your call是什么意思 your call在线翻译 your call什么意思 your call的意思 your call的翻译 your call的解释 your call的发音 your call的同义词

your call

your call 双语例句

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1. Ask your guide to clap when you are standing in front of the North staircase, if done from the proper spot you will hear the call of what is thought to be the Quetzal bird.

2. 911查询·英语单词

2. PR Newswire is the official news service for NATPE 2006 and can connect your message to all your critical audiences including: Media covering the event, Newspapers, Industry and Trade publications, Television and Radio newsrooms, Thousands of Web sites, databases, and online services, Prospective Customers and Business Partners, and Industry and Financial Analysts with direct posting to the Thomson First Call network for public companies.
    PR Newswire 是 NATPE2006的官方新闻服务商,可以将你传递给重要观众的信息直接传递给面向公共企业的 Thomson First Call 电视网。重要的观众包括:覆盖事件的媒体,报纸,行业和贸易出版物,电视和电台新闻间,数以千计的网站,数据库,在线服务,预期客户和商业伙伴,以及工业和金融分析家。

3. In order to be able to let you know more fashionable intimate European-style cake natural world, sokingwo Shang Ti 5 ° to launch a free dessert tasting party activity, regardless of your dinner are units, departments, meetings, or friends have been born as long as your number of participants at more than 16 people less than 20 people, sokingwo Shang Ti 5 ° will give you a free taste is still a birthday cake 5 ° Ti opportunities you just need early evening 9:00 --- 5:00 call our hotline free sample 028 - 83422700 application.
    为了让你们能够更加亲密的了解风靡全球的天然欧式蛋糕,sokingwo尚缇5°推出聚会免费甜点品尝活动,不论你们是单位聚餐,部门聚会,还是友人过生,只要你们与会人数在16人以上20人以内,sokingwo尚缇5°将会提供给你们一次免费品尝尚缇5°生日蛋糕的机会,仅仅需要你早9点---晚5点拨打我们的免费品尝热线028- 83422700报名。

4. your call的反义词

4. You can put it into your pocket, roll it and make it smaller, or put on your wrist when you want to make a video call on the go.

5. Do call upon our kingdom as you wish to shed greater light upon your internal landscape.

6. You`d better call the airline to confirm your flight.

7. If so, call your doctor immediately, who may tell you to stop taking the drug.

8. Call your family and friends and let them in on your plans to tone it down this year.

9. We are experiencing very high call volume at this time and apologize for the delay in answering your call.

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. Call quality is pathetic, she adds, mostly because the tiny speaker has to be perfectly aligned with your ear canal to work.

11. You have just abandoned your phone call.

12. your call的解释

12. On a quarterly basis call 10 or 15 of your biggest customers, and ask questions like

13. We provide door-to-door cartridges, toner service, and call return within three days, will not delay the work of your valuable time.

14. May I have your telephone number I will call you when Swiss Francs are ready for you.

15. My try every means did telecommunication to understand the manager's telephone call, I call to him say: I am your agent, my client lead plane is absent you this is mandatory, your customer service bypasses I go be contacted with my client, snatch my client, still speak ill of me, do without giving thought to, you provide this job?

16. That's when you realized what had happened: Your friend had accidentally pressed the redial or speed-dial button on their cellular phone, which then placed a call to you.

17. your call的翻译

17. If your card has simply expired, you do not need to contact the Call Centre.

18. Before close I must call your attention to a problem we have to face.

19. My office will call you to close out your part of the investigation.

20. Before I close, I must call your attention to a problem we have to fare.

your call 单语例句

1. If the line is busy, call your family or friends for help.

2. All it takes is a call to the VIP center with your flight number, time and address.

3. Remember that recruitment consultants receive more than 50 resumes every day so always follow up with a phone call after sending out your resume.

4. It's a bit mysterious why dialing this magic number reduces your call's cost.

5. I can guarantee that if you're looking for someone to call people out, we're not your hosts.

6. A friend may call you from out of the blue and ask to crash on your sofa for a few days.

7. Saying that you missed the call because your mobile has run out of power.

8. It would be easier to have a Chinese friend make the call and order it, if your Chinese skills are a bit lacking.

9. You can also use it to call your concierge, surf the net and view preloaded local tourist info.

10. You can also use it to call your concierge, surf the net and view preloaded local tourist information.

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