unique是什么意思 unique在线翻译 unique什么意思 unique的意思 unique的翻译 unique的解释 unique的发音 unique的同义词 unique的反义词 unique的例句

unique [juˈni:k]  [juˈnik] 

unique 基本解释

形容词唯一的,仅有的; 独一无二的,独特的; 不平常的,特别的; 超绝

unique 相关例句


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1. The custom is unique to the region.

2. unique

2. Her style of writing is rather unique.

3. unique的反义词

3. That building is unique because all the others like it were destroyed.

4. Beethoven's symphony is unique in music.


1. The designs used in the indigenous arts and crafts of this tribe are unique.

unique 情景对话

Inquiring about products-(询问产品)

A:You seem to be interested in our new J7 cellular telephone. Would you like to know more about it?
      您似乎对我们新型的J7 行动电话很感兴趣。您想知道更多的信息吗?

B:Yes, I would. What does this button here do?

A:That button is for our call screening function. It allows you to identify the caller before you answer the call.

B:What else can you tell me about this phone?

A:This special phone utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring you several unique functions in addition to the call screening feature.

B:So, what are the unique functions?


A:Oh, it's loaded with them. If you are outside of your service area, this cell phone can still receive messages.

B:No kidding?

A:In addition to that, it has a vibration feature that will let you know when you have a call if you don't want the ringing sound to interrupt important meetings. Here is our brochure with all the details.

B:What is the price of the J7 model?
      J7 这一型的价格是多少?

A:The list price is US$110 per unit. We're offering a special in-show discount of 10%.

B:Well, I'll have to contact my office and get back to you. Thanks.

unique 网络解释

1. 独特的:、种族、性别、历史年代、族群次文化等等)3.学科基础的(discipline-based) 校园建筑与环境知识与技能(结合学科教学内涵与精神)4.个别学校特色的(Idiosyncratic)校园建筑与环境知识与技能(风格)5.独特的(unique) 校园建筑与环境知

2. 唯一的:垃圾,请直接分解1星:增强的(Enhanced):带有1个附加属性2星:稀有的(Rare):带有2个附加属性3星:传奇的(Legendary):带有2个以上的附加属性5星:唯一的(Unique):介个...有的造型会有改变,

3. unique:uniform inquiry update element; 统一查询和更新码元

unique 双语例句

1. 2 The agitator use unique form, which separates the hydraulic motor and agitator bearing block, it will not influence fluid motor even though abrasion and slurry leak.

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2. Another use of structure is the inclusion of the unique central section.

3. unique

3. For its various usages, it is easy to attack and difficult to be defended with its unique might.

4. unique的反义词

4. Don't you know that you were each made for a special purpose, unique and different Join hands with one another and come to me.

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5. Because of its unique coloring it is often most prudent to make tanzanite jewelry in sets as opposed to in individual pieces.

6. Those who want beauty and something unique can go to Seychelles`La Digue Island.

7. Furthermore, this case represents a unique opportunity to understand the pathobiology of trophoblastic neoplasms arising from germ-cell tumors.

8. Demonstration of ETT as one of the histologic manifestations of recurrent testicular germ-cell tumors should encourage pathologists to recognize this unique feature in assessing posttreatment mixed germ-cell neoplasm.

9. unique的意思

9. For instance. Perhaps it is because of the reason the light is dim, or the unique efficiency relaxed and releived of the happy joss stick produced in Xizang drifting of Tibet twittering, stay in room soon, people can feel tired out to stand up, sleep soundly and alleviate the pressure completely while being easy very.

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10. Through these subsidiaries and branches and dealers throughout the country and the Group-owned circulation enterprises brothers agricultural co-operation, forming a port for radiation point, more than ten provinces and cities in the country more than 1, 000 agricultural operators to build networks of their own unique marketing services network and powerful marketing channel. In 2006, the company in Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha established offices and controlling the way the integration of Jining, Shandong and Henan Hui Hui Victoria Victoria two agricultural network distribution company to further expand the resource channels and marketing network.

