to cite是什么意思 to cite在线翻译 to cite什么意思 to cite的意思 to cite的翻译 to cite的解释 to cite的发音 to cite的同义词 to cite的反义词

to cite

to cite 双语例句

1. Moulder and Valberg seem to be able to cite significant evidence that suggests there is no danger.

2. Gardens Bureau of Chongqing Mayor implement cite hung, ZHANG Xuan, deputy secretary, is the vice mayor of Chongqing garden to inspect the base at the time of seedling planting instructions, spare no effort to promote initiatives to strengthen the three garden seedlings planted in Chongqing bases.

3. The word of personage of media cite know the inside story expresses, cast in had appointed Zheng Kongdong to invest a branch to be in charge of for strategy, the asset management business with responsible self-supporting open market reachs pair of strong fund business.

4. It is hardly necessary for me to cite all the evidence of the depressing state of literacy.

5. to cite

5. Brag about how great you are, but neglect to cite evidence of your accomplishments.

6. I`d like to cite my own experience as an example.

7. I`d like to cite my own experience as an example. Five years ago

8. I'd like to cite my own experience as an example.

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9. Id like to cite my own experience as an example.

10. If our smudginess puts forward to capture this essence closely, can make our economic globalization considers to lose coordinate, cannot cite research to development, short of is our country active and active the goal that participate in globalization process and advances correct and decision-making basis.

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11. What is the author`s purpose to cite the February 27th incident in paragraph 1?

12. The Ethiopia covers with tiles the word of cite place official says center of Er tower information that day, this year in August, be in dust capital inferior the area of all alone collect that Si Yabei Ba Yina makes an appointment with 500 kilometer, a flock of lions assault the livestock that local farmer and they feed suddenly again and again, rush into dorp to have a person even.

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13. Polling one group of 13- to 17-year-olds in 2003 and another in 2004, Gallup reported that 65 percent cite a g
      盖洛普公司于2003年抽查了一组13 - 17岁的孩子,并于2004年抽查了另一组。

14. One-third cite the need to reduce their debt.

15. To refute them we need only cite the war history of the Red Army.

16. One-third cite the need to reducetheir debt.

17. As reasons for their lack of participation, they cite such economic factors as the need to spend too much and not wanting to pay a program fee, according to COLLOQUY's research.

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18. More specifically, they cite a need to shield the new Jewish settlements of Gilo and Har Homa, partially built on old Bethlehem land.
      更特别的是,以色列人认为需要保护新的犹太人定居点Gilo和Har Homa,有一部分建在伯利恒老城的土地上。

19. to cite在线翻译

19. To cite one final example of the range of responsibilities that will fall upon you.

20. Cite a case for, the probability that consumer searchs the probability of computer to compare search toothpaste is a lot of bigger.

to cite 单语例句

1. They cite laboratory studies that have shown potential gains in crop yields of up to 30 percent when carbon dioxide emissions were increased.

2. Lawmakers could vote to cite witnesses for contempt and refer the matter to the local US attorney to bring before a grand jury.

3. Here I can cite some examples to show how China's democracy has progressed.

4. Jailed collaborators tend to cite financial hardship for their recruitment by Israeli intelligence in its war with militant factions leading the revolt for statehood.

5. Officials cite a high unemployment rate as justifying the extended period pledge, but Bullard's remarks show other pressures could force the Fed to tighten financial conditions.

6. And it would not be surprising to see some observers cite political developments in Japan to question the political fundamentalism practiced by the West.

7. The commerce body partly attributed the weaker import figures to lower oil prices, but did not cite any other factors.

8. Young couples are often taken up by their professional obligations and cite one excuse or another not to go back home for Spring Festival.

9. They cite the government's failure to control sky rocketing land prices, and their perception that the government caters to property developers.

10. The authorities can cite technical factors to explain away the gap, but they must do more if they want to dispel public doubt.

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