to educate是什么意思 to educate在线翻译 to educate什么意思 to educate的意思 to educate的翻译 to educate的解释 to educate的发音 to educate的同义词

to educate

to educate 双语例句

1. Therefore, parents should be modest and open-minded to keep up with modern timesand to learn how to educate an outstanding child.

2. to educate是什么意思

2. Early intervention was used to educate and train the hypophrenia children initially, but in these years, it has been gradually utilized in the clinical therapy of HIE because the happeness of sequels of the moderate and severe HIE was not decreased well even when active drug treatment has been used in neonatal period.

3. And of course when it comes to dealing with parents and children, to communicate with them well and educate them as much as possible about the intercultural aspect.

4. I want to furture educate myself, hope he can understand and surpport me. what I really want is to spend my life with you, walk along the road hand in hand. true love is the most wonderful thing in this world.

5. Education and reference software is used to educate and entertain.

6. We need some sort of education program in eChina, so we can educate the Baby Boomers to the ways of the eWorld and while looking at the job market I see no job offers for workers with a land skill of 1-2, which forces them to live on minimum wage for longer.
    我们在国内需要开展一些教育项目来培训新人潮的这批新手如何走向 e 世界,并且我在察看劳动市场的时候我看到没有招聘技能 1-2 的公司,这使得他们不得不在最低工资线上挣扎得更久。

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7. It is suggested that the courts establish Mediation Committees to widely promote the restorative justice process; they carefully assess the concerned parties in different events in order to provide or refer them to appropriate social welfare agencies and to assist the juvenile in adapting to their society; they should educate the front-line, grass-root social workers, teachers, police officers to learn the concept and spirit of restorative justice approach.

8. We should educate our students how to behave.

9. Always flaunted their children to educate our own point.

10. LCP is making use of Kodak business development services to educate its salesforce in successfully selling digital printing products.

11. High, higher than the sun You shoot me from a gun I need you to elevate me here At corner of your lips As the orbit of your hips Eclipse You elevate my soul I`ve got no self control Been living like a mole now Going down, excavation I and I in the sky You make me feel like I can fly So high Elevation A star Lit up like a cigar Strung out like a guitar Maybe you can educate my mind Explain all these controls Can`t sing but I`ve got soul The goal is elevation A mole Digging in a hole Digging up my soul now Going down, excavation I and I in the sky You make me feel like I can fly So high Elevation Love Lift me up out of these blues Won`t you tell me something true I believe in you A mole Digging in a hole Digging up my soul now Going down, excavation Higher now In the sky You make me feel like I can fly So high Elevation Elevation Elevation Elevation Elevation Redacted by Jerry
      高度,更高的比太阳你射击我从炮 I需要你到举起我在这里在你的嘴唇的角落你的臀的同样地轨道日蚀你举起我的灵魂 I`ve得到没有自己控制是生活象痣现在去向下的,挖掘 I和我在天你制造我意欲我能苍蝇因而高度上升 A星点着向上象雪茄有吸毒瘾的象吉他大概你能教育我的头脑解释全部的。这些控制能`t唱但是I`ve得到灵魂目的是上升 A痣挖掘在洞挖掘向上我的灵魂现在去向下的,挖掘 I和我在天你制造我意欲我能苍蝇因而高度上升爱。这些抑郁的举起我向上外面的 Won`t你告诉我某事真实的 I信仰你 A痣挖掘在洞挖掘向上我的灵魂现在去向下的,挖掘更高的现在在天你制造我意欲我能苍蝇因而高度上升上升上升上升上升编辑在草率的

12. In the face of the great cause of a century of education through the ages, personal success or failure and bet are insignificant, keep this one, continue passing on sincerely, make human civilization and knowledge carry on and build constructing, it is every one that throws and teaches others by his own example to educate the working normal student's lifework all the life!

13. The junior middle school gym instructor to trains the way the choice also to assume the diversification, looked from the selectance, training which welcome for the visit is inspected, the colleague experiences exchanges, expert course, special study; The ideal inspection method synthesizes the evaluation; But trains the channel to like accepts the duty after the sports and the pedagogical colleges and universities to educate; The training time is willing in winter and summer vacation centralism training.

14. Mr Negroponte responds that mobile phones are not much use for education; Mr Quadir replies that thanks to economic development driven by mobile phones, parents can afford to educate their children.
      Negroponte 先生认为手机对教育没多大用处。但Quadir先生却认为正是因为手机业务对经济的促进,才使得家长承担得起孩子的教育费用。

15. to educate的反义词

15. Conservationists will increase their efforts to educate coffee drinkers about how they can help.

16. With 15, 000 words, countless activities and games, and MP3 Audio for your iPod or other player, learn chinese Now! will have you speaking and understanding Chinese in no time. For you, the best way to learn chinese may be different. The internet is a great resource for people looking to educate themselves in some way or other.

17. One of Kew's aims is to educate young visitors on the importance of preserving the environment, while learning more about trees.

18. Master: We need to educate them right now.

19. One of the most effective measures to low the chance of traffic accident is to educate people to obey all traffic rules.

20. We must intensify our efforts to educate such persons and to make them understand that selfish departmentalism is a sectarian tendency which will become very dangerous, if allowed to develop.

to educate 单语例句

1. Junior Achievement is an international movement to educate young people about business and economics.

2. An environmentalist in Shanghai is seeking business partners to educate people about green issues and form enterprises that dispose of waste safely.

3. My hotfooted friend was making candid movies to educate the public about how to lend assistance to emergency callers while protecting your phone.

4. The Party shall launch a nationwide campaign to educate its members for the improvement of its ruling capacity.

5. The government should budget more money to educate citizens and hire more officers to enforce civilized behavior.

6. The father said he just wanted to educate his daughter and making a clarification for himself through the lawsuit.

7. Zhang posted 38 threads on the university's website to communicate with his son and to educate him to be honest and study hard.

8. She advises parents to engage in more effective communication with the grandparents and try to reach an agreement on how to educate the children.

9. It is imperative to not just stop this illegal practice, but also to comprehensively educate police officers at the grassroots level about correct legal procedures.

10. " Our philosophy is to educate people, " says the guardian who has finished a correspondence course on management.

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