11. unique

11. Eardrop unique creativity and are sold in three packs of dealer services:°ü, shifting, repair.

12. Provide a unique forum to address and resolve issues affecting the worldwide automotive supply chain.

13. unique是什么意思

13. Third, there are two cores of spirit of his prose, one is the scholar-officials`s responsibility、innate knowledge、ambition; and the other is the poet`s unique poetic quality.

14. A true sleep innovation, Insomnia-X is the only natural sleep aid in a unique dual action bi-layered tablet.

15. This is a preview of Uber - Create your own unique website for free.

16. The company's bearing grinder, Superfinishing machine, assembly line, and concentrate filtration control system and other products, is serving the bearings business, in order to improve product quality, improve the degree of automation to reduce labor intensity and so on to make a unique contribution.

17. While it is a good idea to flip through glossies to understand the trends, a unique style about yourself should be adopted especially so in a hairstyle.

18. Since its establishment in 1994 the company, we distribution of products throughout the United States, European and Asian countries, in Hong Kong, our company's procurement center in Shenzhen, the establishment of the company's branches, over the years Practice, and establish the company's unique characteristics - to supply the cash-based business model, with a large amount of cash stocks.

19. Lan dark blue river in virtue Qin the 150 kilometers of racing current, is most precipitous, most magnificent, the 150 kilometers of most turbulent, mountain shape enter river directly in, river in nearly vertical two mountains between as sleepy beast general, roar as Fei, Xuan Lan succession not unique, wave leap megalith, splash 4 split.

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20. To innovation as the fundamental purpose of our products are unique in the application of the unit was well.

unique 词典解释

1. 唯一的;独一无二的
    Something that is unique is the only one of its kind.

    e.g. Each person's signature is unique...
    e.g. The area has its own unique language, Catalan.

Because of the extreme cold, the Antarctic is a uniquely fragile environment...
Uniquely among the great world religions, Buddhism is rooted only in the universal experience of suffering known to all human beings.
Each time I returned I was struck by the uniqueness of Australia and its people.

2. 独特的;无与伦比的
    You can use unique to describe things that you admire because they are very unusual and special.

    e.g. Brett's vocals are just unique...
    e.g. Kauffman was a woman of unique talent and determination.

...people who consider themselves uniquely qualified to be president of the United States.
...a festival ambience that is uniquely conducive to the absorption of serious music.

3. 独有的;特有的
    If something is unique to one thing, person, group, or place, it concerns or belongs only to that thing, person, group, or place.


    e.g. No one knows for sure why adolescence is unique to humans...
    e.g. This interesting and charming creature is unique to Borneo.

The problem isn't uniquely American.

unique 单语例句

1. Business culture in China is unique in the sense that you really need to form guanxi.

2. Dalian also is unique among similar Chinese cities in the software industry business because of its business operations model.

3. " Las Vegas offers a unique and exciting buffet of both leisure and business travel, " he says.

4. But Chinese investment in the US is not unique in this regard.

5. But for ancient Chinese books, the way to restore them is unique.

6. Highlights are the unique football bras exclusively designed by the London Design School for Triumph.

7. The agency hopes viewers of its NASA TV channel will follow the astronauts'lead - without the unique difficulties posed by zero gravity.

8. Stop by The Villa in the heart of the French Concession for the latest from some top US designers and some unique accessories.

9. Weakness was by no means unique to Japanese stocks in the midst of a toxic mix of rising inflation and slowing growth known as stagflation.

10. " Industrial associations should be more active in dispute resolution by maximizing their unique advantages, " Du said.

unique 英英释义



1. highly unusual or rare but not the single instance

    e.g. spoke with a unique accent
           had unique ability in raising funds
           a frankness unique in literature
           a unique dining experience

2. radically distinctive and without equal

    e.g. he is alone in the field of microbiology
           this theory is altogether alone in its penetration of the problem
           Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint
           craftsmen whose skill is unequaled
           unparalleled athletic ability
           a breakdown of law unparalleled in our history

    Synonym: alone(p)unequaledunequalledunparalleled

3. the single one of its kind

    e.g. a singular example
           the unique existing example of Donne's handwriting
           a unique copy of an ancient manuscript
           certain types of problems have unique solutions

    Synonym: singular

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