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to fart

to fart 双语例句

1. You try to fart and you get a little poop in your pants?

2. My tummy feels bloated and I really want to fart, but I guess I'll keep it in there as there are a ton of people around me!

3. to fart

3. Ah! Feel better is much! Later, I of happy to dance with random fan of chair cushion houseful, pray this effluvial can drop off at once..., such, be in next ten minutes of less than, I am putting fart ceaselessly at the same time, at the same time ceaseless fan is worn chair cushion, eventually, when I hear her to say good-bye in the phone, the air in house and my abdomen already a lot of!

4. to fart在线翻译

4. Today, while giving a lecture about gasses to a large chemistry class, I went outside to let loose an unusualy loud fart while they took some notes. I came back in only to see 300 students dying of laughter. I had left the wireless mic on. FML
    今天,给一个化学专业的大班做报告时,我趁大家做笔记的间隙跑到外面放了一个超响的屁,回来后发现300多学生大笑不止:我忘记关闭无线麦克了~~ FML 。。。。。。

5. But every time when the wine jar on the latrines, how energetically also could not pull out, but also not willing to release only the left ass who reluctantly exercise calf muscles, until soon there is no perception, the force has not yet pulled out of the middle finger length 1 yellow solid, accompanied by another burst of fart sound, wiping bottoms, this time his legs have become numb, stood up and pressed the flush button, watching the buzzing of a transparent purity of the source of a strong gush of life, feel like a waste of water, mind blowing and guilt that he pulled so little, it is not used so much water into the thick of that small piece of hard waste, I have deeply aware of their sins, as if the people with discerning stool pool of eyes stare at me in my heart feel guilty men, and then bought a banana, eat, eat the banana, the result was not successful, it seems necessary for me to try the Chinese nation's traditional recipe, and Croton, later to eat the croton.

6. to fart在线翻译

6. One day 3 brother touch mice together, the old says: Present mice medicine also is used without giving thought to, I ate 3 packets to also do not have what thing yesterday, the second says grouchily: You eat medicine of 3 packets of mice what to calculate, should true kongfu just cries fierce, I now is the body with not bad King Kong, present mice clincher is right a bit action is done not have for me, like placing me to put a fart on my body just like mosquito.

7. Now you have two choices: to fight with me or kowtow eight times before my Shifu and say `fart` three times.

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8. Now you have two choices: to fight with me or kowtow eight times before my Shifu and say'fart'three times.

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9. We are here on earth to fart around, don`t let anybody tell you any different.

10. to fart的意思

10. Come to learn that a few foreign sound, we think that will be released abroad fart?

11. I incline the head the sound that listens attentively to the cummer in another house to chat, because want to abide by the promise that does not peek, I also dare not open blind fold, can be in only inky in putting fart ceaselessly, to hasten a gas in abdomen is all eduction, do not make become smellier in house again!

12. We need to counter is with launching missiles of desi shit and gujarati fart gas on beijing to succeed.

13. Friendly, well. at least most of them are, besides that one weirdo in theWalk of Fame, who is trying really hard to fart while we are takingpictures, this disgust me.

14. OK, let me put a stop to that little brain fart right now.

15. Hades now and then put one fart, that scholar flattered to fart ahead namely.

16. to fart的反义词

16. No other novelty gag gifts site even comes close (especially that stupid fart machine) to peeing as far as Master Peez.
      没有其他新颖的gag礼品网站,甚至接近(尤其是愚蠢的fart机) peeing据掌握peez 。

17. But, pawn a great bear during the period of hurt breaks out, the little bear gives no consideration to threat of the great bear but licks for it laps wound, have moved big silvertip ultimately, gradually, the great bear has accepted this small heel fart insect, has become protector of the little bear.

18. to fart的意思

18. I think that baby fart or digestion problems, is exclusive breastfeeding, I would like to wet nurse should pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat some beans, mustard and other food easy to flatulence, you can find Chinese medicine opened medicine, the mother ate had a baby can help your baby and promote digestion.

19. A fart joke from ancient Sumer is currently believed to be the world's oldest known joke.

20. My son was born eight days a month, and in recent weeks and found him to always feel suffocated after 0:00, just like adults, like forced defecation, flushing of the face, if released个屁like a little fart, or tried, if not, he cried, which is Why?

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