work papers是什么意思 work papers在线翻译 work papers什么意思 work papers的意思 work papers的翻译 work papers的解释 work papers的发音

work papers

work papers 双语例句

1. work papers在线翻译

1. These papers starts with the basic principle of navigation, describes the application of beacon receiver in the field of navigation and then represents the basic work process of the beacon receiver.

2. Read their published papers, and the work of their students.

3. work papers的反义词

3. The innovation of this papers work and its conclusions includes four aspects:(1)this paper puts forward and test bilateral-dimension structure of power strategies in China marketing channel.

4. Because current web framework is not fit well for portal, one of the papers main work is to bring forward and realize an appropriate tree-style framework, which is based on paper layout Object Oriented design and support style customize, and to design an arithmetic about transform between xml data and relation data to realize permanence storage.

5. work papers

5. The boss was not satisfied with George's work and gave him his walking papers.

6. I Thought We Were Gonna Work On Our Papers.
    你来了 -我以为我们是要写作业的

7. work papers是什么意思

7. This papers main work is to design a new type PLC, which is based on embedded system.

8. work papers什么意思

8. I thought we were gonna work on our papers.

9. work papers的翻译

9. With history and political science, there's a lot of writing papers and analytical work.

10. Finite element method of oil film capability is a basis of this papers research work, and it is also an important research method.

11. Locke: Work papers and stuff. I'm a home inspector.

12. Prepare, and maintain for a period of not less than 7 years, audit work papers, and other information related to any audit report, in sufficient detail to support the conclusions reached in such report and

13. Auditors and date of compilation, i. e., the persons implementing the audit project and compiling the audit work papers and the date of compilation

14. work papers是什么意思

14. Article 49 With respect to the acts concerning fiscal or financial revenues and expenditures committed by the entity to be audited in violation of the provisions of the State, and the matters to be audited which are of important influence to the audit conclusion, the auditors shall, on the basis of the compiling the audit journals, compile the audit work papers.

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15. As to the series of Jielaili industrial cleasing papers, most of them adopt NBKP or pure non—woven fabrics, which possess strong absorption without hurting objects'surface, dropping soft flocks, generating static electricity or polluting the environment, can meet various industrial requirements, and are the best choice to enhance work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

16. Kupfer points out that discussion does go on: work groups proposing major changes debate their ideas in papers and at meetings.

17. Described above, the main contents of papers, different from other studies in this thesis work. this is a new attempt.

18. 2 Norms issued by a lawyer provided legal submissions and report on the work of the scope and basic requirements, the basic content, issued procedures, modify the program, feedback and working papers, and so on.
      1.2 本规范规定了律师出具法律意见书和工作报告的范围和基本要求、基本内容、出具程序、修改程序、反馈意见及工作底稿等。

19. work papers的解释

19. School Practice:· have received Minfa Securities client manager business training, curriculum main business etiquette, based on securities, investment analysis, Reuters, online trading practices, marketing, training, etc.; · Participation in the summer social practice, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Golmud, Xining of Qinghai-Tibet railway study urban economic development, is mainly responsible for interviews, questionnaires production, such as writing papers, research papers by the summer social practice excellent essays second prize; · In Quanzhou Quanxiu streets judicial offices sending interns, mainly responsible for document printing and document finishing Students:· squad; · House deputy secretary general of the Student Union; · Hospitals students learning minister; · Minister school students learning Students work has mainly planned and organized a number of activities, including a mock business negotiations contest encyclopedia knowledge contests, the level of field variety show, get-togethers, Moot, speech contests, and so on.

20. The detail work, done in this paper, is listed as follows:(1) The four-phase model and the macro-control methods are studied. On comparing the two theories and combining the practice, the macro-control method is chosen as the foundation of the papers theory system.(2) The comprehensive fuzzy assessment method is developed. By combining it with LOWA (Linguistic Order Weighted Aggregation) operator, a new one. which is employed to produce the node important degree, is proposed in the paper.(3) Methods of the route connection and compounding in the road nets are carried out. Especially the dynamic programming method is studied. Simultaneously, its mathematic programming model is built and the relevant algorithm also given.(4) Freeway planning and evaluation for ZhanJiang city is analyzed, designed and developed. And, according to the economic, technology, environment, society and comprehensive evaluation results, the best route plan can be offered.
      本文的具体工作有以下几个方面:(1)研究了四阶段模式法和总量控制法,并在比较的基础上,结合具体情况,选择了总量控制法作为论文研究理论体系的基础;(2)研究了模糊综合评判方法,并结合LOWA(Linguistic Order Weighted Aggregation)算子,提出了一种新的模糊综合评判方法,且把它应用在了节点重要度的生成中;(3)研究了路网中各条路段和线路联接、组合的方法,并重点研究了动态规划方法,建立了规划的数学模型,编写了相应的程序算法;(4)分析、设计、开发了湛江市环岛高速公路规划评价系统,并选择了经济、技术、社会、环境和综合评价的方法对路网方案进行优选。

work papers 单语例句

1. The centre of the professors'daily work has shifted from teaching to research, publishing papers and even making use of their academic advantages to do business.

2. The administrative ban on commenting on the CEE papers can only work for municipal and district educational organizations.

3. She proposed to amend the Regulations on Marriage Registration to include a stipulation that the couple show the mediation papers from both parties'work units.

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