track raise是什么意思 track raise在线翻译 track raise什么意思 track raise的意思 track raise的翻译 track raise的解释 track raise的发音

track raise

track raise 双语例句

1. Li Hengnian put forward a surprising idea: Correcting the falling track forecast scheme by converting the wind drifting movement can help to raise the forecast accuracy.

2. A stereo pair of SPOT-5 imagery acquired in across-track mode is selected and used. The empirical results have shown that the proposed geometric model, compared with the original model which considers the CCD line-scanner side watch angle as a constant, can improve the x-coordinate accuracy of image points, and can also raise the height accuracy of object space coordinates significantly while maintain the same level of the planimetric accuracy.

3. track raise在线翻译

3. Therefore, Chiu Chao-li THINK, Chongqing OurGame building model can be completely contrary to norms of the previous loose construction provides a number of acts to raise funds toward building the right track, to success.

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4. Tai is released from prison to discover that his twin brother Tan has been in a coma for the past year. Tan had entered the world of Fireball, a violent game based on the sport of basketball that is hosted by underground criminal gangs, apparently so as to raise the money for Tai's early release. However, Tan was brutally beaten by another player, Ton. Tai agrees to join Den's team so that he can track down the man who hospitalized his brother.

5. The body has drum mixed with four leaves, stirring with a good performance out of the concrete mix to make a more uniform 2: mixed leaves on a mixed open hole to raise the quality of concrete mixing; 3 ----- sealed tube was funnel shape, Large caliber to ensure a smooth feed: 4: Lo leaves were added to the top surface wear protection, to extend the service life of the leaves, 5 leaves on a few large rectangle-shaped hole and the hole in the concrete to reduce the adhesion of the leaves; 6: Mixing cylinder B520JJ optional alloy steel materials, wear resistant materials; 7 from the first block plate spinning, 8: ZG35 stirring drum track using the material, casting molding.
    筒体内有四块拌叶、具有良好的搅拌性能,使拌出的混凝土更加均匀2:拌叶上开有拌孔能提高混凝土搅拌质量;3密封管-----呈漏斗形状,口径大能确保顺利进料:4:螺叶片呈曲面顶端加防护耐磨条,延长叶片使用寿命,5叶片上有几个圆孔及长方钜形孔减少混凝土在叶片上的粘附; 6:搅拌筒体材料选用B520JJ合金钢、抗耐磨材质;7封头由整块钢板旋压成型,8:搅拌筒轨道采用ZG35材质,经铸造成型。9:搅拌筒壳体各部件由高强度及高耐磨材质制作而成。10:搅拌筒整体焊接采用自动埋弧焊技术。

6. Check whether the door slides smoothly, otherwise adjust the right and left nuts. To facilitate connecting the derrick boom, before fixing the track, join the boom with the inserting piece on the door leaf. Then raise the door leaf and fix the guiding track.

7. He hopes to raise as much as $200 million to launch more orbiting satellites to track changes at the earth's surface.

8. While the straight line motor-driven subway or elevated track vehicles can improve the performance of passing the curve and raise the stability meanwhile cut down the cost satisfying the demand of the secondary quantity of transportation in big cities.

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9. Working with Music For Relief, Linkin Park, Lupe Fiasco/Kenna (collaboration produced by Mike Shinoda), Alanis Morissette, The All-American Rejects, Dave Matthews Band, Enrique Iglesias, Hoobastank, Kenna (track co-produced by Linkin Park`s Mike Shinoda and The Neptunes` Chad Hugo), Peter Gabriel and Slash have all graciously donated never-before-released music to help raise funds and promote awareness of the recovery efforts.

10. track raise是什么意思

10. That plan collapsed last month after the track promoters, Donington Ventures Leisure, were unable to raise the necessary 153m to pay for the circuit improvements and race fees.

11. At the time of reunification, Kohl naively thought that with massive West German aid, the east could eventually get its economy on the right track, even if the initial stages failed to reach projected targets. He further thought that aid would raise the standard of living and consumer purchasing power in the east and that would bring about a wave of investment in the five East German states.

12. This article will tell us how to track the service to raise the csi.

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13. In this paper, the error which is produced in the course of experiment on the air - track is analysed, the main factor which effects experiment result is obtained, the method which can raise experiment precision is advanced.

14. Michael queen, who took over at 3I in early 2009, said the group aimed to build on its track record in Asia by joining the growing number of western private equity groups rushing to raise renminbi funds.

15. track raise

15. Coaches raise the overall level of the establishment of a sound track and field coaches teacher training system and strengthening the exchanges between the coaches, increasing the coaches treatment, establish a mechanism of motivation. 3.

16. The application of the servo track technique is an important means to raise the capacity of the disc storage.

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17. In order to raise economic efficiency, Yantai Port carries out reform on the track scale and realize unmanned operation.

18. Niu Yu, a spokesman for Toyota China, said it is on track to meet its goal of selling 900, 000 vehicles in China this year and plans to raise the annual sales to more than one million in 2014.

19. Niu Yu, a spokesman for Toyota China, said it is on track to meet its goal of selling 900,000 vehicles in China this year and plans to raise the annual sales to more than one million in 2014.

track raise 单语例句

1. Track and field athletes again provided the impetus to China's gold rush, notching up six victories to raise their gold total to 29 in the sport.

2. Firefighters had to raise ladders to the track to reach the scene.

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