure to send you our sincere congratulations on your new appointment.

6. to burst在线翻译

6. And you don't have to burst, just take them out one by one.

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7. The water must be expel from water heater, washing machine, bathtub to prevent leakage incident occurred because of pipeline rupture peculiar smell and burst. To pull out indoor attaching plug to prevent natural disasters because of lightning; The food storage in refrigerators must be treat as much as possible before outgoing, to prevent deteroprate because of rot.

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8. The aim is to group three or more aqua bubbles of the same color so that they burst and disappear.

9. If you are looking to brighten up your walkway, choose plants or shrubs with a burst of color.

10. The idea of Rolling Marbles is to burst out color marbles by their grouping with the help of various rotators.

11. His paintings and gift to the orphaned children cared for by his Zen Teacher - it will bring a burst of color and joy into your life.

12. If it was synchronized with the TV via the color burst technique of NTSC then it would be'similar to'true color info.
      如果它经由 NTSC 的色系脉冲技术跟电视信号同步的话,就能得到'近似于'真彩的数据了。

13. to burst的近义词

13. The children of Kids Camp gave a burst of color to the occasion with their Indian costumes and decorative face painting (the highlight of their day being the presence of the calf and cow!).

14. to burst

14. It is this generation and the breakdown of the bubble continuing the process of A-share market has led to huge fluctuations, as well as the bubble burst phase of unbearable loss.

15. One of its roles is to change the BFU-E(burst-forming unit-erythroid) cells, which are the earliest erythrocyte precursors in the erythrocytic series, into the CFU-E (colony-forming unit-erythroid).

16. You don't even know how a camera's burst-mode flash works, but you persuade yourself to pay for the extra feature just in case.

17. In the passive optical network, clock and data recovery circuit plays an important role in the transceiver. Thus, how to realize a burst-mode CDR with rapid lock time is a critical issue in this application.

18. to burst什么意思

18. The 60320 uses burst-mode charge transfer methods pioneered and patented by Quantum, including charge cancellation methods which allow for a wide range of key sizes and shapes to be mixed together in a single keypanel.

19. to burst的反义词

19. A frequency offset estimation algorithm with pilot-data assisted jointly based on the framework of the Expectation-Maximum algorithm is proposed in order to deal with the conflict between estimation accuracy and spectral efficiency for burst-mode transmission systems. Furthermore, the improved recursive EM estimation algorithm is proposed.

20. It did not give details but Hong Kong cable television said some 1.2 million people were being evacuated in Qingchuan, about 90 km (55 miles) northeast of Beichuan, as rising waters threatened to burst a lake's banks there.

to burst 单语例句

1. After the Fed began to tighten monetary policy from 1996, capital flows reversed and the East Asian asset bubbles burst.

2. Little did she know this burst of anger would come back to haunt her just 56 minutes later.

3. Wade had five points in the burst, which included a scary moment that led to the ejection of Boston guard Ricky Davis.

4. Dividends from past reforms have gradually subsided, as export growth has settled from an explosive burst to a more normal path.

5. Due to the air pressure in the plane, the packet burst and a number of passengers almost vomited due to the strong odour.

6. Mainland property players have been oversold due to property bubble burst leading to the fall in housing prices.

7. Five rebels suddenly burst into the courtyard, shooting in the air and ordering people to get inside the school.

8. One killed an alligator and then burst when it tried to eat it.

9. They claimed that slowing growth and declining stock and commodity prices were signals that the country's property bubble was set to burst.

10. Today, it's hard to deny that the bubble is there - unless it has already burst.

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